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  • Alex, Justin, Max are wizards-in-training.

    I like the plots of many episodes, and some of the lines are pretty funny. Max is my favorite character; he's funny and has some good lines. He's clearly the inexperienced one of them all, mostly because he's the youngest. Alex is the middle child and she's a real troublemaker. Some of the pranks she pulls are really over-the-top and she often uses magic to get out of something she doesn't want to do or doesn't like; however, it often backfires on her and just gets her into real trouble. Justin is the oldest and he has been given the reputation (by Alex) of being a really brainy kid and, as Alex puts it, a "dork". Wizards of Waverly Place isn't really my favorite Disney Channel show; I'll watch it if it's on, but I won't insist that I have to watch a new episode.
  • grows on you

    Disney goes magic. That's the premise behind Wizards of Waverly Place. It's the story of the Russo family. Alex, Justin, and Max not only have to deal with family, school, friends, or relationships, they each have magical powers they study each day with their father Jerry, a former wizard himself. To add in a twist, only one Russo can keep their powers once they grow older so sibling rivalry just got a little more competitive. The premise is not extremely original, following what I think to be on the lines of Sabrina crossed with a little Harry Potter. And originally, the show seemed to lack its own sense of identity, no better or worse than the many Disney sitcoms on air but as each episode came, the more the problem seemed to reverse itself. The show does have its strengths. One is a particularly brave Disney move in that the Russo family is of mixed heritage: the father Italian, the mother, Mexican. And the other is the wonderful cast of the show. Selena Gomez plays lead Alex, the spunky, independent 14 year-old that embraces her magical abilities and her free-style use of them often gets her in trouble with her father. David Henrie is Justin, the eldest Russo that is the most serious, that prefers to use practicality first and magic second. Jake T. Austen is a funny Max, the youngest that is definitely the most carefree, relaxed, and the one seemingly least affected by the magic rivalry. Austen plays Max with wit, eagerness and comedic brilliance that is a secret weapon of the show. Maria Canals plays a wonderful mother to the three and the only member of the family that has never had any magical abilities. Maria Canals has done multiple voice-over work, even with Disney, in the past, and she plays her character with enough warmth and motherly sensiblity that it's nice to see her in a live-action leading role. A relatively unknown David Deluise plays a surprisingly realistic father to the Russo children and captures the character's tiny flaws real nicely. And Jennifer Stone is surprisingly good as Alex's somewhat neurotic best friend Harper, who bears a major crush for Justin, much to Alex's disgust, and who for the moment, is unaware of Alex's magical abilities. All of the cast play off each other well as do the siblies as they portray a surprisingly honest depiction of a family. The special effects might not be that great but since it's on a cable kids channel, it's not extremely surprising. The episodes have gotten tighter, the pacing better, and a recurring character added in for comedic effect, and it shows a show that does grow on you once you get into it and is worth keeping around.
  • An average show at best this show is about two brothers and a sister who are training in magic.

    I was mildly interested in this show at first and right now I must admit that I am not too sure about which direction this show is going. The plot is a little poor, and the actors need improvement, but I have beliefs that this show will quickly become better and more popular. The humor is acted well.For example, the kids are pretty hilarious as one of the boys plays jokes and pranks on his sister,Alex. Alex and her friend Harper are equally funny because, they portray their characters as very good friends and alike in many ways. They like to talk excessively about boys mostly. I'm not completly done with this show: in the future as this show progresses the number of excellent reviews will increase, but as of now this show is nothing but mediocre.
  • well the show is about three wizards in traing im a big fan of witches and wizards show so i thought i would like this one well its okay . the chacters are alex who like you using magic for other reasons justin who is the oldest and the lest funny. max

    max love using magic and gets in trouble as for the show the effocts need lots of work the show has diffrent elemnts of disney shows like them having a screat like that so raven hannah montana . the cast is good selane golmez is a good actress and david herrie is good i know him from that so raven playing larry but he a grown. jake t austin. is okay i saw him in that johnny movie the parents are okay the show is funny at times i like but i like the episdeos but they have werid plot well the show okay peace
  • It's a great show.

    I love this show. It's abot three siblings Alex, Max, and Justin who are wizards in traning Who use magic to try to get out of trouble but causes them to get in it. Alex is the main charcter and she's always getting in trouble using magic.Her best friend is Harper who dosnt know shes a wizard, so Alex has to aviod getting the secert out. It really bugs me that everyone is saying its a Harry Potter copy. Its not. Just because somthing deals with someone with magic powers dosn't mean its Harry Potter related. I recomend this show to anyone who likes magic or just Disney Channel shows.
  • A show about a wizarding family. Alex, Justin, and Max are wizards in training while going to a regular school.

