Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 4 Episode 5

Three Maxes and a Lady

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 07, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • Not that good BUT... not that bad either


    I thought that this was just an okay episode of "Wizards of Waverly Place". It wasn't that good in my opinion but it also wasn't that bad. The concept of the storyline in this episode didn't really captivate my attention though. You all know that "Wizards of Waverly Place" is one of my favorite Disney Channel shows but this episode just could have been better. Also, why was the title "Three Maxes and a Lady" if Alex and Justin only used a spell to be Max in the last 5 or less minutes of the episode? Not to sound picky but they should've been Max longer if it's gonna that title. Max also didn't turn into "Maxine" until the 1 and a half minutes of this episode. I didn't really laugh much at this episode. I haven't seen this episode in a while so I really don't remember which parts I laughed. Max (of course) made me laugh in this episode. Max also joins an elite club but it turns out that they only let Max join the club because they think he is an idiot. Jerry throwing the watermelon at the elite club because they took advantage of Max was funny and awesome (I just wish it was on-screen). Alex and Justin using a spell to change into Max to change the wizard competition date was funny. Alex and Justin accidentally turning Max into a little girl named "Maxine" was pretty funny. Alex's final line at the very end of the episode made me laugh as well. Overall, this was just an okay episode of "Wizards of Waverly Place". 6.5/10

  • 405

    What was this tomfoolery? Although I never really liked Max, I doubt anyone would like the fact that he is now replaced with a girl. When I watched the scene and saw that the spell was irreversible, I found myself thinking the whole episode was in dream state.

    So it wasn't enough that Shane Harper ruined Good Luck Charlie but now he's on Wizards of Waverly Place? I'm glad this was only a one episode stint, 'cause I just can't stand that actor.

    The whole "three Max's" was a little ridiculous, and being swayed by the nice comments wasn't very interesting either. The only amusing scene in this episode was Alex as Justin's student but that's just about it.
  • 1/7

    So, Jake T. Austin has left Wizards of Waverly Place and will now be replaced by a girl? While I am sure there are some interesting dynamics that are now possible here and the door has been opened for some new one-liners from Alex to her now sister, I don't think this is a good move for the show, and definitely is not a good move for Austin's career, but I digress.

    This was a pretty dull episode. There was no real point of any of this, and nothing really happened, both from a storyline point or a comedic standpoint, until of course the end where the spell that made Max a girl could not be overturned.

    Disappointing first Wizards of 2011, but not every episode can be a classic.
  • Bring back original Max

    I watched this last night with my daughters who are 13, and 11. They were really disappointed by the change of actors for the character Max. In part they like the young guy who plays Max. But another aspect was the young girl who is now playing Max is just not really convincing. My 13 yr old felt she was over acting and too exaggerated. It just wasn't a good casting choice.

    Not to mention the awkward conversation that came up over what a guy would think when he's suddenly turned into a girl. Very awkward.

    Personally I thought this episode was one of its worst. Mostly because when max turns into a girl she doesnt seem convincing and also I dont like how the episode ended right after he changed into a girl. I thougt that it could have explained how he turned into her a bit more. I rated it a 6.5 because it was not the best episode ive seen and beileive me ive seen every episode. The girl was also not convincing at all. she could have done something to act like max or something like that. They should have picked a better cast for her.
  • it was alright

    Max joins an elite club who get him to move up the date of the Wizarding tournament to see which of the three Russo kids would be the family wizard. The only one who can change it back now is Max, but he won't, so Alex and Justin both try to do it. In the process they accidentally transform Max into a girl.

    Good episode. Max turning into a girl is weird, but I kinda liked it. Interested to see how long this lasts. An episode? 4 episodes? Who knows. This final season is so far pretty good and fun. Overall I liked this episode, so my grade is a B-