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    I used to adore this series as a pre-teen. The only reason I watched it because of Selena Gomez. Wizards of Waverly Place is about a half Mexican and half Italian family called the Russo's who are wizards. There are three wizards: Alex, Justin, and Max. They are practicing to become a better wizard who is taught by their father, Jerry.

    The plot of the early season is Sabrina: The Teenage Witch meets Harry Potter. It felt like a parody of Harry Potter; they made made references of the books series throughout the show. Around season 3 and 4, the plot was complicatedin a terrible way. It became more Twilight by focusing more on the romance than on the adventure and coming-of-age story. What the writers did was a mistake. In fact, new directors and writers were hired to write the episodes between seasons 2 and 3. Season 1 was their best season. Even though the episodes became repetitive with Alex's troubles, it was still enjoyable and somewhat humorous. The writers put some effort in them. By the time it was mid-season 2 and 3, the series went downhill with its corny jokes, terrible plot lines. and over-exaggeration with their characters. They could have focused on character development instead of the romance. Instead, the writers turned this series into Hannah Montana and Twilight.

    The main characters of the series are Alex, Justin, Max, Harper, Theresa, and Jerry. They were quite likable in season 1, but by seasons 2 and 3, their personalities changed drastically. Alex went from troublemaker to an evil teen snark; Justin was geeky and kind, but turned into a mad-crazed scientist hypocrite; Max went from book dumb to too-stupid-to-live; Theresa was a good mother to Miss Piggy wannabe. The only character that had character development was Harper. During seasons 1 and 2, she was the girl who stalked Justin, but she became more likable around season 3. Why did the writers do that with the other characters? I guess they were too lazy to do so. There were some interesting recurring such as Gigi, Dean, and the Genie. But no. They all disappeared and brought horrible characters: Juliet and Mason. Mason was the main problem to the series. He was character that could have been based on a Twilight fan fiction. In other words, he is the love child of Edward and Jacob, but British. He was an eye-candy for the little girls (he was never attractive in my opinion). Seasons 3 and 4 were the "Mason" seasons. As the love interest of Alex (they are one of couples in Disney Channel history), he has to be mentioned in almost every single episode. What the heck writers? The worst part of the series was the romance between Alex and Mason. It was cheesy, predictable, and just painful to watch. Alex and Dean were a better couple/ WOWP would have been better if they have never added that so-called British werewolf.

    The actors were impressive and passionate in the beginning. They were witty and had good comic-timing. In later seasons, it looked like that they did not want to be there anymore. They did not put any effort. It is not their fault that their characters were annoying.

    The special effects was not good. The people never put any effort. It was either because it was of the productions fault or Disney in general. The music was okay, but it could have been better.

    In my opinion, Wizards of Waverly Place would have been better if it did not have a laugh track, had the same format as Phil of the Future, and focused more on the main plot. Wizards of Waverly was a good series in season 1, but after that, it suffered.