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Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 1 Episode 10

Pop Me and We Both Go Down

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 06, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Jerry is teaching the kids the animating spell but Alex accidently animates Justin's zit right before the prom.

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  • Perfect example of what WOWP is....an OK series

    I really didn't get dug into this episode. Firstly, the plot was okay but it was so unneccessary of ALex to give Justin that zit and from there on it went downhill. This episode really illustrates how WOWP was portrayed.

  • Okay...

    The young wizards learn a new spell: to make objects come alive. Alex uses it on a trophy and the man runs away. Jerry says he won't teach them how to un-animate them until Alex gets the trophy man. Justin has a date with an older woman to the junior prom. Her name is Miranda. He has a zit and panics. Alex tries to help by taking it away, but she accidentally does the animate spell. Justin's zit starts talking. The zit convinces Justin and Alex to not pop him. He promises to give advice about girls. At the dance, Justin does get the girl, so the zit yells out rude remarks to other girls and everyone thinks it's Justin saying it. Alex saves him and gets him a second chance with Miranda.

    This episode was okay. I liked seeing Lucy Hale again! The zit thing was too weird though. This episode gets a 7.5 out of 10!moreless
  • Zit fails to bring show down. But almost succeeds.

    This episode is about Justin going out to the prom with an older woman. He gets very nervous and gets a zit on his forehead. It's very big. Alex then accidentally animates it. The zit says he can help Justin. He convinces Justin to let him help. But once he succeeds in helping Justin, the zit decides to have some careless fun.

    This episode is definently not as good as the good episodes in the show like Movies, but it is pretty decent. Be glad, I was generous with the score. The funniest parts in the episode was the trophy parts where the Russos try to chase it and catch it. But tas usual, the relationship stuff does not make this show funny. Because it's too overused in other Disney shows it just feels overused here I guess. But I understand there has to be episodes like this. This is not the best episode, but it has some good parts.moreless
  • good

    THis episode was good. I liked it. It is just like most of the other episodes though. Alex starts a problem when she uses magic. But i gotta say, that zit was funny!! He was saying all of those funny lines. However, what i didnt expect is another girl to like Justin, other than Harper. That kind of cought me off guard. Pop Me and We Both Go Down was a pretty goood episode of Wizards of Waverly Place. I liked it. I cant wait to see more episodes of this show. THis episode makes me look foward to the next episode.moreless
  • fair

    justin gets a pimple before he goes to a dance with his girlfriend. alex uses a spell she thinks will make the pimple go away, but instead she accidentally makes the pimple come to life. will she be able to fix this before the dance and save justin's relationship?

    pretty good episode but the plot with the trophy man coming to life was kind of boring. but luckily it was only a small part of the episode. overall the episode was pretty good, i thought, and so my grade is in the high "C" range. Good but not great methinksmoreless
Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale


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Charlie Bodin

Charlie Bodin

Trophy Man

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J.R. May

J.R. May

Large Boyfriend

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • The strangest thing about this episode is that Jerry forces the kids to find his animated trophy and that he won't teach them the unanimating spell until the kids find his trophy. However, unlike usual, Alex didn't even take a look into Wizard spell book to find an unanimating spell. Had she done this, she would've easily found an unanimate spell and everything would've been normal.

    • From episode production order, this episode came before 'First Kiss' and that's why we are introduced to Miranda now and not back then.

    • Goof: on the beginning of this episode when Max came back from school with Alex's backpack it looks like her backpack is really heavy but when Alex asked him to take it to her room, Max grabbed it with his two hands and he held it like this backpack was empty inside.

    • Goof: When Justin says "No, your toast." He actually says "Host" instead of "Toast".

    • Goof: In this episode Justin likes Miranda but in "First Kiss" he mentions that he only went out with her as he thought that if he didn't like her it would make kissing her easier! This seems like a very obvious goof!

      Response: Just after that, Justin says that he likes her and he is nervous again.

    • The title of this episode "Pop Me and We Both Go Down" is spoken on-screen by the zit.

    • Goof: In this episode, which chronologically takes place before episode 1.2 "First Kiss," we learn that Miranda has just moved to New York. In "First Kiss," a classmate says he got a note from her in 7th grade, which wouldn't be possible.

    • Murieta animata was named in part after Peter Murieta, an executive producer of Wizards of Waverly Place.

    • Justin's action figure/doll collection is mentioned yet again.

    • Spell(s) Featured:
      The Animation Spell. Incantation: Murrieta animata.
      Used by:
      Alex: Twice. The first time Alex uses this spell, she animates Jerry's trophy figure; the second time, while Justin and Alex are arguing over Jerry's trophy, she animates Justin's zit. She then uses the reverse "Garibay immobilitay" to de-animate the trophy and the zit.

    • This episode chronologically takes place before episode 2, "First Kiss," because in this episode, Justin had just first met Miranda, whereas in "First Kiss" Justin and Miranda were going steady and trying to kiss for the first time.

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Justin: Anyway, in walks this brand-new girl and she is the hottest thing I've ever seen in my life!
      Jerry: Eva Longoria goes to your school?
      Theresa: Eva Longoria?
      Jerry: Kids love Eva Longoria! It's - it's - ahh, continue son.

