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  • Meh. It's okay

    I don't like this show but I thought season 3 and 4 were kind of good. I found season 1 and 2 super boring and the only reason I even watch it is because of Selena Gomez. I honestly don't see why people think this show is so great, it is just another boring Disney show.

    I love this show it is basically a combination of the Fairly Odd Parents and The Simpsons, it was a pretty hilarious and fun show
  • A good Disney Channel sitcom mixed with bad "Disney Kidcom" cliches

    WoWP was pretty good, for the most part. However it did suffer from a lot of cliches from worse shows like Hannah Montana, Shake It Up, and Dog With A Blog. Alex Russo was an okay protagonist but she could get pretty annoying fast. I liked how Harper dressed like it was the 50s or 60s but the story arc where Max was turned into a girl in season 4 was a pretty big "WTF!" moment! Other than that, this was an okay show. It's no Harry Potter but then again at the same time, it's no Hannah Montana, thank God!
  • From Good to Bad

    I used to adore this series as a pre-teen. The only reason I watched it because of Selena Gomez. Wizards of Waverly Place is about a half Mexican and half Italian family called the Russo's who are wizards. There are three wizards: Alex, Justin, and Max. They are practicing to become a better wizard who is taught by their father, Jerry.

    The plot of the early season is Sabrina: The Teenage Witch meets Harry Potter. It felt like a parody of Harry Potter; they made made references of the books series throughout the show. Around season 3 and 4, the plot was complicatedin a terrible way. It became more Twilight by focusing more on the romance than on the adventure and coming-of-age story. What the writers did was a mistake. In fact, new directors and writers were hired to write the episodes between seasons 2 and 3. Season 1 was their best season. Even though the episodes became repetitive with Alex's troubles, it was still enjoyable and somewhat humorous. The writers put some effort in them. By the time it was mid-season 2 and 3, the series went downhill with its corny jokes, terrible plot lines. and over-exaggeration with their characters. They could have focused on character development instead of the romance. Instead, the writers turned this series into Hannah Montana and Twilight.

    The main characters of the series are Alex, Justin, Max, Harper, Theresa, and Jerry. They were quite likable in season 1, but by seasons 2 and 3, their personalities changed drastically. Alex went from troublemaker to an evil teen snark; Justin was geeky and kind, but turned into a mad-crazed scientist hypocrite; Max went from book dumb to too-stupid-to-live; Theresa was a good mother to Miss Piggy wannabe. The only character that had character development was Harper. During seasons 1 and 2, she was the girl who stalked Justin, but she became more likable around season 3. Why did the writers do that with the other characters? I guess they were too lazy to do so. There were some interesting recurring such as Gigi, Dean, and the Genie. But no. They all disappeared and brought horrible characters: Juliet and Mason. Mason was the main problem to the series. He was character that could have been based on a Twilight fan fiction. In other words, he is the love child of Edward and Jacob, but British. He was an eye-candy for the little girls (he was never attractive in my opinion). Seasons 3 and 4 were the "Mason" seasons. As the love interest of Alex (they are one of couples in Disney Channel history), he has to be mentioned in almost every single episode. What the heck writers? The worst part of the series was the romance between Alex and Mason. It was cheesy, predictable, and just painful to watch. Alex and Dean were a better couple/ WOWP would have been better if they have never added that so-called British werewolf.

    The actors were impressive and passionate in the beginning. They were witty and had good comic-timing. In later seasons, it looked like that they did not want to be there anymore. They did not put any effort. It is not their fault that their characters were annoying.

    The special effects was not good. The people never put any effort. It was either because it was of the productions fault or Disney in general. The music was okay, but it could have been better.

    In my opinion, Wizards of Waverly Place would have been better if it did not have a laugh track, had the same format as Phil of the Future, and focused more on the main plot. Wizards of Waverly was a good series in season 1, but after that, it suffered.

  • My character review

    Wizards Of Waverly Place follows the adventures of the Russos, a family of wizards living in New York disguised as humans. The series mainly focused on Alex Russo, the middle child in the Russo family who was known to use her powers for her own nefarious purposes and eventually having to solve the problems she caused along the way. In my opinion, it was an okay show, entertaining with a few things that bothered me.

