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  • Wizards Of Waverly Place is a programme that to me is really good.

    Wizards Of Waverly Place is a show about a family of wizards. Justin is the eldest son who is extremly clever. Alex is the middle sibling who is very easily distracted and always makes fun of Justin. And Max is the little brother and is so cute. The show is funny and very quirky, with the characters playing there parts superbly. It always seems to be Alex who get's up to mischief, normally by doing a spell which she shouldn't be doing. Although i love this show and it has now turned into more of a daily fix, i'm not too keen on one of the characters (And loads of people love this person) and that person is Quinn. I don't know i just don't like her.
  • If you've seen any other Disney Channel show, you don't need to watch this. It's basically the exact same format at the others, just this time it's a Harry Potter ripoff.

    I think that that Disney Channel has this strange machine they use to create television shows. They take an idea for a show, put it in, and out it comes with the following elements added:

    "Hilarious" situations
    Unfunny jokes cracked every two seconds
    A laugh track
    Cheesy "Special Effects"
    A moral at the end of each episode Hannah Montana, Cory in the house, That's so Raven, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and others have all followed this format. The only way you can tell them apart is by the "Twist" on each show. That's so Raven=Girl who sees future
    Cory in the House=Boy at White House Suite Life=Twins run amuk at hotel
    Hannah Montana=Hannah Montana
    And now, Wizards=Kid wizards controlling powers.

    Try watching episodes of each of these shows. You'll find they're all just thinly disguised clones!

    All in all, Wizards is your standard Disney show mixed with Harry Potter. On the other hand, they did get two things right: Selena Gomez and the theme song!
  • This is about a family of children wizards,alex the magic abuser,justin the smat one,and max,the wierd one,competing to become the family wizard! Their dad is the magic teacher!

    This show is funny,lively,and crazy! I love it when alex and harper do the funky junky hat song! Max is a wierd kid but he is also very funny!Justin is funny but sometimes he gets on my nerves because he shows off because he is so smart! I am glad this seris just kind of started and it will probly be on for a lots of seasons because it is so popular! I love the wiz tech episode because justin gets to play a new sport! So like yeah that is about it but i still have room! Thanks for reading my review!
  • Wizards of Waverly Place is an awesome Disney Channel show.

    I love Wizards of Waverly Place for many different reasons. Selena Gomez is a great actress and she's a big part of why the show is so great. There isn't anyone in the show that I dislike, all the actors do a pretty good job. Also, the supernatural aspect of the show is pretty interesting. I'm a big Harry Potter fan so the spells and magic appeal to me. Oh and the show has great humor, I find myself laughing a lot throughout the show. Hopefully the show lasts a while because I love it. Soon I can watch it anytime because I'm getting Disney Channel. Yay me! Oh wait thats what London says from Suite Life. But anyway this show is amazing and thats all I can say.
  • This is a good show but the director & writers go overvboad with what the episodes about

    The episode "Movies" the director went to overboard and also they went overboard on "Wizard School". But the only thing is that Jake T. Austin is barely talking or in a scene the show. It would be perfect if they didnt have Jake Austin off the cast. Though since they started it they have to keep going to the series finale. They do spells and other freaky stuff in public like the episode "Credit Check". Right in front of that model. In front of her parents when she turned them into guinea pigs on the balcony when Alex gets her Wizardy report card and tears it and throws it over the balcony
  • 9.4
    I love Wizards of Waverly Place for many different reasons. Selena Gomez is a great actress and she's a big part of why the show is so great. There isn't anyone in the show that I dislike, all the actors do a pretty good job. Also, the supernatural aspect of the show is pretty interesting. I'm a big Harry Potter fan so the spells and magic appeal to me. Oh and the show has great humor, I find myself laughing a lot throughout the show. Hopefully the show lasts a while because I love it. Soon I can watch it anytime because I'm getting Disney Channel. Yay me! Oh wait thats what London says from Suite Life. But anyway this show is amazing and thats all I can say.
  • Selena Gomez stars as a sub-par wizard. The wizards live in secret and hide their ability from the general public.

