Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 1 Episode 17

Report Card

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jun 29, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Alex tries to hide the F on her Wizard Report Card but, this is impossible to do. In a panic she turns her parents in to Guinea Pigs.

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  • Justin shows his love for Alex

    One of the better Season 1 episodes. Most things worked very well in this episode. I liked the plot, I enjoyed the recurring characters that appeared he. The episode ACTUALLY made me laugh, something which WOWP usually fails to do. Anyways, its pretty good.

    Of course, the acting is great and the script wasn't as cheesy here. Yet, the WOWP special effects are just HORRIBLE. YUK!
  • Another great episode.

    I think this episode is funny and it was great how Alex turned her parents into guinea pigs that completely weird. Justin gets a B plus and he isn't really that happy with it and Max gets a C plus and he is really happy because he is getting better and Alex gets an F. She tries to hide that fact and it doesn't work the way it should. I think that the funniest part was when Alex's parents were guinea pigs they won the race against Max in the hamster bowling ball that was funny how Max has lost and with Harper.moreless
  • Say goodye to magic... mabye, forever....

    The Russos are doing their magical exam, and with power and determination, Max got a C, Justin got a B (Not really. He got a BIG A) And Timmy-I mean Alex got an F. She has to make her parents sign it, and, after a couple of hits, Jerry and Theresa are shunken. To RATS!

    Headmaster Abricomie's punishment? He DRAINS her powers! O NO!

    She tries receving in and, in the end, Justin starts helping her. Aww... bleh!

    Again, I kinda do NOT like the Jalax points, because... that's just... ick.

    Everything else, it helps Alex with her magic. Good episode, with a kind moral.moreless
  • good

    alex gets an F on her report card and she tries to hide it from her parents. but she turns them into guinea pigs and so she loses her powers. will she get them back and will everything be resolved?

    good episode, really makes you just want to see what happens, i thought it was funny, had a good plot, and was very interesting to see how it would end, and so because of all this, i consider it a great episode from the first season and my grade for it is an easy A+, all around great episode methinksmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Justin's lucky mug is a 2006 Children In Need mug.

    • This is the first time one of the kids lose there powers & first time it is shown how they get them suspended.

    • Spell(s) Featured:
      The Transfiguration Spell. Incantation: "This (object or person) is now a not, a (object or person) should fill it's slot".
      Used By: Alex: Alex uses this spell in wizard class to turn a guinea pig into a dove, but she wasn't focusing turns it into a brick instead. When Jerry and Theresa almost see her report card, Alex uses the spell again to turn Jerry and Theresa into guinea pigs in order to keep them from seeing it. Justin: Justin performs the spell in wizard class perfectly. He later uses it to turn Jerry and Theresa back to into humans.

      The Ability Removal Spell. Incantation: "You have not acted with any responsibility, say goodbye to your magical abilities!"
      Used by:
      Headmaster Crumbs: After Alex loses the "guinea pigs" (which are really Theresa and Jerry), Headmaster Crumbs is furious and uses this spell to take away Alex's powers until she proves herself responsible enough to wield them again.

    • First time we get to see Max's room.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Report Card: (flying out of the microwave) Oh, I love it in there! It smells like popcorn!
      Alex: Why don't you hush? I thought I threw you away.
      Report Card: You can't throw me away. I need a parent to sign me, and preferably, with a nice soft-tip pen.

    • Max: This guinea pig is now a not, a dove with wings should fill with snot!
      (a dove appears, but the dove sneezes)
      Max: I said "snot" didn't I?

    • Max: We'll go over to the pet store. They always give me a treat there.
      Justin: Those are dog biscuits!
      Max: I know. What do you think my teeth so white and my hair so shiny?

    • Justin: Oh Alex, you are so transparent. You know I am better than you at magic, so you have to lash out and make fun of me. And you take none of this magic seriously.
      Alex: I can't take you seriously! You use big words like 'transparent'. What are you, British?
      Professor Crumbs: (walking in) No, but I am.