    Alex Russo was a very laid back character. Though her sarcastic remarks can be entertaining, I feel that she is not a very good role model. She was very nonchalant, often doing things in her own way and time, and often had to correct her various mistakes, in both the wizard and mortal worlds. A specific thing that bothered me was a speech Alex gave in The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex. Though she was giving the message that you shouldn't let anyone change who you are, she also refused changing for the better, indirectly stating that is okay to be selfish and lazy if that is who you are.

    Justin Russo is a somewhat stereotyped character, often classified as nerdy or geeky to an extravagant extent (speaking an "alien language" with his best friend, running for student body president). I also found it annoying how he always seemed to belittle his siblings, constantly pointing out their flaws, though he seemed to have many of his own. Another thing that bothered me was his narcissism. He always seemed so sure he was going to win the wizard competition, and even went as far as to trash Alex in her celebratory speech, saying he should have won her award because of all of his achievements in "Wizard Of The Year".

    Max Russo was a character I never really found myself liking, often shaking my head at his stupidity (sorry WOMP fans, but there really is no other way to describe his intelligence). His jokes were a bit overrated, and his low intelligence was too exaggerated.

    Jerry Russo wasn't necessarily a likable or unlikable character; he was just, well, okay. He was rather clueless at times, but had his wise moments and seemed to be involved in his children's lives, unlike most current Disney Channel parents. I liked how he always watched out for Alex, especially in her times of need, and was fair with his punishments.

    Theresa Russo was always a character that greatly annoyed me. I hated that she, like her eldest son, was always a narcissist, but to a greater extent than he was. She always thought she was so young (I believe there was an episode where she even wore a skirt that belonged to Alex when she was younger) and beautiful, and oh so talented. She was clueless, more so than her husband, and wasn't as involved as he was, though she did seem to genuinely care when they had problems and often called Alex "Mija" .

    These are just my opinions, others may think differently.

  • ,3.1

    i just thought it should be more longer in the ,alex vs alex and we did it see any future for harper at all and why , david
  • One of the last good shows on Disney

    This show was really good at first but I hated it in the last few seasons. The actors were good and it was funny. When it ended, there was only 1 other good sitcom- Good Luck Charlie. Now that that's gone, there are no good sitcoms. This is a lot like Harry Potter, which I like and is one of the main reasons I like this. I wish this would come back.
  • Recommended for the guys who like the magic theme

    The show is good enough to watch but it is not strong enough to be my favorite. Selina Gomez really has been good with her role and some of the other actors actually did a decent job but I found most of the plot lines too shallow and dry. I`d recommend it if you are into wizardry but if your looking for really high quality, forget this show and keep looking.
  • Disney ruins what was an interesting formula.

    When I heard there was a show about wizards learning how to use their powers by DISNEY of all companies, at first I was excited.

    But then the horrid truth still remained in the back of my head, that this show would have a canned laugh track, a couple of obnoxious characters, and stupid scenarios sometimes barely focusing on magic.

    and that's exactly what I got.

    I didn't mind it for the first season, but man the show went weak from there on out.

  • wizards of waverly place -where it went so wrong

    the answer on most fans lips about why did the show

    ended up dipping was this it went from a good family

    comedy show to the realms of buffy and twilight by

    having the lead characters alex and justin have

    unconvensional lovers like for alex a werewolf

    called mason and justin's vampire girlfriend juliette

    that her father alucard is dracula backwards that

    both lovers revealed they were once lovers that ended

    up in a battle in resorting to alex getting hearbroken

    the biggest mistake in family tv is including love

    the show almost became a dramedie and in the

    episode eat to the beat alex became realy nasty

    towards justin by calling him a joke thanks to stevies

    intravension stopped it before he got hurt bad the show

    basicaly lost it's magic after season 2 thats why it went so wrong.

    frankie (cool rider ) smales

    frankie smales tv and movie review uk
  • It's Magic this show some what funny

    Yeah it's kind of funny. But it's far from great. Or even good. But I feel like they turn clever characters into idiots. Max Russo started out as a witty kid who towards the end of the show became so dumb it was ridicules. I never liked the story or even the CGI but it was funny enough to get a pass for a lot of it. But at the end of the day it's not good enough to recommend. The dialogue is of mixed quality and goes from a great joke down to garbage. The acting is descent and the story is nonexistent but theres not much to say so if it sounds up your alley and you like the clips watch it and enjoy.
  • Good show!!