    I personally love the singing of Selena Gomez in the begining of Wizards of Waverly Place. I love this series and it's hilarious the way they use the spells. The funny thing is that every time the Russo kids learn a spell from their dad, Alex ends up using it. And if they did not learn a spell, Alex, Justin or Max use a spell from their spell books that they carry around. I wonder if the kids will ever get caught using a spell or taking out their spell book. But this series is not like Phil of the Future. They are not too worried that their secret would get out. The best show ever!!!!!
  • ...

    its not that bad of a show really. I thought it would be a bad show but its a good show really. The show is based on a family of wizards who live in New York and are really trying to live a normal life without anybody finding out that they are wizards. The children are Justin, Alex and Max Russo. Alex's crazy friend Harper is also one of the main characters. This show teaches lessons and is funny at the same time. It kind of reminds me of a Harry Potter wanna bee show though. I like this show i give it a 7.8
  • Okay for what it is, but needs improvement.

    So, the show's about 3 teen wizards named Alex, Justin, and Max. They're raised by their former wizard dad Jerry, and their normal mom Theresa. When it comes to the show, there are some good plots, some boring plots. Whatever. It's just that the whole story seems a little unrealistic. I'm not talking about the magic here. I'm talking about the characters. Gigi(one of the characters), the usual stuck-up rich girl that can be found on alot of shows now, is okay. Her friends just aren't that believable, I mean why would go through a nosejob just because you want to look like your friend? Now, Harper's a little basic, the main character's best friend and doesn't know about her friend's secret identity. I don't find her interesting. Now about the SFX, the SFX just looks bad. They could do better.

    Now for the main characters, Alex is a little shallow. Justin, he's obviously shy and a little bit of a ditz. Max is just annoying. Jerry's dumb. Theresa's okay, but she does very little on the show. This show's just okay, but it definitely needs to be improved. It needs to stop following what other Disney Channel sitcoms do. If it does that, then it can be better. If you love magic and wizards and all that stuff, you might like this show.
  • This great comedy will have you laughing in your boots

    Now we've really met the family we've discovered that there not just normal people there really wizards but they own a sandwich restaurant in town watch this fantastic show to see what naughty thinks Alex and the boys get up to with Alex's friend but its up to them to keep the fact that there wizards a secret , watch this fantastic comedy and watch the hilarious things that they get up to in there wizard lessons so sit down and watch the funny things that the children get up to in and out of schooll it will have you laughing in your boots!
  • Decent. What else can I say?

    It's a decent (I've used the word again) show about three kids, two brothers and a sister who can perform magic. It needs a few improvements here and there, but has the basics to make a great future Disney comedy.

    Although I have only seen a few episodes, I have liked what I have seen. It's pretty good and really funny. The characters are funny and the storyline is above the average, so it can become a good show in the future.

    So back to the story, the kids perform magic to get what they want, mess each other up, get each other in trouble or just for fun!

    I'll keep on watching!
  • Soon to be a classic Disney show!

    Wizards of Waverly Place is a funny show! Although the title doesn't really make that much sense to me, this show is entertaining. It's about a family who are wizards! They learn spells and also try to live a normal life.

    The characters are Alex (regular teen girl trying to live her life), Justin (older brother and smart academically, but dumb everywhere else), Max (youngest brother with wacky plans), Theresa (mother) and Jerry (dad). Harper is Alex's best friend.

    This show is surprisingly funny and has some good plots. It features so much nonsense that it seems like they think only little children are watching it. This show gets a 9.5 out of 10!
  • Kids have magic.

    You know this was just like my idea. I dream every night about a TV show that stars a wizard (the wizard is mostly like Alex), and the wizards' best friend who doesn't have any magic (like Harper). And then maybe the wizard's friend (not Harper, can be Justin). And maybe there will be Max somewhere, and their parents. Well I think it was a good idea to start this show. Don't yea think? This is my review for the television show "Wizards of Waverly Place - WOWP" episode entitled... oops, this is a show review. Almost forgot. Well peace out!
  • Ridiculously unrealistic...