    I'm a 16 year old guy who does not watch disney channel. Even as a kid I was never into the shows on disney channel. One night I couldn't find anything good on, so I thought i'd flip to the disney channel and see what was up. Everything else I saw i disliked, but Wizards of Waverly Place I enjoyed greatly. It was witty, upbeat, and well done. I was surprised by how much I liked Selena Gomez's acting and how perfect she was for the role. I thought WOWP was excellent and hope that Selena has a big career.
  • Hilariously Funni!!

    Ahhh.. love this show soo much!
    Selena Gomez is such an amazing actress and is humungously funny and pretty :]
    She plays Alex Russo who is hoping to keep her family's magic but in competition with brothers Justin and Max, it can be kinda tricky. Both of those characters are hilarious! Plus David Henrie (Justin) is soo cute! :]
    Harper, Alex's best friend is also really funny and luv it when her and Alex do their Crazy Funky Junky Hat Dance :P Must of taken ages to learn lol.
    With all the trouble that Alez gets into, its so hilarious to watch, and this is also one of Disney's greatest shows. Good Job Disney!!
  • I actually really like this show!

    I didn't think i was going to ever really watch this show a whole lot, but i kinda fell in love with it after the first full episode i saw. It's fun! I think Selena Gomez is one of the best actresses on Disney Channel right now (way better than Miley Cyrus, anyway... and more likeable too). I also like how they've brought back the classic age-old theme of sibling rivalry (thank you Even Stevens!) and put a new spin on it with the kids having to compete over their powers. The episodes are easy to watch and enjoyable. The special effects are so-so (but hey... it IS Disney Channel). It's actually pretty funny sometimes, and it also helps that David Henry is pretty cute. The more i watch, the more i like, and i would definitely recommend it to anyone else looking for something good to watch after school too.
    Overall show grade: A-
  • It's not the worst show, but it's not the best.

    Personally I find this okay for it's matter, but I find it another money scheme brought you by the Disney channel. Since this is my first review, I've never done this before so here it goes.

    Originality: This show is not considered original because lot's of people considered it rip-off of Harry Potter and Sabrina the Teenage witch. (But I wouldn't use the word rip-off) And it has the whole "Secret Idenity" of a teenage wizard. 1/10

    Plot: Every episode has a plot in shows from sneaking to the crazy 10 minute sale to having a talking zit. It would be better if Disney add a continuation to make the show more interesting. 3/10

    Characters: The characters are used up characters from Disney's previous (or todays) shows. Alex is another Miley Stewart. The brothers are a different version of Zack and Cody. Harper is another Chealsea. The mom acts like Raven's mom and the Dad acts like Zack and Cody's mom. Not very original if you ask me. 1/10

    Music: Okay but it should have some rythm that you are watching a magical show rather than a tween show. 4/10

    Humour: The humour is something you would expect from a Disney Channel show, the jokes seem like the jokes you would see inside in a cereal box. But people don't seem to care about the laughs than the attractive actors/actresses. And the laughing track just makes it worse. 1/10

    Overall: 4.9/10 I'm not being mean to the show and it's fans but that's what I have to say. I find Selena okay not that I'm a fan or a hater but in between. If your a Selena Gomez show I recommend this show for you.

    I think this show will turn out okay in the future but I hope it won't turn out like Hannah Montana.
  • It's not my absolute favorite, but it's one of my favorites.

    This show is about three wizards in training who, in my opinion, still have A LOT of work to do. Alex gets herself in trouble practicaly all the time. Justin doesn't like to break the rules, and yet, he still gets in trouble sometimes. And Max, well what can I say. He's twelve. He likes to have fun. Their dad, Jerry, was once a wizard, but lost his. That's pretty much the whole point of the show. they are training for a big compitition to see who gets to keep their powers as an adult. Their mom was never a wizard.
    Well, that's it. I hope this perswades you to try out the show for yourself and see if YOU like it.
  • Best New Disney Channel Show!