    I love wizards and waverly place!!!! The character are so funny!!!! Especially Alex!!! He show is great but a thing that was kinda a letdown was the wizards return movie. I waited so long to see it and it looked really good but when I saw it , it was disappointing! But overall it's great show or the whole family!
  • Terrible pile of rubbish that children should not be exposed

    Alex Russo is one of the worst role-models for children in television (or world) history.

  • The best show ever

    I don't know what you people who are saying this show is awful are thinking. It is great! Great plots, characters and jokes. Alex is funny and brings it alive. Justin isn't so funny but still knows how to act and Max is the funniest character. You people saying that the show isn't realistic are right but isn't that a good thing. Imagine if it was really serious with no funny parts or unrealistic plots at all. kids need fantasy and imaginative shows. It is awful that the show was cancelled. It was the best show ever and I miss it so you people need to think again
  • It was good, then it went downhill.

    I loved Wizards of Waverly Place, when it 1st came out all the way until the movie in December of 2009. After the movie, this show went downhill. I mean the plot got complicated, all these new people and characters were added like Alex's werewolf boyfriend. The jokes became lame, they just lost there wizardy feel. It was great but then it went downhill.
  • One of Disney Channel's finest.

    This is a great show for the whole family. A show about three wizards in training dealing with common life issues in the mortal world. Alex is such a fun character because she is so funny. Selena Gomez really brings life to the character and it takes real talent to make an apathetic, micheivious troublemaker so charming and likable. Justin is the mature, responsible older brother who is kind of nerd, but tries hard to be cool. And Max is the hilarious, naive little brother whose always doing odd and random things. They live with their former-wizard dad, Jerry and their mortal mom, Theresa on Waverly Place. The children must have a wizard competition when they are older to see who will become the family wizard. Now, I know the concept is not very original, I mean 'magical people in the mortal world tying to keep their life a secret' thing has been done several times before. I know I've seen it. But this show gets by with it's great acting and original humor. The characters are interesting. The storylines are simple but effective and very well-written. So I think it's obvious why it won that Emmy. I enjoy this show so much that it bugs me that a lot of people say things about it like 'It's a ripoff of Harry Potter'; Yeah, I've heared that before. It's a show about wizards!!!... That's it; there is nothing that says that J.K. Rowling has any rights to be the only person to write about magic! The whole 'Wiz-Tech' thing is just a parody, everything else is just a coensidence that some people seem to overlook. Oh, I suppose just because Phineas and Ferb has some cultural refernces makes it a ripoff of family guy too. Hello, haven't you heared of the lawsuit Hannah Montana went though because somebody had already written a simulair story for a show? That's another thing, the people who make this show know how to make it fun and charming for people of all ages if they give it a chance. Hannah Montana is just overrated and makes itself look rediculous for an adult to watch, let alone any person in general who just sick of the franchise. At least the characters mature gracefully and realisticly in this show, and I can still have a good laugh. I'm not just a Wizards fan, I just know good kid's television. ;)
  • One of Disneys best shows!

    This show is really good and im pretty suprised of some of the reviews! So this show is about Wizards Alex,Justin and max who train to become the best wizard but get caught up in many problems along the way. I really like this show and im suprised that many people think this show is boring! Its really good(my opnion) if i had to choose a favorite charecter it has to be Max! he NEVER fails to make me smile or laugh! I like Alex she can be selfish but deep(REALLY deep) she is actually nice,Justin is cool i like how his charecter is maturing in this season and hes becoming cooler(and cuter:P) All the charecters are good(i like them all) the comedy is really good and the writing is creative and all the actors are very good!!
  • Good Show

    Good show I guess, I watch it regulary except it's not my favorite, but totally unrealistic, I mean there's no such thing as wizards, and you have to no that, but all in all it's good a nice show to watch to kill some time if you want to.
  • Needed work.

    At first I thought WOWP was a good show, but the more I started to watch it, the more I started to hate it. The main problem with this show is it's main repetitiveness and a ripoff of a good Harry Potter novel/movie (even though the later movies suck). The characters aren't the problem, but it's weak premeise.


