Wizards of Waverly Place

Disney Channel (ended 2012)


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  • One of Disney Channel's finest.

    This is a great show for the whole family. A show about three wizards in training dealing with common life issues in the mortal world. Alex is such a fun character because she is so funny. Selena Gomez really brings life to the character and it takes real talent to make an apathetic, micheivious troublemaker so charming and likable. Justin is the mature, responsible older brother who is kind of nerd, but tries hard to be cool. And Max is the hilarious, naive little brother whose always doing odd and random things. They live with their former-wizard dad, Jerry and their mortal mom, Theresa on Waverly Place. The children must have a wizard competition when they are older to see who will become the family wizard. Now, I know the concept is not very original, I mean 'magical people in the mortal world tying to keep their life a secret' thing has been done several times before. I know I've seen it. But this show gets by with it's great acting and original humor. The characters are interesting. The storylines are simple but effective and very well-written. So I think it's obvious why it won that Emmy. I enjoy this show so much that it bugs me that a lot of people say things about it like 'It's a ripoff of Harry Potter'; Yeah, I've heared that before. It's a show about wizards!!!... That's it; there is nothing that says that J.K. Rowling has any rights to be the only person to write about magic! The whole 'Wiz-Tech' thing is just a parody, everything else is just a coensidence that some people seem to overlook. Oh, I suppose just because Phineas and Ferb has some cultural refernces makes it a ripoff of family guy too. Hello, haven't you heared of the lawsuit Hannah Montana went though because somebody had already written a simulair story for a show? That's another thing, the people who make this show know how to make it fun and charming for people of all ages if they give it a chance. Hannah Montana is just overrated and makes itself look rediculous for an adult to watch, let alone any person in general who just sick of the franchise. At least the characters mature gracefully and realisticly in this show, and I can still have a good laugh. I'm not just a Wizards fan, I just know good kid's television. ;)
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