Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 3 Episode 15

Third Wheel

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 30, 2010 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Alex learns a shocking secret about her new friend Stevie, while her new friendship leaves Harper feeling left out. Meanwhile, Justin transforms into Alex to get Harper to help him make a school float.

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  • One of the strongest Season 3 episodes that I have ever seen

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Wizards of Waverly Place". I thought the plot had a wonderful premise and that it was developed very well. It's one of the strongest Season 3 episodes that I have ever seen and it's one of my favorite episodes. This episode is still the continuation of Stevie. Alex and Harper have always been best friends BUT could Stevie be Alex's new friend leaving Harper to be the third wheel?. Okay, I admit... I kinda didn't like how Alex and Stevie just left and then Harper is all alone at school but I can let that slide. I did feel bad for Harper though since she really did feel like the third wheel. I was laughing very hard when Harper was crying about being the third wheel and then Jerry telling Harper about this popular guy back when he was in high school called "Pony Boy". I just had just to LOL when both Harper and Jerry were crying and the Justin walks in wondering on what is going on. The other funny scene was when Harper and Alex were arguing with each other and they were destroying the float for the parade. The very ending of the episode when Alex went to the school because Harper was covering for Alex about the float being destroyed and then Mr. Larritate gave her detention and that's when Alex told Harper "You're not my friend, you're my sister" was very touching and sweet. Overall, this is definitely one of the strongest and funniest Season 3 episodes I've ever seen. 10/10moreless
  • Harper feels left out. Justin uses magic to turn into Alex in order to help her out with the homecoming float.

    I hate Alex's personality sometimes because she can come across as stuck up and selfish. Alex got some nerve coming and saying that Harper is not a real friend, considering how much she does. I agree with Harper when she says she's a good friend and I triple commend her for standing up to her friend telling her off, sacrificing part of her time to work on a float that she doesn't like, and not ratting out Alex even though Alex deserves it. As for Alex, I cannot condone her selfish behavior. She is always taking Harper for granted. Alex so deserved to get expelled from school; not for breaking school property, but for being a selfish person and for taking her bff/sister for granted.moreless
  • A beautiful sight of Alex and Harper's friendship.

    Ever since the character Stevie came around and she and Alex became friends, I was afraid that it might affect Harper. I mean it's one thing that Stevie is a bad girl like Alex, as it turns out, she's a wizard too! Alex and Stevie start to bond with magic, and Harper is okay with it, until Justin concerningly points out the danger of becoming "The Third Wheel". Harper is starting to get left out and doesn't know what to do. She even turns to Jerry for parental advice, and in a rare moment, Jerry actually shows that he can relate. Anyway, Justin is trying to get the Homecoming float finished but as a volunteer, Alex is unreliable. And Harper is too busy battling her loneliness. So Justin decides to use magic (after constant change of back and fourth to making the right choice) by transforming into Alex and asking for Harper's forgiveness, so they can finish the float. Harper is the easiest to forgive. However, the real Alex comes by and Justin must stall any questions. But as usual, Justin is too weak to keep a lie. Harper gets in a spat with Alex on how she has been feeling left out by her and Stevie. Alex is offended by this, and calls Harper a bad friend. Harper is highly offended by this because with all the times she has helped, tolerated, and forgiven Alex for whatever, the one true thing she isn't is a bad friend. The anger goes into full blast as Alex and Harper continue to argue as they impulsivey destroy the Homecoming float (much to Justin's horror). Mr. Laritate (who somehow has just appeared on Waverly Place) witnesses the mass detruction, and threatens to have Alex expelled. Harper, being the good friend that she is, takes the blame, but is only punished with a week of detention. Alex asks why she would do this and Harper tells her it's because she is her friend, and even if she is being replaced by Stevie, she will always be there for her. In a rare moment of compassion, Alex tells Harper that their relationship is very strong, by saying Stevie is her friend, Harper is her sister. Wow... like really WOW! I am seriously blown away by this episode. I'm mean honestly, the emotion was so intense and so real. I've seen them do this kind of story before in other shows. They did it a few times in Hannah Montana, and they couldn't even pull it off because the emotion wasn't even real. In this case, they took a simple problem followed by many years of character development and brought it all home with a sentimental moment of hidden emotion. In light of today's shows, the words "You're my sister" being said to a friend has never been said so strongly and heartfelt like in this episode of Wizards (bravo, Selena!). I felt so touched by this as it truely shows the special friendship that Alex and Harper have. These characters are really in good hands because they are being portrayed by such talented young actresses. You girls did good. That's all I have to say, except for one thing. I LOVE Wizards of Waverly Place; you guys never fail me! Perfect score: 10/10moreless
  • Once again, this show takes me off guard.

    For the past few seasons, I kind of got the feeling that Alex takes her relationship with Harper for granted. She treats her like a best friend, but at the same time, treats her as someone who embarrasses her, and you can't but help feel sorry for Harper.

    In this episode, you see Harper finally stand up to Alex, when her best friend takes it too far. Alex get's closer to Stevie, making Harper worried she is becoming a 'Third Wheel'. They get into a heated argument, in which Harper reveals her insecurities (how she always quickly forgives Alex every time the Russo mistreats her, and how she never holds it against her). Alex later tells Harper in a sweet moment, that, yes, Stevie is her friend, but Harper is her sister. This episode really highlights Harper and Alex's friendship. Both actresses did a superb job, especially Selena, who got to play Justin. I love how they visited this area, because it was starting to seem like Alex wasn't the greatest friend, only to find out she is one of the greatest. Love, love, love this season, and I can't wait for the next one!moreless
  • One of the most topest best episode.

    This episode is pretty sad and talks about friendship. I love Third Wheel because this is most beautifully written in this season. Stewie is very cute and smart. And I appreciate that Alex and Harper got a brand new best friend is Stewie. And I'm totally surprised that Stewie is using wand to flourite and now... Stewie becames a anti-wizard but Stewie is a bad girl. She look like different kind of goth but not really. That's makes me imagined. I love Detention Election, Eat to the Beat, Third Wheel, and I can't wait to watch The Good, The Bad, and The Alex episode because this is gonna be amazing.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • If Alex "bailed" on the Jog your memory spell once she saw the word "Jog", how did she know it well enough to cast it on Harper without looking at something to teach her the words?

    • Stevie keeps her wand in her sock or boot, just like Alex.

    • Spell(s) Featured:
      The Jog Your Memory Spell: Incantation: "Do what you say, say what you mean, One thing leads to another, remember!" - Alex uses this to jog Harper's memory.

    • When Alex and Stevie make themselves look like 'stereotypical wizards', the hat Alex is wearing kind of resembles "Merlin's Hat", which Alex gave Jerry as a birthday gift in the episode "Wizard For a Day".

    • In this episode, Jeremy from Science is actually shown to be a real person, unlike in "Harper Knows", where he was just made up.

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    • Jerry: I was a third wheel once. It was me, John Bender, and Ponyboy.

      John Bender was the name of Judd Nelson's character in The Breakfast Club, while Ponyboy was the name of the protagonist in S.E. Hilton's novel, The Outsiders, which later produced a movie with the same title.