    Wizards of Waverly PLace is one of the best new disney channel show to come out in a while. The story lines are good some story line are some what the same as other shows but this one has the twist of magic in it it cool how they show the magic and how they can do differen stuff to stop time or get out of stuff it one of disneys most orignel show to come out in a while i hope this show can make it for a long time theres a lot of stuff you can do with this show there alot of story lines that have not been used yet so i hope this show will go on longer.
  • A great show for Disney.

    Most people would probably think that they wouldn't like this show because the storyline of witches or wizards has been done to death. As much as that could be true, I love it. What's not to love about 3 average teenagers with magical powers that use their magic to get them out of sticky situations?

    I love how the writers of this show are creative in their own way and make everything orignal. I like how they make Justin, Alex, and Max deal with everyday problems that actually could happen to kids in real life instead of ONLY making episodes that only involve magical problems. The episodes themselves are great, and I hope the writers can keep it up.
  • This show is the best shows to Disney.

    I like this show it is funny and I watch it almost all the time it is on. There are some episodes in the show that I like and hate. Justin is a nerd and smart. Alex is the best and I like her the most cause she does funny things with magic and they are almost all the time funny. Max I can't say much because I don't know how too put it but he can make really funny jokes and I always laugh at them but there is one thing I don't get about it is that if he has any friends.
  • A really good show.

    This show is pretty tight. I thought I would hate it but it grows on you. This is most certainly one of the better shows on Disney. The humer is basicly the same as alot of kid shows but what sets it high above the others is how well the actors put it in to play. The pick up lines, the sarcasm, the jokes, and pranks all run perfectly together. It actually has good acting that makes you want to keep watching just to see what happens next. On the not so bright side, A couple things here and there can get annoying. Alex's whining can get to you along with some things that are so dumb you can't even function but overall a really good show.
  • This show is so magical.

    To me wizards of waverly place is funny, magical, and great.In this show the smartness and determination of alex is sometimes a good thing ,but other times, it just gets her in trouble. Also justin's " allergies" and his dorkyness makes the show very funny. Also it is like alex goes out of her way to not listen to her father's rules makes her have many funny adventures. Next, the the way that when they rush their spells they end up messing up the some of the spells in some of the wierdest ways. The last thing that makes it funny is their Dad's reactions to their troublsome activities.
  • One of the best Disney Channel shows on TV, people seem to hate it!

    Look, I've seen these haters, and I'm not liking what I'm hearing. People say it's a ripoff of Harry Potter. Well, I have one thing to say to you : SO??!! Just because this show has "Wizards" on them, dosen't mean it's atomatically a Harry Potter ripoff! In fact, this show rminds me of the loopy humor The Fairly Odd Parents had. Yeah, and I like them both. AS A WHOLE!! It should deserve a 10, but it dosen't. Why? Because it hasen't been getting its dose of new episodes already. But, still, a 9.9 is still, and A. So go ahead! Mock this all you want! But, just remember, when this show gets popular, you will be the one to blame.
  • Worst show ever made in the history of shows.

    If I had a chance to rate this show 0.0 I would, it really doesn't deserve 1.0. But I had to. This is the worst show on disney channey. I came to this website to see if this show had fans. Do you recognize anything familiar like Harry Potter? A rip off of Harry Potter, especially in "Wizard School" Who would lik such a fake & stupid show. Like they went to Mars? Retarded. You would die on Mars. THey think it's funny but it's not. It's sucks. And I hate how Alex treats everyone but her best friend like crap. Occasionally her best friend. They use the same plots as "Harry Potter" "Kim Possible" & "That's So Raven". Really Disney is that the best you can think of?
  • disney does this everytime

    Disney always does this. They have the main charcator who has a secret.(That's So Raven, Phil of the Future, Hannah Montana,Wizards of Waverly Place etc.)Then they have the ditzy best friend that knows.(Chelsea, Keely, Lily etc.)(Even though I don't think Harper knows)The annoying sibling.(Cory,Pim,Jackson, Justin etc.)The person who is trying to figure it out.(Selena, Mr.Hackett, maybe Rico, maybe Gigi etc.)And finally the wierd dad.(Victor, Lloyd, Robby Ray,Jerry etc.)I just wish for once that hey would twist it up. There is too many shows like that. I'm not saying it's a bad show. It's a great show. I'm just saying, if they come out with more shows with the same plot I might stop watching Disney Channel.
  • Wizards of Waverly Place is about three young wizads named Alex, Justin and Max Russo.