    ...has a lot of problems, too. This show has A LOT of lame and corny jokes. Every episode is an extremely dumb and unrealistic plot about magic and every episode is about the girl misusing magic and doing something very stupid to get out of the sticky situation she winds up in. Then she gets punished, AGAIN! Her personality is also really annoying. She is just some stuck up girl who never learns how to act right. Then, her brother is a way over exagerated nerd. The dad is just some uptight odd dad and the mother and the little brother are just boring. This is an extremely dumb show!
  • Another Harry Potter homage with a mystical family and limited logic.

    Since Disney unjustly cancelled Phil of the Future, it's been digging its own grave cancelling its hit shows and creating really bad ones, like "Cory in the House." I just want to wince when I see this one. I remember the TV show "Bewitched," and it was mostly about the husband and wife. I recall "Sabrina the Teenage Witch," and it was mostly a satire on teenagers. "The Wizards of Waverly Place" was originally going to center around Aly and AJ as sisters, but since they're doing better at concerts than acting, the series has been retooled around several supporting Disney actors like David Henrie from That's So Raven. What bothers me about this show is that it's not creative and it doesn't make sense. I've studied magic and the paranormal, and this series is just not getting one thing correct. It's making things up as to what people think magic is about. Now, Selena Gomez is cute and attractive, and I hear she has a singing voice as well, but her character is annoyingly grating. The effects are cheap and not very convincing. I get the feeling Disney doesn't care much on creating decent family TV shows anymore, just churning out star vehicles as promotional spectacles to create pop stars. Has anyone noticed that each of their shows has turned out at least one insanely successful pop star? "Wizards of Waverly Place" doesn't need to be good or successful as long as Selena becomes a singing star off it. If this show lasts more than a season, it will be a miracle. However, the show is kind of addictive. After one episode, I'm checking it out more and more and trying to catch it where I can. Bottom line, the show is infantile and ludicrous in its execution, but it is harmless Disney fare. What it lacks in creativity and imagination, it makes up in spirit and fun.
  • I am being completely honest when I say that this show isn't really the best show Disney has made. The plot is utterly not enjoyable and the actors aren't really the best. It needs to improve big time or be canceled completely.

    I don't care if you disagree completely because this is a review and we need to get our opinions out. My opinion is that this show needs some work. You would think that the plot would be good because it is about wizards and most of us love wizards. But the plot is no where as good as it should be. I don't know what show this is replacing but whatever show it is replacing, it is in fact doing a very bad job at it. To be honest, it's exactly like the other "feel good" Disney Channel shows. It's aimed for children under ten years old. The characters are just plain weird and the actors that play the characters need help acting. Everything is so childish. The whole point of the show is to teach smaller kids to feel good about themselves by going stupid things that no one could do. I did have an issue with some of the effects and the green screen. Disney can do way better. Maybe they should try shows that don't teach lessons to five year olds.

    The first episode was bad but I will give it some time to improve. But if they stay to the same plot and don't introduce more characters and better actors, I can see this show being canceled after the first season.
  • enjoyable. don't listen to DisneyFreak33.

    first of all, i'd like to respond to DisneyFreak33's review.
    For someone who likes Hannah Montana so much (judging from your icon and comaprison of "Hannah" to "Wizards"), you sure don't know a lot about unoriginality. Hannah Montana's entire schematic is similar to That's So Raven. It's more similar to That's So Raven than Wizards is to Hannah. Two best friends--one boy, one girl. Keeping a secret (visions--pop star). One Parent starring (Victor Baxter by end of that's so raven--Billy Ray). Wacky situations. Comedic results. Has a singing tour/fashion line (which is also similar to Lizzie McGuire)? It's all a copy of That's So Raven (minus the clothing/singing, which can be attributed to Hilary Duff). At least Wizards tries to mix it up by adding more siblings.

    I liked this show. Disney shows nowadays try to follow the same outline: secret life/tween drama/family responsibilities. I found Wizards funnier than I expected. Despite its awful promotions, it came through. I'd like to see Disney Channel mix it up a little though. I mean, the outline was really successful for That's So Raven and Hannah Montana, but with Cory in the House, it shows a downward trend. I want something groundbreaking.
  • Complete waste

    this show is probably a complete waste of time.Wizards of Waverly Place follows the Russo children, Ale Aaron, and Max, who on the surface appear to be completely normal, but beneath the sibling rivalry lies their secret – they are all wizards in training! They use their powers to do everything. Whether it's washing the dishes or making dinner, or even getting back at a fellow sibling, whatever the reason, it'll always have hilarious consequences. Even though they all train and study, once they turn 18, only one of them will get to keep their wizardly powers. Coming to Disney this fall! i think its gonna be a short fall for this stupid show!!!
  • a low budget overrated non funny peace of garbage

