Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 3 Episode 5

Night at the Lazerama

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 06, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • A very romantic episode.

    Justin is sent on a special mission to capture a mummy that turns his victums into minions when they look into his eyes is loose in the Museum of Science and Natural History, and Juliet comes along. When the museum starts to close, Justin and Juliet get trapped in the mummy exhibit! They can't get out with magic because of the plastic wall display. Justin assumes they can just wait until the museum opens in the morning, but with the huge sky light Justin once again forgets that Juliet is a vampire and vampires can't survive in sunlight. When all else fails, Justin realizes the only solution that could possibly save Juliet's life is for her to look into the mummy's eyes and become his minion. Though Juliet would rather have them cherish their last few moments together, Justin makes the sacrifice to let Juliet go for her own safety. The suspence continues. Meanwhile, when Max continues to do better in his wizard studies thanks to Conscience, Alex attempts to sabotage Max by getting Conscience to go to the Lazerama with Harper. But without Conscience by his side, Max only does the wrong thing; eating Jerry's special mustard or wiping his face on Theresa's good pillow - the parents are so lol! Also when Conscience is completely seperated from Max, he starts to become his own person and gets his own conscience! When Alex comes to get Conscience back, he has already enjoyed the idea of resigning. Alex gets him back anyway, seeing as how he's not that heavy to carry, and uses a sock and washing machine spell to put him back into Max. Using a witches glass spell, Alex realizes that Justin and Juliet are in danger, but comes too late as the mummy already took Juliet. This was a very good episode; intense, romantic, heartfelt, and funny. I just hope Justin keeps his promise to get Juliet back, but I'm sure he will. Even if we never see Juliet again, at least we know that if this situation wasn't life or death, Justin and Juliet would probibly be together forever. I'm glad to find that dispite the many weak Hannah Montana episodes I've seen, Disney Channel really knows how to end a relationship. Also, Alex is a really good sister for comforting her brother, that was really touching (...and funny:). Perfect episode: A+