Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 12, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Alex uses the restoration spell on Jerry's junky old car at an upcoming race as an opportunity to develop her relationship with her "gear head" crush, Dean. Meanwhile, Max orders a mind-reading kit.

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  • Now, I liked this episode

    I liked how this episode approached the character of Dean. We had only had him twice so far but this episode in some seems far better than the last two episodes of this series. It made me laugh many times and I ACTUALLY found the storyline interesting, which hasn't happened much in recent times.

    There were many funny moments, the acting was good, the script was decent (much like most Disney shows) and the special effects, when needed, looked ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!

    That being said, I really enjoy this episode.moreless
  • Really Great Episode

    It's really my top ten episodes. Alex tries to tell Dean that she likes him and wants to ask if he likes her back. This episode is actually helpful for girls in this situation. I love the romance and the creativity/
  • Good episode, with a few problems.

    I really enjoyed this episode. Good romance, good humor, generally good plot. The only thing I am starting to get a little bit fed up with is that selena gomez is the only actor who is getting any screen time at all. I like her character the best, but seriously, Disney pays these actors a bunch to be on this stupid show, and then they don't even give them any screen time in the episodes. It's kind of ridiculous. Alex gets all the screen time, which I don't mind cause she's my favorite, but Justin gets some and then I feel like Max isn't really even in the show anymore. Other than this little problem that has been occuring all too frequently it was a really good episode actually. I just feel bad that Jake T. Austin shows up to work every day to do nothing.moreless
  • a racing episode...

    this episode was good for the 2nd half of the episode but was kinda bad for the 1st half of the episode as it is very boring,lame and all they do is talk talk talk but at least the action starts during the race scene.Alex is quite good {as usual} in this one .right now im have no idea what to right next bcause all i have to say is that this episode is well written but can be better if they have less talking and have more action like the 2nd half of this episode.overall an ok episode. i hope it gets better from here on outmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • We learn that every summer, Harper's parents take separate vacations .

    • When Alex is in the pits, there is a sign that says "Perry Rein Gear", which is a reference to Perry Rein, who is one of the show's writers.

    • The car Jerry owns is a 1974 Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

    • Magical Items Featured: Invisiblity poncho, the poncho turns invisible.
      3D Glasses, just a pair of glasses with 3 D's attached to it.
      Transport Stick, if a person holds it to their forehead and says "Transport" it will teleport them anywhere...as long as its only 36inches away, also anyone standing nearby shall pass out momentarily.
      Mind Reading Kit, resembles a cardboard toilet paper tube with macaroni stuck to it, allows you to read anyone's mind... as long as you have the kit pressed against that persons head.

    • Alex and Dean begin to go out in this episode.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Justin: Alex, if you want to talk to a guy, you got a level of common interest. For instance, Dean is into cars and rooming the halls without a pass.
      Alex: Nah-uh! He does have a pass, I make them for him.

    • Max: You got a job as an ice cream man?
      (Justin shows Max his tennis racket)
      Max: It's going to be hard to scoop ice cream with that thing.
      Justin: No, I'm taking tennis lessons. I thought getting into a sport would look good on a college application.
      Max: If you had a job as an ice man, you wouldn't need to go to college.

    • Harper: (about Dean) I hear he uses bar soap for his body and his hair!

    • Alex: Steering is important! (pauses) Because without it... all roads would have to be straight.

    • Harper: Yeah, too bad you can't read Dean's mind. Then you could find out if he likes you.
      Alex: (with a sly look) Yeah. Too bad.
      Harper: See? Right there! If I knew a way to read minds, I would know what you meant by the way you said (mocking) "Yeah. Too bad".

    • Justin: So I guess you and Dean are an item then?
      (Alex nods)
      Justin: I gotta say, I'm kinda sorry about that.
      Alex: Since when do you care?
      Justin: Well, I always thought when you got a boyfriend I'd be able to intimidate him, you know, if he gets outta line or something. But I don't think I can do that with Dean. He ripped the sleeves off of his winter coat!

    • Jerry:(at race track) Oh, no! The giant sloppy joe is full of ants! Oh, wait! Those aren't ants, they're people! This is gonna be great!

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Airdates:
      Slovakia: October 22, 2012 on JOJ Plus

    • If you closely at the scene where Alex is talking to Joey in the pits, you would notice a "Volcano Land" advertisement in the background. Volcano Land is the place where Dr. Evilini planned to drain Justin's powers in the season one episode Wizard School. It is curious that a wizard theme park would be a sponsor in the mortal world.


    • Home Improvement

      When the mother is walking downstairs and hitting her head on the pipe.  That is like on Home Improvement where Tim walks downstairs and hits his head on a pipe on every scene where there is a basement.