    okay its time to review another overrated disney channel show that everyone loves now i dont try to bash on the stuff i hate sometimes i just get to angry of what i type so lets start
    story:one word...not good 3 tweenagers are secretly wizards and have to keep the secret of they being wizards to themselfs...0 of 5
    characters:the characters are so typical and not original that we gotta dive not too deep to explain alex is a typical tween that gets into a mess by using magic justin:is a typical smart teen that gets into messes because of alex and has a goth girlfriend max is a typical normal kid who does stupid and weird things with magic the mom is a typical mexican mom but she looks white the dad is a stressed out dad and i just explained to you the whole type of characters in the show 0 of 10
    plot lines:in every episode heres what happens:the tweens have a new spell they learned alex trys it out gets in trouble and the spell is reversed at the end and everyones life is good.. 1 of 10 for all the plots being the same
    presentation:the cheap special effects low budget scripts unoriginal spells and unoriginal outfits drops down the rating of this part down to a 2 of 10
    message:the whole show teaches kids that its okay to cheat on things and that you can keep a secret forever even the theme song is about cheating on easy things to get by in life so 1 of 10 for message
    overall:with a bad story unoriginal characters dull plots terrible presentation and a bad message the rating is a 1 of 10
  • harry potter disney style

    First let me say i love this show it is so good and funny at first when i saw the perviews for it i thought i looked dumb but as i watch it more the more i like it now it is one of my top ten tv show that i love of all time it will take a little while for it to get funnier but it is still a great show it is not the best disney has came out with but it is still one of the best show on tv right now and disney right now sorry hannah but it is and has long as it is funny and the spells keep coming ill watch and laugh so just watch it
  • Excellent show!!

    Wizards of Waverly Place is a very excellent show!!! I love it!! It's awesome!! THe show features David Henry, as Justin Russo; Selena Gomez as Alex Russo; and Jake T. Austin as Max Russo. These three kids are wizards and only their parents know this. No one else at their school or any where else knows that they are Wizards. Their father is teaching them magic and how to use the spells and their meaning. In every episode, there is always a problem thatis started by one of the children using a spell and it goes a little out of control. THis show is really good and it is worth watching.
  • Might have to be the worst or one of the worst shows disney has ever made.

    Sound a bit harsh? Maybe it is, but after watching this show I can say it is sad selena gomez's first show on Disney had to be this. From the start it is poorly written knock off of Sabrina, only not half as clever or even 1/4 the unique characters. I am not going to say it won't get better, maybe it's just to early to tell how good or bad it may be; I will watch again and see if maybe I just happen to tune into a bad episode, all shows have those.

    To be honest all Disney shows start a tad slow, so maybe I am rushing to judgment, but then again based on what I saw I am not. The three main evil girls are annoying and so is the mother, who comes across as robotic. The father isn't funny and the little brother just grating.
  • Selena Gomez makes this show addicting.

    While it isn't the best show that Disney Channel has put on, it's still got pretty entertaining elements and has potential to be a show with a good run once it starts hitting its stride.

    While the show obviously tries to garner some attention based on the popularity of Harry Potter, (e.g., the Twitches movies) its premise is not intended to be a knock-off.

    The special effects are pretty cheezy, but I doubt that the production budget wasn't any bigger than any other of the Disney Channel shows. (The current show trend was based on turning out many shows quickly and cheaply, beginning with Lizzie McGuire)

    As I mentioned before, the biggest highlight is Selena Gomez. For her age, she's surprisingly good at playing her role as a bratty tween wizard.
  • well wat can i say....

    u gotta admit that even though this show is ok, its highly unoriginal. i mean its like the stuff u usually see in aladdin, harry potter, and sabrina combined, and put in this show but then got disneyfyied lol. so i guess this show is basically about a girl and her family of wizards trying to live a normal life while keeping their secret that they're wizards. its basically like every other disney show where u have a secret that is in danger of bein discovered so u get into crazy situations to stop it, or u do something u werent supposed to have done and u do everything possible to prevent them from knowing but at the end it gets found out and u apologize for it....
  • A very good show!