    This show is great! I absolutely love it. The first time I watched it I fell in love with the show about five minutes into it! The characters are all great and the show is hilarious at times!

    Selena Gomez. I loved he ever since she was on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and Hannah Montana so ofcourse I love watching her on this! She portrays Alex perfectly! I absolutely love her character from her personality to her wardrobe!

    Jake T Austin. Ok how adorable is he? and he is so talented for such a young actor! I love Max his character is simply proceless to watch!

    David Henry. Ok heres where my boy craziness comes in because he is really cute! But other then that I love his character Justin. Every scene with him is absolutely fantastic!

    Altogether this show is great! I think it has become my 2nd or 3d favorite show! I have to admit that I was slowly starting to lose interest in Disney Channel but Wizards of Waverly Place reeled me back in!
  • A really good show! Click to read more!

    If I had to describe WOWP (Wizards of Waverly Place) in one word, the word I would probably describe it with would be... AMAZING! Even though they could have picked better actors/actresses for the show, it still has had a really good plot and it's just a fun show to watch. It is actually very realistic for being a show about wizards. My only other problem with the show is that some of the episodes you can only see one time, or else they get boring. My personal favorite episode is Potion Commotion, but the episodes keep getting better and better! This show has had a very successful season, and has already had a two part episode, even though it good have been better, but still, I ♥ WOWP!
  • THis show is okay and good for Disney, but it won't last that long

    Wizards of Waverly Place is a good show, i can't lie. It's sometimes funny and enjoyable and when i scan the channels that show brings it to my attention. I think that this show doen't have a good enough story line to make this show last as long as Lizzie McGuire did. The whole magic thing has been over used in the entertainment industry and when disney does it tend to not be that good. There have been succesful shows that are around magic and wizardry such as Sabrina the teenage witch and Charmed. When disney came out with Twichtes and decided to make a second one I said enough is enough! Like i said before, this show won't las long but it's decent enough to be on tv for a while.
  • Eh.... It's good but not great. This show needs seirous fixing...... First....they try a little bit too hard to be funny.

    Wizards of Waverly Place about three siblings who have magicial powers but in the very end..... only one of them will still be a wizard as an adult. Good twist? So why did they not mentions this in the pilot episode....

    Yes...I saw the very first episode of Waverly Place and wonder why did they mention this....at all.... Instead it was about some stupid Crazy Ten Minute Sale....

    But sometimes, the show has its funny moments..... but it seems the only person(s) in that show is Alex (Selena Gomez) and Justin (David Henrie).

    Also on another topic.... they use some pretty crappy special effects which any moron can tell it is fake...

    But, they are horrendous....that's not even a word for that.

    But overall...if I manage to chuckle at least one episode or more then it can't be all bad but I don't see this show as being my favorite show at all...
  • Good show!

    I love Wizards of Waverly Place! The plot is similar to Sabrina the Teenage Witch, because they are kids who learn magic spells from their parents and get into trouble when they use them in their regular teenage life. The wizard kids are Alex, Justin, and Max, and their wizard dad teaches them spells. The episodes usually focus around Alex and it usually goes: the dad teaches Alex and her brothers a new spell and she usually messes it up and her brothers have to help her out of it. The show may be kinda unoriginal, but it is fun to watch and the actors are talented. Selena Gomez, David Henrie, and Jake T. Austin (so cute!) are good as on screen siblings. Harper (Jen Stone) is funny! This is one of my favorite Disney shows!
  • If you are over the age of 10, you probably won't find this show that amusing.