    • Alex:(To Jerry) I know! I know! I'm grounded for three weeks!
      Jerry: How'd you come up with three weeks?
      Alex: One for using magic behind your back, another for letting the trophy man run around the house, and another for future trouble I'll probably be getting into.
      Jerry: Well, that's one more week than I would've come up with!

    • Theresa: (About getting rid of Justin's zit) Oh! I just remembered a quicker remedy. Ok, I'm gonna need rubbing alcohol, a wire brush, and a towel for you to bite on.

    • Max Russo: (after the tiny trophy man crawls up his sleeve and emerges from his pants leg, carrying a pair of white underpants) Hey, my underwear! You know what, I was wearing those for ten straight days!

    • Miranda: See you in school.
      Justin: Not if I see you first.
      Miranda: Mm mm. Stop trying to be cool.
      Justin: Ok.

    • Alex: Hey guys you wanna dance? Hey!
      Jock: Why would we wanna dance with an eighth grader? Get lost.
      Alex: I'm in ninth grade you idiots! (They look at her and she runs away)

    • Max: I think this purse goes better with this jacket.
      Jerry: Now I got a nother problem.

    • Justin: Maybe I should have a wing zit!
      Alex: Yup, I see absolutely nothing wrong with having a growth on yoru face help you get a girl. Good luck!

    • Alex: Where are you trophy man? Mom's got a tennis trophy. She's really cute. Tight top, short skirt!

    • Max: You animated Justin's zit? Sweet, I want one!

    • Alex: That is crazy your zit just talked to me.
      Zit: You should hear me sing. (singing) Me me me me me me! I do anything but country.

    • Miranda: Are you trying to act cool?
      Justin: Yeah.
      Miranda: Well don't. I'm tired of cool guys.
      Justin: Oh that's ok 'cause I'm so totally not cool.

    • Max: (to the cup) Murrieta animata! (nothing happens)
      Jerry: (about the cup) Are you picturing it with arms and legs?
      Max: No! You got cheese on the board, so I'm thinking about cheese!

    • Justin: Thanks for bringing Miranda.
      Alex: That's ok, I felt I kind of owed it to you, giving you the talking zit and everything. But I'm kind of going to miss him. He was the only one around here who was almost as clever as me.
      Justin: Yep, you're soooo clever. Hey, you want to go get some ice cream?
      Alex: Sure!
      Justin: (leads Alex out the door and locks her outside) Yep, you're so clever. Now you're locked out.
      Alex: That's ok. I'll just go catch up with Miranda and tell her about your doll collection.
      Justin: They're action figures!

    • Justin: (after the crowd groans) I'm not wearing my hat, am I?
      Alex: Good job. Now pop that sucker and run, that's all you got, see you at home!

    • Alex: Max, I need to go help Justin at the prom. Go get my jacket. The really cute one, the one that cinches at the waist with all the little buttons. Go! Oh! And my matching purse!
      Max: I know the one.

    • Justin: PLEASE tell me you got the un-animation spell from dad?
      Alex: I got the un-animation spell from dad.
      Justin: Oh, really?
      Alex: No, I just felt like I owed you some good news.

    • Justin: (about his huge zit) I can't take Miranda to the prom like this.
      Alex: Why? She does like danger, and with that thing, she'll never know when it's going to blow.

    • Justin: (holding up 2 tuxes) Guys, which is better for prom?
      Alex: Well, the tux says "safe boy" but the zebra jacket says "danger, danger, stay away from my daughter"! Goth girl will like you for that.

    • Jerry: (to Justin) You're not paying attention, that isn't like you.
      Alex: Yeah, it's like me. And you're not even doing it right. I completely check out. This place could be burning and I wouldn't even know it.

    • Alex: (to Justin) Oh, look, Miranda's here. I guess your great day is still going on, or coming to a tragic end. Let's watch, boys and girls.

    • Jerry: Alex, your brother is not your pack mule.
      Max: Yeah, I'm not your pack mule!
      Alex: I'm sorry Maxie. Could you take this upstairs for me? (hands him her backpack)
      Max: Yeah, sure!

    • Justin: So today in biology class, Mr. Medina had us pick lab partners, right? And as always, my partner ends up being the frog I'm dissecting.
      Alex: Ugh. I have the opposite problem. Everybody wants me to be their lab partner.
      Justin: You don't take biology.
      Alex: That's what I keep telling those guys!

    • (after Alex animates Jerry's trophy)
      Alex: Sorry, Dad.
      Jerry: Sorry nothing. That was my first place in state trophy I got in high school! You better find it, young lady, before your mom sees it. You know how she hates magic running amok.
      Max: Plus, she's still mad about all that stuff you said about Eva Longoria.

    • Justin: (talking about Miranda) So, in walks this new girl, and she is the hottest thing I've ever seen in my life.
      Jerry: Eva Longoria goes to your school?
      Theresa: (offended) Eva Longoria?
      Jerry: (chuckles nervously) Kids love Eva Longoria.

  • NOTES (5)


    • Jerry: With Great Wizardry, Comes Great Responsibility!

      Jerry's quotes resembles "With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility!" by Peter Parker's late uncle Ben Parker from Spider-Man.

    • Large Boyfriend: Hey, look! It's Justin Timberlame!

      This is a reference to the popular singer and former *NSYNC band member, Justin Timberlake.