Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 2 Episode 30


Aired Friday 8:30 PM Aug 21, 2009 on Disney Channel
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Jerry and his siblings, Kelbo and Megan, have to retake the Wizard test because Jerry married a mortal. But Megan didn't want to be a part of the family after Jerry gave his powers to Kelbo. Without her, there can be no retest thus resulting in Max, Justin and Alex potentially losing their powers- unless they can find Megan. Meanwhile Theresa plans out what she's going to do with the lair when her kids lose their powers.moreless

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  • The best finale by Wizards of Waverly Place

    When this episode first came out, I'm not sure if the directors had already announced a Season 3 because this episode would've been really moving and intense if they hadn't because of the whole "We're losing our powers" thing.

    I personally find this one of the best from such a mixed season. I mean, this season is the most inconsistent of the series but this was an excellent finale.

    I found the plot to finally have something to do with family and I loved how it wasn't just about Alex. It wa a family episode, even with Jerry, Kelbo and Megan. This episode was funny and I've always been fascinated about if Megan was good at magic.

    The acting was terrific, I enjoyed the actress who played Megan, the plot made some sense and overall had fun with thismoreless
  • Excellent Season 2 finale

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Wizards of Waverly Place". I also thought that they ended Season 2 on a very excellent note. Uncle Kelso (Jeff Garlin) comes to Jerry and tells him that they need to retest for their wizard competition so Alex, Justin, and Max won't lose their powers, the only problem is that Jerry and his sister Megan are having issues with each other and haven't spoken with each other for years. It was interesting for Alex to try and get Jerry and Megan to talk to each other so they can compete in the wizard competition so Alex, Justin, and Max won't lost their powers. It all fails and Alex seemed to make things worse. This episode has heart and some very funny scenes. Uncle Kelbo's part in this episode was very funny and well executed. Max's part was also good and he made me laugh pretty hard. Alex and Teresa going to Aunt Megan's house to try and convince her one more time was interesting and it failed again. I loved how Alex was standing up to Aunt Megan and telling her things that she isn't a good sister holding a grudge on Jerry. It is too bad that Aunt Megan never talked to Jerry again. Alex, Justin, and Max taking a stand and telling the wizard council that they don't need their magic powers anymore was very well done but it was good when the wizard council decided to let them keep their powers. Overall, an excellent episode of "Wizards of Waverly Place". 10/10moreless
  • Jerry,Kelbo and their sister have to take a retest.If they don't Jlex,Justin and Max lose their powers.Now they have to get their aunt back,who has had a fight with Jerry and Kelbo.moreless

    I love this episode!It has comedy,suspence and did I mention comedy? When I hear the name of the episode I can only think of these words. Awesome, awesome and did I mention awesome?I like the fact how that their aunt had the same habits of Alex.Now I now were she gets it from!I gave it 10 out of 10 because it had every thing in it.It was a very nice season finale.Brilliant,brilliant and did I mention brilliant?!I'm really excited for season 3 after an episode like this.It is a must watch episode.Look on your tv guide and make time for this episode! This review is 100 percent true.Or at least I liked it!moreless
  • The perfect ending to a perfect season...yes that's probably my catchphrase now, but still.

    Well, I actually thought Season 2 started to go bad when I saw Hugh's Not Normous (although that was funny) but after the rest of the season, and then seeing this episode...wow! What a heartfelt, funny, good ol' Disney-like episode. Megan was awesome, and Kelbo appearing again is always good. I loved seeing the similarities and differences between the Russo generations and is really making me think about who of the Russo's would marry...maybe that's another thing Alex will do differently to Megan...I reckon she would marry.

    This was a perfect way to end the season, and it's almost like after a whole year at school, it feels like after a lot of time, it's finally paid off. I bet it really feels like that for the actors and all of their hard work. But I hope they're proud of this episode because it's fantastic!moreless
  • This is the best episode this series ever had.

