Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 2 Episode 9

Taxi Dance

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 07, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Alex tries to save the taxi that she was born in, which takes an unexpected twist when she ends up bringing the cab to ife. Meanwhile, Justin sets out to find his birthplace.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Harper's first episode involving magical chaos is quite chaotic

    To me, this episode isn't much of an improvement from the last one. There were some very funny moments such as when the car lands inside the school and the scenes at the end but apart from that, this episode was quite a disappointment.

    First of all, a TV Show made for kids shouldn't include material such as a baby being born at the back of a cab. I mean, C'mon, that sounds grose! Sure, it was added for comic purposes but that really wasn't a neccessary factor.

    Overall, not really a must seemoreless
  • I really didn't find this episode that bad.

    OK, Alex tries to save the taxi that she was born in, which takes an unexpected twist when she ends up bringing the cab to life. Meanwhile, Justin sets out to find his birthplace. I thought this was a great episode of Wizards of Waverly place. It definetly wasn't my favorite but it was still pretty good. Now what lowered my score was the main plot. Alex and Justin were getting irritating in this episode. Now the subplot was really funny and i really enjoyed it, the best laugh out loud moment would have to be when the gurdy was attatched to Max. I also found touching at the very ending when Alex didn't get in trouble for what she did because they knew she was trying to do a nice thing. Well overall not that good of an episode but it was just great 8/10.moreless
  • Alex hears that the cab she was born in is retiring. Meanwhile, Justin tries to find his birthplace.

    I'm starting to find Wizards Of Waverely Place plots really silly and that they are something a three year old has came up with. There is no reason for having this episode and I think it is probably the wrost episode they have made.

    Normally I enjoy Wizards Of Waverely Place because it is quite funny, but this episode didn't even get a chuckle out of me. I am not trying to slag off Wizards Of Waverely Place but I think the writers should slow down and think carefully about their plots.

    And also, whats with all the stupid things you need to say for spells? For example "Cerebellum Erasus", "Ex, ex, extra hand, take a stand, give us a hand" and the worst is "Soap on a rope, soap off a rope, rope shout out of my hand, rope tied up that man!" I also dont like "gothrough mothrough!" Did people even bother to work when thinking of these spells? I dont think so!moreless
  • Taxi Dance

    Is it really appropriate for a kids show to talk about someone being born in the backseat of a cab? Questionable backstory on Disney's part for the episode, but that had nothing to do with why I gave it a low score, it was just not that funny. Adam Corolla tries so hard to be a comedian, but he just really is not. They should've gotten David Cross or Gilbert Gottfried or someone like that for the voice of the cab, not Corolla.

    Although the one scene at the cab place reminded me of the great sitcom Taxi. That would've been a moment to see Alex Russo clash with Louie Depalma.

    Not horrible, but really not a good Wizards.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Alex asks Justin how he knows that an object that is brought to life grows attached to you. She should remember this from when she brought the mannequin to life in season 1, because 'Manny' grew attached also.

    • This is the first time Harper says the phrase "Well, I'll see you in P.E.!" and makes a hasty exit.

    • The shop thats Alex takes the rope from is called "Greenwald's", which is named after the show's creator Todd J. Greenwald

    • Out of the Russo Siblings, Max is the only one that we don't find out where he was born.

    • Max's Gurney:
      Max's stolen/enchanted ambulance gurney is a Stryker MX-PRO, made by Rugged. It retails for about $5000.

    • Spell Featured:
      Alex makes up a spell to bring Cab 804 to life, literally. Incantation: "I can't bear to part with this cab that won't drive. Do whatever needs doing to bring it alive."

  • QUOTES (11)

    • (The cab drives through the kitchen window)
      Alex: (unconvincingly) Oh my goodness! A realistic parade balloon broke free!

    • Alex: Harper, you're acting like you're looking at a UFO! It's just a flying cab. Relax.

    • Justin: Uh, Mom, Dad, sounds more like an "after we go to bed" conversation.

    • Alex: Aw, Harper, it's one of those nights. It feels so good to help people.
      Harper: Then why did you yell at that guy playing guitar outside of a restaurant?
      Alex: Singing about losing his girl? Oh, wah-wah. You're playing guitar outside a restaurant, no wonder she's gone!

    • Justin: (to Harper) See, Harper, this is how it works. Alex messes something up and I have to fix it.

    • (The taxi just took Alex and Harper to school)
      Alex: See, riding in the cab was awesome. We're not even that late!
      Harper: We missed two periods!
      Alex: OK, you're late. This is when I usually get to school.

    • Alex: (mockingly, to Max) Don't you know that when you bring an inanimate object to life, it develops an attachment to you?

    • Alex: Wait a minute! I used a magical spell to bring the cab to life and you just turn key off and it shuts down?
      Justin: Um, yep! Moving on!

    • Alex: Haha... See I was more exciting than you from the minute I was born...
      Justin: Some people don't want exciting. They want smart reliable and CPR certified.

    • Theresa: Max, The Sunshine Cab Company is special to our family... They own the cab that Alex was born in... After your cheap father tried to get me to walk to the hospital.
      Jerry: I offered to push you in a shopping cart...

    • Jerry: You know where I hear a great place to eat is? The Waverly Sub Station. I know the owner and he might give us a discount.
      Alex:(referring to Jerry) Yeah I know the owner too... and he won't.
      Max:(pointing at Jerry) Alex, ssshh... the owner is right there!

  • NOTES (1)


    • This episode kind of connects to the universe that the 1978 television series Taxi takes place in. Alex Russo was born the Sunshine Cab Company's cab #804. Not only is that the same company that the series Taxi revolves around, but that exact cab was part of a season 1 two-part episode entitled "Memories of Cab 804" in which the cabbies recollect all of the memorable events that took place while they drove that cab. In Part 2, Alex Reiger (played by Judd Hirsch) recalls the time a woman gave birth in the back of the cab. If only this Taxi episode had originally aired 15 years later and Maria Canals played that woman, Alex Russo could have conceivably been born on another series!