Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 4 Episode 28

Who Will Be the Family Wizard? Part Two

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 06, 2012 on Disney Channel

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  • Finale

    I think we all knew who would end up winning this competition, but that doesn't distract from the episode. Fitting end to the series, although they repeated the bit of the kids fighting three too many times.

    Not a series finale we'll all remember, but there's certainly been worse.
  • Lame End to a Lame Show

    The end of the series was typically predictable.

    It was no surprise that they tried to heighten the drama first by pretending that they all lost, only to have it turn out to be a test (like they have at least twice before).

    It was also no surprise that Alex ended up winning since they made her the center of this show or that they made Justin win and give up to her. It was pretty lame that they made it necessary for Alex to be a wizard in order to stay with Mason even though they had already previously established a way for them to be together with her being a human.

    Finally, that they made Max happy by playing on his stupidity was insulting, especially when a much better excuse was available: Max would have had to give up his powers anyway if he wants to stay with Talia, just like his father did.

  • I can believe its ending!

    Thus show has been my favorite ever sense it cane out and now its ending...and theres only been 4 season i was about to cry when i heard the news they could possibly keep the show going but i just dont want the show to end like this its the best show ever
  • Enjoy The Unemployment Line.

    It comes to no surprise that Alex wins the wizard competition cause Selena Gomez is the star. Like all Disney shows especially with female lead to the male stars David Henrie, Jake T Austin and the other female Jennifer Stone enjoy the unemployment line cause your careers is finished like other Disney shows like Lizzie McGuire.
  • If the rumor is true that Disney had 2 alternate endings to this series, change the ending

    Great show overall, and I loved every episode, but I mean come on! The magic can't end for Max! Out of the 3 he's the funniest, plus not to mention the fact that he's the one who suffered the most throughout this series, he was picked on mostly by Alex and Justin, because of Alex's "mean"ingful spell in the movie he was the first to disappear in the vortex of forgetfulness, Alex and Justin turned him into a little girl for which if they haven't found the potion to reverse it he would remain a girl permanently, and his mom and dad doesn't agree nor approve if Max can be good with magic, there were some episodes that Max came through and saved the day or helped save the day. And now he leaves the family competition powerless If he hadn't stopped during the Tunnel of Mist to check up on them he would have won but did Justin and Alex care to tell Crumbs how the final leg of the competition went? the answer is: N to the doggone O! 2 out of 3 isn't bad but it's messed up when the one who suffers the most still ends up losing.
  • Totally agree with Synetech

    Sorta obvious what was going to happen, I hated how Max was the only one that couldn't keep his powers. I would understand if he wanted to marry a human, that would have been nice. But the way they ended it for him was just wrong. WRONG I TELL YOU, WRONG!
  • Awesome series finale

    The finale was epic. I had a feeling Alex would be the family wizard. She has really improved through the years. She really did deserve to win after she did all of those good deeds. I felt sad for her when Justin and Max were being jerks to her when all of them thought they were disquilified. The Griffin in this one looked so fake; the Harry Potter Griffen was better, but oh well. This series had a good run and it will be missed.
  • An intense, dramatic, and funny ending to the 1-hour series finale

    Well, you already know the plot to this series finale of one of my favorite Disney Channel shows which is known as "Wizards of Waverly Place". The plot is that Alex, Justin, and Max are finally competing in the Wizard competition just to see who will be the Family Wizard. As I mentioned in my review for Part 1 of this series finale... my mom didn't really like this show but she watched the series finale with me because she was curious to know what will happen. She admitted that even though she didn't really like this show, she really liked how the series finale went so she really liked it. My cousins and my aunt watched this series finale with me as well since they were already at my house spending time with me. I also mentioned in my review for Part 1 of this series finale that I wasn't really crazy about this show when it first started but I became of it when the middle of Season 2 came around. I really loved how Part 2 of this series finale played out. The drama in this series finale was absolutely MAGNIFICENT like I was blown away by the drama and feel the emotion. In all the Disney Channel shows that I have seen, this DC show probably has the most dramatic scenes out all the shows that aired. Justin and Max forgiving Alex turning out to be part of the competition was surprising... I honestly didn't see that coming and I also thought it was very cute and sweet when Max and Justin helped Alex even though they were mad at her. Alex was also very adorable (as always) and I'm gonna miss seeing Selena Gomez as well. We saw Selena Gomez in theatrical movie releases "Ramona and Beezus", "Monte Carlo", and even made a cameo appearance in "The Muppets" so hopefully that's a sign that Selena Gomez will be a movie star. As for the hilarious parts, it was super funny when Justin and Juliet were doing that butterfly kiss thing, Zeke telling Theresa "I'll be your mija", Jerry telling Theresa that it doesn't make him feel better when she says "honey", and some more. The maze scene and the volcano scene was also very intense and epic. The whole thing with Justin ABOUT to win the competition and be the Family Wizard until he said that it should be Alex. It turned out that Justin's foot to that tiny branch thing and Alex helped him get out of it so that's when Justin became the first to enter and win. So who is the Family Wizard? (drums rolling for 10 seconds) ALEX RUSSO. That's right, Alex is the Family Wizard (which makes me happy since I love Alex). Justin gets a happy ending also when Professor Crumbs told him that he is going to retire and give Justin the position of being the headmaster wizard for Wiz Tech. As for Max (well...we know that he didn't really care about the Wizard competition) but Jerry is giving Max the sub shop when he is older. So all three of the siblings have a happy ending which is very nice. Overall, an intense, dramatic, and funny ending to the 1-hour series finale of "Wizards of Waverly Place"... I really can't believe this show is leaving, I'm definitely going to miss this show big time :(. I love you "Wizards of Waverly Place"... thanks for bringing us 5 years of laughter and joy and SO LONG. 10/10
  • It will be awesome if they continued this!!! Why does it have to end? Why do Disney never do more than 4 seasons for a show?

