Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 3 Episode 5

Night at the Lazerama

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 06, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • A very romantic episode.

    Justin is sent on a special mission to capture a mummy that turns his victums into minions when they look into his eyes is loose in the Museum of Science and Natural History, and Juliet comes along. When the museum starts to close, Justin and Juliet get trapped in the mummy exhibit! They can't get out with magic because of the plastic wall display. Justin assumes they can just wait until the museum opens in the morning, but with the huge sky light Justin once again forgets that Juliet is a vampire and vampires can't survive in sunlight. When all else fails, Justin realizes the only solution that could possibly save Juliet's life is for her to look into the mummy's eyes and become his minion. Though Juliet would rather have them cherish their last few moments together, Justin makes the sacrifice to let Juliet go for her own safety. The suspence continues. Meanwhile, when Max continues to do better in his wizard studies thanks to Conscience, Alex attempts to sabotage Max by getting Conscience to go to the Lazerama with Harper. But without Conscience by his side, Max only does the wrong thing; eating Jerry's special mustard or wiping his face on Theresa's good pillow - the parents are so lol! Also when Conscience is completely seperated from Max, he starts to become his own person and gets his own conscience! When Alex comes to get Conscience back, he has already enjoyed the idea of resigning. Alex gets him back anyway, seeing as how he's not that heavy to carry, and uses a sock and washing machine spell to put him back into Max. Using a witches glass spell, Alex realizes that Justin and Juliet are in danger, but comes too late as the mummy already took Juliet. This was a very good episode; intense, romantic, heartfelt, and funny. I just hope Justin keeps his promise to get Juliet back, but I'm sure he will. Even if we never see Juliet again, at least we know that if this situation wasn't life or death, Justin and Juliet would probibly be together forever. I'm glad to find that dispite the many weak Hannah Montana episodes I've seen, Disney Channel really knows how to end a relationship. Also, Alex is a really good sister for comforting her brother, that was really touching (...and funny:). Perfect episode: A+
  • The best arc and the truly best episode.

    This episode is abseloutley awesome!I like how Juliets vampire growth has become more and more complete by the next episode she`s in,its like quick charecter development.Alex and her jelousy was kinda funny and i think that it wasnt as bad as i thought it was going to be.Also,Mioses Arias is a very sexy actor!He`s way better here than he ever was on Hannah Montanna.Justin and Juliet`s heartful and emotional goodbye was jsut so touching snd romantic.As Justin watched Juliet become the mummy`s servant and as I saw it..i was about to burst in tears of suspense.Alex hurrying down there was sweet and kind,but only if she had faster legs!Well this was a truly great epuisode and the best of the Mioses Arias arc and the arc is just the best arc to date.........ofcourse the Wizards Vs Werewolf arc will be a bit better!
  • when justin is on a mission to go hunt down a mummy he loses his true love. Meanwhile Alex separates Max from his conscience.

    This was truly a very serious episode, with a whole lot of humour of course. This episode is about Justin continuing his wizard training searching for a mummy. He takes along Julet, and they both get trapped in a glass display case. Since Juliet is a vampire, and there is a solar panel in the display case, she has to get out of the display case and become the mummy's minion. Justin ends up losing Juliet in this episode, but we all know he finds her in Wizards vs. Werewolves which he loses her for good this tine :(. The other part of this episode is Alex separating Max's conscience from Max causing him to do these stupid things. In time, Conscience begins to develop his own conscience, and is a real person. That is until Alex and Conscience's consciene drag him into the apartment where she transforms Conscience into a washing machine, and max goes inside, and Conscience is once again inside Max. The end where Justin and Alex are having a moment was really superb towards their character developtment. I loved it!!!! They should do a whole lot more of the brother and sister bonds in this T.V. series. It makes it more interesting, and it will probably get more viewers. I sure hope that Wizards of Waverly Place isn't going anywhere soon. I love it. I hope this show never ends... if only...i'm really excited to see how it all ends though. Who gets to keep the power and who ends up with nothing.
  • Perfect

    Justin and Juliet try hunting a mummy at a musuem, but they inadvertently get locked. Juliet fears this is the end of her because in the morning when the sun comes up she will die. But Justin has a plan: Juliet surrender to the mummy by looking into its eyes and become its minion. Juliet does not want to, but she does, and Justin swears he will find her if it is the last thing he does.

    Great emotion especially near the end, and it was a good end to the Moises Arias: Voice of Reason saga. Grade- an A+
  • The "Chronicles of Moises" trilogy comes to a close with laughter and tears.

    In one of the best episodes of the series (later to outdone by Wizards vs. Werewolves") "Night at the Lazerama" wraps things up nicely.....and leaves a few doors open as well. Alex attempts to wreck Max's studying by separating him from his conscience. However, this causes Max to become a constant troublemaker, and conscience grows his own conscience (which was pretty darn funny.) Meanwhile, Justin and his girlfriend Juliet are trapped in a museum exhibit with an evil mummy. Juliet points out that they can't wait until morning to get out, because the sun will shine through the sky light in the ceiling on her, causing Juliet to turn to ash. One of the most surprising aspects of this episode was that there was a big possibility that Juliet was going to die. She didn't, (obviously) but that option still hung in the air as Justin desperately tries to find a way out. Since the mummy has the ability to turn people into his minions, Justin turns Juliet over to the mummy to become his servant, so that his vampire girlfriend would live. The saddest part of the episode wasn't so much the fact that Juliet LEFT, but was that Justin cared enough about her to let her go; to save her life. Of course, the depth of this episodes emotional parts would have been nothing if it weren't for David's and Bridget's amazing performances. Selena was good as always, and the scene with Alex and Justin at the end were especially touching. There are many kid shows that would terrified to cross into such territory that this episode crossed. But WOWP is not your average show. It's unique, funny, and in this case, tugs on your heart strings. That's why thousands of fans gather in front of their TV every week to watch the adventures of the Russos on "Wizards of Waverly Place." Perfect 10!