    I have seen a few episodes of The Wizards of Waverly Place, and I have to admit that in my humble opinion, this is the best episode of the series so far. We learn that the kids have a bitter, selfish, lazy Aunt Megan who never forgave her brother Jerry for beating her in the wizards duel and giving his powers to Kelbo. She doesn't even care if the kids lose their powers. I like this episode because of the strong message it gives that family is the most valuable thing that you can have, and it doesn't matter what you do have without it. I give this episode a perfect 10.moreless
Carrie Genzel

Carrie Genzel

Megan Russo/ Aunt Megan

Guest Star

Jeff Garlin

Jeff Garlin

Kelbo Russo/ Uncle Kelbo

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When Theresa wants Alex to transport her to Aunt Megan's place, she never actually says where she wants to go. Her exact words are only that she wants Alex to 'take her somewhere' and then that she wants to 'show her something'. Despite this, Alex immediately teleports them to Aunt Megan's.

    • Goof: Just before Alex changes Megan's painting of Jerry and Kelbo being attacked by a shark, you can see that the new version with Megan being the one chased by a shark is already there. Then in the close-up shot, the original painting is there as Alex changes it to the new version.

    • Many traits of Jerry and his siblings Kelbo and Megan are extremely similar to Justin, Max, and Alex:
      *Like Justin, Jerry was the most advanced in his Wizard studies and is very strict about magical rules.

      *Like Max, Kelbo was always the least competent with his Wizard skills, and often spends his time doing odd things.

      *Like Alex, Megan was the biggest slacker of all the siblings and is very artistic. (However, Justin had told Alex she is nothing like Megan, because unlike Megan, Alex had apologized and wanted to keep the family together).

    • Spells Featured:
      "Let's go visit our new aunt, take us to Paris, Texas"

      "Zoobaa zoobaa zoobaa, Hey sister, Go sister, Paris, Texas"

      "Love on the rocks, unpack the box-es".

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Justin: Dad, we've got to do something. We all know I was going to win the competition!
      Alex: I know, and you worked so hard too. You must feel terrible. (receives confused looks from Jerry and Justin) Hum. Looks like Slacker Girl over here isn't looking so dumb anymore, is she?

    • Max: (about Aunt Megan) Wow, she really knows how to hold a grudge.
      Justin: Kind of like somebody else we know.
      Alex: Don't look at me! I'm still mad at you for the last time you said I hold a grudge.

    • Alex: Don't you see what this is doing to us? We haven't even finished the wizard competition yet and we're already fighting like Dad, Kelbo and Megan.
      Justin: Since when have ever cared about the wizard competition, Alex?
      Alex: Since I figured out it was tearing us apart!

    • Alex: (to Justin) Sure, we annoy each other. (to Max) And sure, you're probably not going to amount to anything. And sure, I might end on the side of the highway, wearing an orange jumpsuit, picking up trash. But you want to know what I like to call that? I like to call that family. If there's one thing I learned about family, it's that as long as we stick together, nothing can hurt us.

    • Kelbo: (while dressed as a viking) Hey guys, guess what? I just discovered America. You should have seen Columbus's face as he sailed up and I was waiting for him, dressed like this!

    • Theresa: Hey, once you all lose your powers, we should really use the Wizard's Lair as a quiet room, just for Mom.
      Max: Mom, what's a quiet room?
      Theresa: You'll never know.

    • Aunt Megan: (to Alex, Justin, and Max) Okay. Thanks for stopping by. Good luck on your trip back. I need to get back to doing a whole lot of nothing.
      Max: Hey, Alex, you do a lot of nothing. She's like your weird, older-looking twin.

    • Theresa: Alex, honey, grab your wand. I want you to take me somewhere.
      Alex: Really? You never wanted anything to do with magic. Wait a minute. You're not dropping me off at boarding school, are you? (gasps) I never thought it would be you, mom!
      Harper: I would not let you do it Mrs. Russo, and standing up to you is really tough for me because it's the only place I have to go.

    • (About finding Aunt Megan)
      Max: I have a magnifying glass. Will that help?
      Justin: She's not tiny.
      Max: I thought you said she was an ant.

  • NOTES (4)