    Disney outdid themselves. With CGI computers, I goota say wow! Wizards of Waverly Place is the first Disney sitcom to feature simple computer-generated imagery such as superimposing. It was one of the many shows affected by the 2007–08 Writers Guild of America strike. Just shortly after the show's premiere, the writing was halted due to the strike. Sadly. But at lest we have been able to get half a season through! The bad side: The setting are poorly stated: School, Sub Station. There needs to be more of a setting. But Disney did a excellent job with what may be their best show after Hannah Montana! Sadly: This show won't be the next Hannah Montana.
  • Not a funny show for the Disney Channel!!!!

    I think Wizards of Waverly Place is one of the worst shows ever on the Disney Channel. It's about a family of wizards living in New York City, and I am not sure that Disney is turning this show into some kind of a ripoff to Harry Potter.
    I believe the writing on the show is very bad, but the cast is so unacceptable, with the exception of Dom DeLuise's real-life son, David, who plays the dad on the show. And while Disney have huge successes in recent years, like High School Musical and Hannah Montana, I guess that Wizards of Waverly Place is very cheesy for every Disney fan out there.
  • Worst Disney Channel show ever!

    Okay, so this show is about these three sibling wizards in training who learn spells from their dad and the main character of this show uses magic to get or get out of something but it usually fails and they try to get everything back to normal. Sound familiar? Like Fairly OddParents or Sabrina the Teenage Witch? Except those shows were actually bearable, unlike this. And now I feel like a bully because I've never written a bad review before and I'm usually against it but I just have to state my opinion on this show. I just can't stand this show at all. No offense to people that like it, but this is just my opinion...

    Wizards of Waverly Place is for children, but it can be funny for any age. The wizards always get themselves into diffferent messes they must try and get out of, but it's a lot eaisier to fix them with their magic. The only problem is they don't know how to use their powers in the right ways. Alex, the middle child, always uses magic to fix her problems with no permission from her dad. Alex uses magic to solve problems. Justin, the oldest wizard, always does the right thing and won't do what his sister does. Jusin never uses his magic unless told to by his dad. Max, the youngest wizard, is still getting his powers in and doesn't use magic the right way. Max uses magic for the fun way. The best part is all of them doing all these things together because it's good to watch in a show. Differnt things happening at once that get wrapped up at the end makes up a good show, but not all shows do that.
  • I really like this show.

    Wizards of Waverly Place is a show about teen wizards. Justin (David Henrie), Alex (Selena Gomez), and Max (Jake T. Austin) star in the show. Justin's a nerdy teen always trying to follow his Dad's rules. Alex is always just trying to have fun, even if it means lying to her parents. Max is just a typical kid, trying to fit in at school. Sometimes he becomes "food crazy", always snacking. He's just a normal little brother. I personally love Alex's personality, and trendsetting ideas. The only thing I don't like is that Alex's best friend Harper doesn't know their secret. I feel like she should.
  • woah, I like this.

    Wizards of Waverly Place is my favorite Disney Show. It's extremely funny and I always laugh when watching - even if it's a rerun. I think this show does really well because it's not like anything they've done before. I really like the set. I think it's nice that the Disney channel made the Russo family to live in a loft above a Sandwich shop instead of a Malibu mansion like on "hannah montana". and the family is also Mexican, which is a step forward for disney. My favorite character is Alex. She is definately a Queen Bee and never lets any authority get in her way of having fun. I Love this show. :]
  • It's a good show, but it nearly reminds me of Hannah Montana mixed with The Buzz on Maggie with a splash of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

    Okay, this show is almost identical to some of the existing Disney Channel Shows, but with magic and wizardry. I'll break it down to the best of my abilities.

    Plot: 3/10
    All right, the plot is nearly identical to most of the Disney Channel shows mixed with Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Nothing special.

    Characters: 4/10
    The characters are almost like the characters from "The Buzz on Maggie" and "Hannah Montana", only in wizard form. Alex Russo is basically like Maggie Pesky, Miley Stewart, and Sabrina combined. I don't like the way that she is portrayed. To me, she doesn't have the right kind of charm like Sabrina. The only character that is somewhat decent is Justin Russo because he is the more responsible one. Any way, the characters are almost like the characters from other shows.

    Humor: 2/10
    The humor is basically the kind of humor you have seen in many of the Disney Channel shows. Other than that, it has some good parts, but that's about it.

    Overall, this show is basically all the other Disney Channel shows before that. If you like this, go ahead and watch it. But for everyone else, just avoid it like a bad movie.
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