    Alex Russo is by far, not the worst in WOWP, but in the history of television EVER. She does not deserve her powers, or deserve to be the family wizard. Just because she helped Justin for the first time ever, doesn't mean she deserves it. She's rude, replusive, lazy, spoiled and is a bad role model to kids everywhere. She always wants things her way like when she hired that meat throwing band to play at her school just to see Justin get upset. She abuses magic too her fullest extent, only for Justin to bail her out. She deliberately disobeys her dad and does a banned spell and ends up with her and Harper sharing the same brain.

    Justin Russo is the nerdy older brother, who is a straight A student, doesn't abuse magic and is the complete opposite of her sister. He deserves his powers and, in my opinion, should have kept his mouth shut and become the family wizard. He is one of the characters that is tolerable and actually is a good role model.

    Max Russo is the youngest and the official moron of the show. If he kept his powers, the world would have been in danger. While he's not as bad as Alex, he gets dumber as the series progresses, and serves no purpose whatsoever. Jake T. Austin tries too hard for the role of Max, who is usually forgotten by is parents.

    Harper Fickle is the human friend of Alex. Why she's even friends with a loser who takes advantage of her, I'll never know. She used to have a crazy crush on Justin. Harper, like Justin is anthor tolerable character in the show. There's nothing much to say about her, other than the fact that's wears wierd clothes at times.

    Jerry Russo is the father who gave up his powers to marry his wife. He occasinally tutors them in wizardry, by teaching them new spells which is a mistake, as Alex always uses the spell and gets her self in trouble. He can be annoying at times and I feel that his actor tries too hard.

    Theresa Russo is the human mom and another ok character. She usually says she hates magic as some random shit always happens like her lamp gets broken by Max.


    There is no realism (duh), so I won't judge that. The plot is like Hannah Montana, They have to hide the fact that they're wizards and then do a family compititon in which Justin deserved to win. As weak as it sounds, It gets worse. Remember how I said it was a mistake for Alex to learn spells? In the first and second seasons, After Jerry teachs them a spell, Alex will find some bogus reason to do the spell and then gets herself in trouble. This happens all the time in the first two seasons, which added to the repetitiveness of the show.


    The jokes, like all disney sitcoms, are the same old reused ones over and over, like the "it's not raisians, it's poop" joke. That laugh track returns which makes no sense in an fantasy show, which just had to be a comedy.


    The acting is okay, but I feel that some try too hard, like Jerry Russo's actor.


    WOWP was not that good. Only three of the characters are good, but they couldn't save the show even if they tried, which is why I gave it a two instead of the usual one I give Disney's crap shows. This is just a sad ripoff of Harry Potter turned into a comedy. The big difference is that at least Harry is likeable, while Alex should just lose her powers and live a bad life and die the b*tch she always was. By now, iCarly's suddenly not so bad....... KIDDING! I hope.......

  • january 2013 announcement!! :)

    on family's holiday wrap up, kiara from really me said that there will be more of wizards of waverly place. just one episode in sping. yay!!!!! its about the russo family going to italy but alex messes up a spell and creates 2 versions of herself. bad and good. its an epic battle. godd alex trying to stop bad alex from taking over the world. its going to be epic. tune in on spring peace on earth out, bitches

  • Absolutly great show!

    This show is about of a Family of wizards that live in waverly place, but go to work, and school in real life, and i try not to get caught doing magic. I really enjoy watching this show, because i am a huge Harry Potter fan, so this is just like watching a real life family that has magical powers. It is also not that farfetched and pretty easy to follow, and understand whats going on in the show, when in some shows, i cannot understand whats going on. It is an underappreciated show, that not many people watch. I think everyone should check this show out, if they like Harry Potter!!
  • I don't care how many thumbs down I get, this show needs to be canceled before it gets any more senseless.


    Okay, how origional, the entire family is either a witch/wizard and has to keep it a secret from the world! HA! how origional! insert the plot with Superheros, mermaids, aleins, Mythical creatures, ect,ect, list goes on.

    What I don't get about it is, it's not even about wizardry anymore, it's about 'angels'....Sorry, did I miss something? Going from The mysterious world of Witching and Wizardry to...holy Angels? What? The writers couldn't have gotten more lazy, if you ask me.

    One of the reons I dislike this show is because of - you guessed it - Selena Gomez.

    Disney makes her out to be more than she is. "Oh, she's so perfect and generous, and origional! What a great role model!"