    • Professor Crumbs: (in Max's room) Mr. and Mrs. Russo, I am here... (looks down) What am I standing in?
      Max: It's marshmallow surprise. (whispers) The surprise is asparagus.

    • Alex (to Justin): Thanks for sticking up for me.
      Justin: Yeah, Professor Crumbs really bought story I laid on to him about you making me a better wizard.
      Alex: Yeah, I really hate you.
      Justin: I hate you too.
      (Alex and Justin turn away, turn around and hug eachother)

    • Jerry: Alex, you are in so much trouble!
      Alex: Okay, but before you say anything, Professor Crumbs is coming over to discuss my horrible report card!
      (Professor Crumbs pops up)
      Alex: (to Professor Crumbs) Were you eavesdropping?

    • Report Card: (as Alex is about to throw it away) No, no, no, no! I've got children to laminate!

    • Alex: (Jerry and Theresa almost see Alex's report card and Alex them into guinea pigs) What did I just do? I panicked! I had to by myself more time.
      Report Card: To do what?
      Alex: To panic!

    • Alex: Max, what are you doing with Mom's black dress?
      Max: It's a Darth Vader cape. You people have no imagination!

    • Max: (inside the giant hamster ball) This so totally worth my allowance. I'm going to use this thing forever.
      (Tries to walk as the race begins, but crashes into a bunch of tables in the Sub Station and falls over)
      Max: I hate this thing!

    • Alex: Mom and Dad aren't really away for the weekend. I turned them into guinea pigs to keep them from seeing my report card.
      Justin: So the guinea pigs in the cage were actually Mom and Dad?...
      Alex: Yeah, these guinea pigs are Mom and Dad.
      Justin: No, were because they scurried off so we bought these at the pet store!
      Alex: Oh man!
      Justin: Oh man!
      Max: Oh man, we lost four guinea pigs!
      Alex: How could you do something so stupid?!
      Justin: Only a stupid person would think my stupid thing was stupider than your stupid thing...! You don't even deserve to have wizard powers Alex!
      Alex: This isn't about me right now, this about finding Mom and Dad.
      Justin: Who you turned into guinea pigs!
      Alex: Okay, so it's a little about me.

    • Max: Oh I've got a good rhyme: Corn.
      Alex: And?
      Max: (pauses) Oh, I panicked!

    • (Alex is throwing away her report card)
      Max: Hey, mom and dad have to sign that.
      Alex: They can't sign it if it never got here.
      Max: But it got here.
      Alex: No it didn't.
      Max: Yes it did.
      Alex: Yes it did.
      Max: No it didn't.
      Alex: What are we talking about?
      Max: I don't know.
      Alex: Perfect.

    • Theresa:(While eating lemon after Alex trys to get rid of report card by eating it) Alex, it's not lady-like to talk with your mouth full!

    • Alex: (In the middle of Justin's party) Well, I'm off to the park to bury something.
      Justin's friend: A time capsule?!
      Alex: Yeah, sure, that.
      Justin: I love doing that! You put a cell phone in it, call it and leave it a voice mail, so that someone in the future can pick it up!
      Alex: Actually, people take my calls now.

    • Jerry: Ok, last question. Bat wings, dragon scales, and fruit punch make what kind of potion? A. Invisibility, B. Skin of steel, or C. A refreshing fruit smoothie?
      Justin: Got it!
      Alex: Does he has to say "Got it!" after every question? It's throwing me off on my exam.
      Max: (surprised) We're taking an exam?!

    • (Professor Crumbs is about to take Alex's powers, is turned into guinea pig)
      Alex: Don't look at me, I don't have my powers!
      Jerry: (shocked) Justin?
      Justin: ...I panicked!

    • Theresa: (walking away) Well, I'm not a wizard so...what do you guys want for dinner?

    • Max: (to Alex and Justin) Well, I really hate both of you. Now, we don't have any guinea pigs!

  • NOTES (3)