    Wizards is Disneys new comedy about three young wizards living in New York City. Although this show looks like it would be for the same crowd as TSL and Hannah Montana, it is clearly for younger watchers. The show tries to be funny, but I have seen most of the episodes, and I seldom laughed. The plot is very predictable, and the characters are annoying, especially Alex, the extremely bratty main character. Although this show tries to appeal to Harry Potter and Disney Channel fans alike, it definetly isn't one of Disneys best shows. Younger children will probably enjoy this, but everyone else will be bored.
    The reason I gave this a 6 is because although it isn't awful, it's not very good and it is only something that I will watch when there isn't much else on. Hopefully it will get better in the second season, as I think that the show has real potential.
  • Would be better if it had a better main character.

    The show is about three wizards alex,Justin,and max russo.They live with their parents in Waverly Place the parents being the stern yet somewhat goofy dad Jerry Russo and their eccentric mothe Theresa Russo. Jerry was a wizard however he lost his powers to his brother KelboRusso proving that he is the better wizard. He married theresa who is not a wizard. Alex often gets into trouble due to using magic disobeying her parents. When they get older they will have a competition to see who gets to keep their powers into adulthood.

    This show is really great except that the main charactors will annoy you.
  • pretty good

    this show would stand on its own merits. comparing this to other shows like suite life or hannah, this show needs to give me some more than what i am expecting from it. i didn't like the wizard thing that much. but i'll give this show a chance maybe when i see more of it, i'll appreciate it more. it didn't give me an excellent first impression that i got from watching hannah montana or suite life of zack and cody. but to judge this show without comparing, it's a pretty good show. there are pretty good jokes in it. the stories are slapsticks so it doesn't have to be taken so seriously. it's a pretty good show, but not better than hannah montana.
  • well duuuh the show is unoriginal

    u gotta admit that even though this show is ok, its highly unoriginal. i mean its like the stuff u usually see in aladdin, harry potter, and sabrina combined, and put in this show but then got disneyfyied lol. so i guess this show is basically about a girl and her family of wizards trying to live a normal life while keeping their secret that they're wizards. its basically like every other disney show where u have a secret that is in danger of bein discovered so u get into crazy situations to stop it, or u do something u werent supposed to have done and u do everything possible to prevent them from knowing but at the end it gets found out and u apologize for it....
  • Good but not great.

    I picked unoriginal for my classification because it was already done in harry potter (minus hogwarts, he doesn't let anybody else know but his family after Harry found out and any other wizard).

    Disney hasn't made a REALLY great show since the suite life of Zack and Cody (it came after that's so raven and now I like that show more than that's so raven). Yeah, Cory in the house is great but it doesn't match those other two shows. So know we got a show about wizards.

    I don't think Disney has touched on wizards since mickey mouse was a wizard apprentice of a wizard parodying the sorcerers apprentice in 1940. Now back to wizard of waverly place (Weird I start my review of this show after 118 words).

    This show is funny but the characters aren't that great. It's cool to watch the special effects. The theme song is pretty dumb but not as dumb as the latest buzz's theme song. The acting is superb but I hate how that at the end there will be only one wizard.

    That's not fair, you can't use magic and they'll be learning it for years. I feel sorry for the dad.

    Storylines: Pretty cool-9.1
    Characters: okay I guess-6.3
    Theme song: I hate it, period-5.8
    Acting: Solid-9.5
  • Wizards of Waverly Place follows the Russo children, Alex, Justin, and Max, who on the surface appear to be completely normal, but beneath the sibling rivalry lies their secret.

    BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00! BOO00!BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!!BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!BOO00!!!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!!BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! BOO00!!!! Wizards of Waverly Place is the worst, most dreadful show ever to hit Disney!! It should be taken off immediatly!! Disney should be sued for bad television on every level!! Who thought of this crap!!?? It irritates me so much to see our favorite channels go bad because of dumb decisions they make! The fans are suffering!! The channel is suffering!! My eyes are in burning agony!! The quality, the storyline, the humor, it's all so pitiful!! Wizards of Waverly Place s**ks and should be taken off the air. Wizards of Waverly Place is 100% percent "BAD" tv. Boooo!!!!!!!!
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