Wizards of Waverly Place - Season 1

Disney Channel (ended 2012)


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Episode Guide

  • Art Museum Piece
    Episode 21
    Alex wants an easier way to complete her Art History assignment, so she brings historical masterpieces to life to help her complete her worksheet. Meanwhile, Jerry and Max use a spell to play football in the house, which turns out badly.
  • Quinceanera
    Episode 20
    It is Alex's 15th birthday and she uses the switching spell to avoid being in her Quinceanera. Justin and Max have to learn how to dance for Alex's party.
  • Alex's Spring Fling
    Episode 19
    Alex makes a mannequin come to life and goes out with him, in order to make Riley jealous. Meanwhile, Jerry and Theresa go out of town and leave Justin in charge of the household.
  • Credit Check
    Episode 18
    Alex takes on an internship with a top Fashion Magazine and decides to put on an outrageous fashion show featuring Harper's bizarre wear to teach her boss a lesson for taking credit for her ideas. Jerry and Theresa hire a new girl, Millie, at the Sub Station that Justin immediately falls in love with so Max tries to help.moreless
  • Report Card
    Episode 17
    Alex tries to hide the F on her Wizard Report Card but, this is impossible to do. In a panic she turns her parents in to Guinea Pigs.
  • Alex in the Middle
    Episode 16
    When Jerry's fun-loving brother comes for a visit, Alex tries to get him to be her magic teacher instead of her strict dad.
  • The Supernatural
    Episode 15
    Justin casts a spell on himself to impress a girl, and ends up being the baseball team's star pitcher. When Alex finds out, she uses it to become the catcher's "good luck charm".
  • Wizard School (2)
    Episode 14

    When Alex hears about Dr. Evilini's plan to drain Justin's powers, she must figure out a way to try and stop her, and save Justin. Meanwhile, a girl tries to run the Waverly Sub Station out of business.

  • Wizard School (1)
    Episode 13
    Alex and Justin go to a summer school for wizards and Alex has a hard time fitting in, while Justin excels and is looked at as cool. Meanwhile, Jerry and Max have a camp-out on the terrace to try to prove their manhood to Theresa but, things don't go so well.moreless
  • 3/9/08
    When Alex is continually compared to Justin, she gets frustrated and makes a wish on a genie that she would no longer be compared to him. But when the genie cons her and makes everyone forget Justin, Alex has to find a way to reverse the spell.
  • Potion Commotion
    Episode 11
    Justin has some competition from a popular classmate when he wants to be chosen for the World School Summit at the U.N. Alex becomes in love with herself due to a potion, which causes her head to inflate (literal to the term "big head"). Meanwhile, Max gets his full powers, but he can't control them unless he wears an ugly-looking hat.moreless
  • 1/6/08
    Jerry is teaching the kids the animating spell but Alex accidently animates Justin's zit right before the prom.
  • Movies
    Episode 9
    Justin does not let Alex hang out with his friends or go into an R-Rated movie, so she uses magic to get in, but she winds up in the movie. Meanwhile, Theresa worries that her kids are growing up too quickly.
  • Curb Your Dragon
    Episode 8
    Alex buys a new Dragon-Dog for Justin after she tells him she let his old one run away so many years ago. But, the guy who sold it to her is a scammer.
  • Alex's Choice
    Episode 7
    Gigi invites Harper to her annual tea party and Alex gets mad when she accepts. Alex learns that Gigi plans to embarrass Harper so she uses her magic to get back at Gigi. Justin and Max send out prank wizard mail, but the plan backfires when the people who receive the mail take it seriously.moreless
  • 11/10/07
    Alex finds her parents old magic carpet and convinces her dad to give her flying lessons. Meanwhile, Justin tries to "man" up his room.
  • 11/9/07
    Alex wants unlimited use of magic from her parents, after she meets a fellow wizard at her school who is allowed unlimited magic from his parents. There is a meeting in which Alex sets up between the two sets of parents. Max tries to make a Mars diorama.
  • New Employee
    Episode 4
    After Harper is hired at the Sub Station, Alex uses magic to help Harper overcome her clumsiness, which eventually backfires on Alex. A whiz kid is upset for losing business when Justin starts a tutorial service.
  • So she could go on a date, Alex uses a magical pocket elf to pass an exam for Spanish. However, a chocolate-devouring pocket elf is stowed away into her purse in a plot devised by her brothers.
  • First Kiss
    Episode 2
    Justin can't see to get his first kiss right so Alex keeps turning back time until he gets it right. But, this may ruin chances of the sub shop selling a really good new kind of sub to the Mets.
  • 10/12/07
    Alex duplicates herself so she can be in magic class and at a sale at the same time. Meanwhile, Jerry gives Max his first wand.