Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 1 Episode 15

The Supernatural

Aired Friday 8:30 PM May 18, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Justin casts a spell on himself to impress a girl, and ends up being the baseball team's star pitcher. When Alex finds out, she uses it to become the catcher's "good luck charm".

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  • Not a favorite

    I don't recommend you to see this episode or most of this season. Its not horrible, but its not good either. The thing with this episode is that the plot bored me and there just wasn't enough humor in this episode. All the scenes where Justin is forced to pitch without magic just bored me to death. However, the final scene was rather funny.

    A few good moments, mainly Max, but not a favorite and not one of my recommendationsmoreless
  • Cool episode

    Justin casts a spell on himself to impress a girl, and ends up being the baseball team's star pitcher. When Alex finds out, she uses it to become the catcher's "good luck charm".

    This episode is now my favorite episode so far of Wizards of Waverly Place. It was funny and dramatic. It was also a very relationship like episode with Riley and Alex and the whole Good Luck Charm thing. I like Riley alot too and I was really, really happy to see him for the second time in the series in this episode. Yay for Riley and yay for the best episode in the series.moreless
  • great

    justin uses magic to become the pitcher for his dad's baseball team. but he feels so guilty that he tells his dad, who then forbids him from using magic in games. how will they win?

    good episode but i am not a fan of baseball so it lost a few points for me. i know very little about baseball and it bores me, but this episode was pretty funny and it didn't focus a whole lot on baseball, so i still liked it. overall my grade is in the "B" range, it was a pretty good and funny episode i thoughtmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Justin pitches with his right hand, but in other episodes is seen writing (such as on a waiter pad at the Sub Station) with his left hand. David Henrie, incidentally, is left-handed in real life.

    • We learn that Max gets really intense when he is "cheering" for his siblings. It is revealed that he had been banned from a park when cheering at a soccer game.

    • Spell(s) Featured:
      1. The Favor Spell. Incantation: Tomnunan kinesis.
      Used by:
      Justin: As the pitcher, Justin uses this to become the star pitcher and impress Kari Langsdorf.
      Alex: Upon learning that Justin used this spell to impress Kari, Alex uses this spell to ensure that Jerry's team wins and she can be Riley's good luck charm.

      2. The Amnesia Spell. Incantation: Cerebellum erasus.
      Used by:
      Justin: Jerry busts Alex for using magic to turn the odds in his team's favor, so to avoid suspicions, he has Justin recite this, which erases everyone's memory of the events that happened.

    • Apparently Justin is no longer going out with Miranda, as he now has a new love interest. There details on what happened between them in the episode.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Justin: So its a date its on! So, what movie you want to see
      Kari: Well, I only date baseball players and I only watch movies about...
      Justin : (finishes sentence) Baseball?
      Kari: No, cats!

    • Jerry: (as Alex walks into subshop) I know what you did Alex. You broke the rules and used magic so that Riley would ask you out!
      Alex: (in a disgusted manner) I did no such thing! (starts smiling) And it totally worked!

    • Justin: (after memory erasing spell is over) Dad, I don't remember how the game ended.
      Jerry: Me neither. I think Alex had something to do with it!

    • Justin: I'm not invisible anymore!
      Alex: No way. You know the invisibility spell? I'll trade you for the popularity spell!

    • Justin: (about Kari) I'm like invisible to her.
      (a guys bumps into Justin)
      Guy: Oh, sorry dude. Didn't see you there.
      Justin: Why would ya'! (to his friend) I'm totally invisible to everyone.

    • Harper: Justin looks great in his uniform.
      Alex: He slept in it last night.
      Harper: I find that totally attractive!

    • Alex: My dad is making Justin pitch even though he can't use a spell.
      Harper: Spell?
      Alex: Yeah, Justin had a spelling test today and he couldn't practice pitching. (to herself) Yeah. That works. Nice.

    • Max: (After Justin makes the baseball team) Awesome! So it's settled. I'm the Aztecs number 1 fan. Let the trash-talking began.
      Justin: Dad, he's doing it again.
      Jerry: Uh, Maxie, we really appreciate the enthusiasm, but let's not re-visit what happened on the soccer field.
      Max: What soccer field?
      Jerry: The one the park police said you couldn't go to anymore.

    • Max: Yeah that's my brother. And, I'm his brother. And together, we'll send you losers home!

    • Kari: Come on, Justin! Good luck Justin! Throw a kaknuckle ball!

    • Justin: I was wondering if you would not want to go to not see a movie with me?
      Kari: Did you just ask me out?
      Justin: I think so, I was trying to!

  • NOTES (6)


    • The title of this episode, The Supernatural, is a reference to the 1984 movie The Natural, starring Robert Redford as Roy Robbs, an average baseball player comes out of seemingly nowhere to become a legendary player with almost divine talent.