Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 3 Episode 11

Positive Alex

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 26, 2010 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Alex has a crush on a boy who won't talk to her because of her sour attitude. She then uses magic to make herself positive. Justin joins the basketball team and tries to capture a big senior year moment on video.

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  • When Alex likes a boy, she gives herself a personality change.

    I really liked Positive Alex. It was so cool seeing Justin trying to get involved in physical activity by trying out for the basketball team. And it's good seeing more of Alex as a cheerleader (she really looks good in that uniform) and seeing her add her own little cheers in the style of mockery. And with Jerry eating popcorn off the floor, Max messing up as justin's camera man, and Zeke as a male cheerleader: All hillarious! Although, I am getting kind of sick of always seeing Austin Butler around, it was pretty good seeing him on the show. But I'm not sure if I liked his character; you really have got to get to know Alex in order to see the charm she has under all that negetivity before you judge her, but obviously, this guy is a very close-minded person. Plus, isn't it a little early for Alex to be crushing on guys after she lost Mason? Well whatever, at least it was very funny to see Alex when made herself all "positive" and upbeat; She was so CUTE! Selena Gomez is really talented when it comes to lapse in a charater's personality. Seeing her going all peppy and girly was a really refreshing character change, even if it was magic and in just one episode. But I'm glad Alex changed back after all that has happened; you just can't help but love for who she is! And I didn't think it was that big of a deal Alex didn't get the guy in the end; Alex needs a guy who will understand her more and sees the better person in her. I just hope Alex's lovelife won't go on like this forever. Anyway, really good episode, and I hope the show keeps it going.moreless
  • This episode is so funny

    Alex is acting very funny and most silly because Alex really want to act very positive is like "You're the most best cheerleader!" and "I'm the most boo-tifully cheerleader!" and "Yes! I really want to go homecoming dance with you.". HA HA HA! This episode is soooo funny and exhiliarating because he try to impress George because George wants Alex dance very well. But anyway in the end of the episode, I saw that Dad is playing with earwax, Mom is eating the full piece of popcorn waaaay too fast. I guess Mom is very hungry. So... Max is making the movie, and this video is very unusual and silly.moreless
  • 310

    Better than the usual installment of Wizards of Waverly Place, and I think this is the first episode that I've watched that I've actually enjoyed. I realized that Alex is probably the most original Disney character. All the main characters on Disney Channel shows have had the same personality, the same thing happens with Dan Schneider's shows on Nickelodeon, but we've got a great character here, that doesn't have to be a good influence.

    I mean sure, she can find some heart when she wants too, but this episode really showed her true hilarious side. I laughed a couple times here, and I really enjoyed Selena Gomez's performance here, and this show was unexpectedly not cliche. I've decided that this definitely isn't the absolute worst thing on Disney Channel, redeemed itself a bit with this episode.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • This is the second time we see Alex and Harper as cheerleaders. The first time was in "Franken-Girl", where Alex was forced to join the squad as her extra-curricular.

    • Justin and Zeke claim it is their senior year at high school. But Zeke is one grade higher than Justin, so probably he should have graduated already.

    • Magical Items Featured:
      Magic Marker - Makes a person become whatever they write on their body. Ex. Alex becomes a positive, upbeat person when she writes "Be Positive" on her arm. The marker ink can be washed off in order to reverse the spell.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Zeke: Hey, when in doubt...flip out!

    • Alex (cheering): Mr. Laritate! He's really great! I even think he's lost some weight!
      Mr. Laritate: Thanks. I can't find the key to my snack drawer.

    • Alex: If I'm gonna get George to take me to the dance, I'm gonna have to be more positive, and there's only one way I'm gonna do that.
      Harper: A complete change in perspective?
      Alex: Aww.. you're so cute! You think people can change, no.

    • Harper: She should come up with a cheer for Justin.
      Alex: Okay, let's go. Give me an "R"!
      Harper, Justin and Zeke: R!
      Alex: Give me a "U"!
      Harper, Justin, and Zeke: U!
      Justin: She's going to spell "Russo".
      Alex: Give me a "kidding me?"
      Harper, Justin, and Zeke: Kidding me! (realizing what they said) Hey!

    • Harper: So who are you taking to the homecoming dance?
      Alex: My TV. And guess what I'm wearing? My couch.

    • Alex: He is like an elf to my flame...
      Harper: Don't you mean 'like a moth to your flame'?
      Alex: Nope. I don't like moths. They fly like their broken.

  • NOTES (1)