    Uhh...no. She's actually a self-centered witch who leeches off of others' fame, stepping on others to bring herself up.

    Do you honestly think she'd be so 'charitable and loving' if she weren't working for disney? NO. She does it to improve her image, to make herself look better for public, to gain Publicity.

    Anyways, enough bashing Selena Gomez, time to focous on the bad acting.

    Okay, did the diretors intentionally make the characters one-dimentional-boobs? The acting is so bad, that it's depressing.

    Anyways, because I'm too lazy and tired (i's 2:00 am)to actually write anything else of relevence to anything, I'm wrapping it up.

    Don't watch this, if you havn't already. Save yourself from the idiocy that s disney. D:

  • Impressive combination of "Harry Potter" & "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch"

    The show "Wizards of Waverly Place" is an amazing combination of both "Harry Potter" and "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.

  • is it true or rumor

    Dose any one know if that's true or not i hope it's not a rumor because i would like to see more of Wizards of Waverly Place and i hope all get to see more of Mason i really like Mason i thought Mason maid the show a whole lot better if any one as any more in formation please let me know right away ..
  • Um... NO.

    This show is way too OVERRATED. First of all, a family of wizards -- I don't think so. Selena Gomez is charming, but this show is an epic failure. Unfunny, bad acting all around, SO BORING. The only reason I'm giving it a 5 is because the only episodes I liked were the ones with Bridgit Mendler. The best DC series' were That's So Raven and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.... The only good show right now is Good Luck Charlie hands down.
  • boring

    boring its says that
  • One of Disney's funnest shows

    Awesome! The funnest Disney show ever, alongside That's So Raven.

    1. The spells and characters reacting to them are hilarious!

    2. The characters are really nice and have a lovely relationship (ok, Alex and Justin fight all the time, but that's what siblings do and they are shown to like each other).

    3. Interesting plots and many really funny lines.
  • Its a show that copies so much from HP

    Wizards of Waverly Place is a show that I have mixed feelings about. What I absolutely hate about this show is the content they copy off Harry Potter. Its a complete disgust to do that. The characters are full of flaws and there isn't much to like about them. They can get annoying and those recurring characters and one time characters also get on your nerve. The comedy in this show is re-used again and again mainly with Alex insulting Justin.

    Alex Russo- She is such a snobby character. Too lazy and always uses her magic recklessly. She often treats her ONLY friend like a slave and to me cannot ever be likeable.

    Justin Russo- Despite being the better role model, he too can often get annoying

    Max Russo- The one I like the most in this show. Apart from him, its all downhill

    This show is also a complete copy of HARRY POTTER AND SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH. It also makes magic from Harry Potter look "pathetic" using technological magic.

    Copies HP

    1) Dumbledore and Crumbs (seriously this character is just ***ed and tries to make Dumbledore a joke)

    2) Love beating evil (Saving WIztech part 2)

    3) Dark angels=death eaters

    4) Good angels=order of the phoenix

    5) Gorog=Voldemort

    There is SO MUCH MORE copying as well than just this. Overall, it was okay in Season 1 and a bit of 2 but after that it was downhill with WAY too much copying.

  • Pretty Funny!

    Ok, well i think its a great show, especially cuz selena gomez in it. Thats the main reason i watch it. I love her and she's cute. Anywayz, i like the show. It's funny, better than most of the shows on disney channel anyway. I like how alex always gets in trouble and disobeys and how they make fun of justin. Max is ok and the dad is funny too. But the mom isnt that funny, and neither is harper. the characters are ok, but some could do better. I can say this is better than harry potter cuz harry potter sucks, at least to me. The episodes are kinda ok. There can be some improvment, but w.e
  • Since it's ending and I've watched every episode it's time to review

    I give this show a solid 6. I mean back in 2007 it was REALLY bad and SUPER cheesy. In late 2008-early 2010 it was actually really good. Now in 2011-2012, it SUCKS. It really does. There's super cheesy effects and the dramatic moments are always ruined by stupid jokes. I just want this off air now. I really wanted to like it, I really did and I sort of do. I mean I'll watch the old episodes if there's nothing else to watch, but watching reruns of S1 is PAINFUL. It's a love-hate show, there's some good episodes and then there's some bad.