    Before they aired this episode, I thought that somehow all of them were going to keep their powers. I thought that the ending was going to be really shocking but it wasn't, which is actually not a bad thing. I also don't think that the episode was too dramatic which is good and Justin, Max and Alex weren't competitive at all. When Justin won, I thought Max and Alex were going to cry but I think Justin was a good person for telling the truth. I didn't expect Crumbs to let Justin be the professer. I loved how Max was so happy that he gets to have the Sub Station. So......very good ending!!! I think overall, the episode was amazing and very interesting.

    If they are not going to continue it, then they should at least do a spin off.
  • Oh, why does it have to end? Such is life, which is too often the answer, but is still the answer.

    Some will complain all three didn't become Wizards and honestly before watching the episode I was one of them. Now, though, I agree with how the Wizards of Waverly Place team (producers, writers, etc) decided to end the series. I don't blame them for ending it, as I realize Disney gives a maximum lifespan to any series regardless of how great it is in the ratings.

    Of course, there could be a spin-off, but honestly, I'm not sure it could be anywhere near as good. Maybe a complete restart based upon the wizard world, as they did leave some questions unanswered, such as grown up Harper and her going back in time from when everyone knows of magic. (Unless I missed the explanation, which is possible) Feel free to drop me TV.com Mail and tell me, if this is so and I'll update this review.

    The episode is well thought out and does give logical sense to why Max (always the not so smart Wizard, like his Uncle) is human. In fact, given his mental issues I'm sure he'll be perfectly happy as an human running the Sub shop and will expand it in his own way making it better and better.

    As for how Justin and Alex both end up Wizards, it was the only fair way and had to occur, in the end. If Alex had won, Justin's honesty and greatness wouldn't have had a chance to show through. I see why they made Justin right then the head of Wiztech, BUT honestly, he needs seasoning and experience to take on this role. It would leave open movies and possibilities, but then maybe that is why they made Justin the Wiztech head right then and there.

    To the powers at Disney: More from the Wizard World would be wonderful! Thanks for what you gave us, though. Thank you so very much!
  • this was great

    When this show originally aired, I didn't like it a lot, but I grew to like it more and more. I was very anxious to see how this finale would play out, and I loved it. What I liked- the drama in it, Zeke telling Theresa "I'll be your Mija", Jerry saying that being called "mija" really does not help the situation, the maze scenes near the end, the fact that them all 'losing' was part of a test (kinda should've seen that coming, oh well), Theresa saying she will cheer for Max just so SOMEONE will cheer for him, and some more scenes.

    The drama in this was great. Ever since Wizards vs Werewolves, which was also really dramatic, I had hoped that there would be another dramatic episode, and this one definitely was. After Alex, Justin and Max got back and thought they lost, there was a lot of drama, like when everything in the lair disappears, or when Jerry puts up the "Business for sale" sign. I loved the drama aspect to this, and although it wasn't as dramatic as Wizards vs Werewolves, it was still dramatic.

    It also had some pretty good parts in terms of humor, like Max confirming that he will keep pressing the buzzer 'all night', Zeke telling Theresa he will be her mija (I really liked that for some reason), and some other parts scattered around. Pretty funny as well as sweet and sad.

    I'm kinda annoyed Alex won, but I guess she deserved it. Alex has always basically been the main start of this show, even though it is called WizardS of Waverly Place. I liked that Justin is taking over as headmaster of Wiztech; at least he got a happy ending also. Some people are upset over Max not getting any powers and instead taking over the sandwich shop as an adult (people were really upset over this on Twitter earlier), but I didn't care. I thought it was cheap, but when Max was happy, I figured it could've been worse. I liked that he didn't care. He didn't seem to ever really care about being a wizard. Earlier in this episode he said a line about not paying attention for the past 16 years. So yea I don't think he ever really cared.

    Pretty good finale. It had some intense scenes, some good humor, and some emotional parts. It's so weird knowing this show is over. This was one of the last shows on Disney I cared about even slightly. Well, this was a great finale. A+
  • The Grand Finale of Wizards of Waverly Place. A satisfying end to a great series. It will be missed.

    This is it. The end of Wizards of Waverly Place. It is sad to see such a good show end. But here it is. The end. And what an ending it was. This had plenty of suspense and also family moments too, with a conclusion that was amazing.

    Since this is the end, I will not give any spoilers as to who won (very bad thing to leave spoilers; i hate spoilers.)

    But, this was a beyond great ending, and I was satisfied. The acting was emotional, great, and believable. I was on the edge of my seat.

    Well, so long wizards. Goodbye, Farewell, Amen. You will be missed.

    Overall, a great end to a great series. A satisfying conclusion.

    My Grade: A++
  • andrew 11 tx.

    no one will win
  • Who will win?

    Maxex has gotta win its gotta be a twist
  • Who Will Win?