Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 4 Episode 27

Who Will Be the Family Wizard? Part One

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 06, 2012 on Disney Channel

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  • Who Will Be

    Disappointing to say goodbye to a fun children's show. This was not a particularly strong episode, but just the emotion of the storyline made it more interesting in my mind than it actually is.
  • Goodbye Wizards

    beautiful ending to a beautiful show
  • Not the strongest plot.

    Alex makes pasta and so begins the Wizard Competition. How does her doing a non-magic selfless act start the competition? What if she preformed a selfless act at the begining of her Wizard training? The competition would have started and no one would have been ready. Also it made me think "Wait this is the first time she has done a selfless act without magic?" That shows her true colors. The spells they used or were asked about during the competition were too specific to individual episodes from the series. I know they learned those spells for the competition but I think it was too much the same. They were even asked what spell to use to rescue someone stuck on Mars. I thought it was weird the part when they were back to regular life but it was all part of the competition.For some reason I thought it was funny when the game show starts up again and Max says to the host, "Don't I know you from somewhere?" and they all give him a look. Alex, the darling of the show was going to win, of course. I do feel bad for Max that he did not get to keep his powers; however in the episode My Two Harpers, Max showed he knows how to run the sub station. His ideas were good.
  • A perfect siries finale. This is a review for both part 1 and part 2.

    OK this was a perfect finale OK this episode is about the Russo FINALLY having their wizard compotition. I have been waiting for this epispde for like a year and here we get it. Now there were some funny and intense moments of the episode. the griffin scene was in tense in part . I laughed at when Max said he will be buzzing all night, when Justin and Julliet did a stare and when Mr. Rutytutie said that to give the freshen your breath potion to Professor crumbs and he said that he dosen't hear the ladies complaining. IT was intense at the end when their time out was over and Professor Crumbs said that the wizard compotion was over and they weren't wizards. Now part 2 was better and more intense, the funny parts was when Zeke said " Ill be your Miha." it was more dramatic than funny. I thought it was dramatic at the beginning when they lost their lair, and when Justin and Max forgave Alex for costing them their powers it was just a test and they were back in the wizard compotition. I did not see that coming i thought that was it that they were mortals, now the moment you've all been waiting for the winner of the wizard compotition is JUSTIN! but when Justin is about to get his power the truth was Alex was ahead and Justin was caught in a vine so she helps hime and ALex is the family wizard, but Professor Crumbs is retiring so he wants Justin to take his place so Justin is a full wizard. AS for Max he gets the sub shop and is very happy with that. Overall 10/10.
  • A funny and amazing start to the 1-hour series finale

    It's finally time for Alex, Justin and Max to compete in the Wizard Competition. Oh, what the hell... since this was one my favorite Disney Channel shows and this is the final episode of "Wizards of Waverly Place", I'm gonna review Part 1 and then Part 2. Usually, I just review Part 1 of an episode for a show to be a review for BOTH Part 1 and Part 2 but I decided just to review both parts for the sake of it. I have been looking to this series finale and it was just fantastic but also very funny. I'm really going to miss this show because I loved it. I wasn't really crazy about this show when it first came to Disney Channel but I think by the time it was the middle of Season 2 is when I became a fan of this show. The parts that made me laugh hard was Max saying that he was going to buzz all night long, Zeke turning purple after sniffing that potion stuff, Justin and Juliet doing the stare look thing (that literally made me LOL). My mom doesn't really like this show but she wanted to watch the series finale with me to see what happens and she even enjoyed it as well as my cousins and my aunt who also watched this with me. I also loved that they brought back the smarty pants from the Season 2 episode "Smarty Pants". I also really loved the ending to Part 1 with the Wizard lair disappearing and the Russo family no longer being wizards. Alex is blamed by her brothers since they run of time in the Time-Out to save Harper and Zeke. Only thing I would've liked to see was Uncle Kelbo (Jeff Garlin)... it would be cool to see him in this series finale even it if's just for a few minutes. Overall, this was a funny and amazing start to the 1-hour series finale. 10/10
  • Oh, why does it have to end? Such is life, which is too often the answer, but is still the answer.

    Some will complain all three didn't become Wizards and honestly before watching the episode I was one of them. Now, though, I agree with how the Wizards of Waverly Place team (producers, writers, etc) decided to end the series. I don't blame them for ending it, as I realize Disney gives a maximum lifespan to any series regardless of how great it is in the ratings.

    Of course, there could be a spin-off, but honestly, I'm not sure it could be anywhere near as good. Maybe a complete restart based upon the wizard world, as they did leave some questions unanswered, such as grown up Harper and her going back in time from when everyone knows of magic. (Unless I missed the explanation, which is possible) Feel free to drop me TV.com Mail and tell me, if this is so and I'll update this review.

    The episode is well thought out and does give logical sense to why Max (always the not so smart Wizard, like his Uncle) is human. In fact, given his mental issues I'm sure he'll be perfectly happy as an human running the Sub shop and will expand it in his own way making it better and better.

    As for how Justin and Alex both end up Wizards, it was the only fair way and had to occur, in the end. If Alex had won, Justin's honesty and greatness wouldn't have had a chance to show through. I see why they made Justin right then the head of Wiztech, BUT honestly, he needs seasoning and experience to take on this role. It would leave open movies and possibilities, but then maybe that is why they made Justin the Wiztech head right then and there.

    To the powers at Disney: More from the Wizard World would be wonderful! Thanks for what you gave us, though. Thank you so very much!
  • IS IT?

    is that the last episode of wizards of waverly place?i hope not ....
  • the end

    Alex won, but Justin got full powers by becoming a professor and Max gets the sub shop. There's the answers
  • Part 1 of the Grand Finale.

    In this, part 1 of the final episode, we see the Russo's start their competition to see who will become the family wizard. In my opinion, this was an awesome way to start the end. With many funny scenes, and enough drama to balance it all, this proved to be a great starter.

    The acting was very well done, and I believed the action was fresh and new, with good effects to pass, especially with the griffin.

    The first part is over when Justin and Max blame Alex for ruining the competition, and resulting in the line of wizardry to be cut off. This episode was very clever as to how it played into the next part.

    Overall, a great way to begin the end!

    My Grade: A+
  • andrew 11 tx.

    i think alex wilwin the compitition!!!!!
  • Go Alex

    I hope Alex will win because she is the only sister and she is pretty and smart.
  • i know who won

    Alex winned the competition
  • SAVGRAM2012

  • tessa 12years old from ohio

    i think alex is going to win because she is so awsome and she makes everyone laugh i hope youall win!!!!!!
  • Mark williams

    I think Alex will win and there not allowed to split there magic so none of them will win
  • I know who will win

    I think there might be a tie.

    It is hard to consider one person will win.

    I think it might be Alex because she is Clumsy

    Justin because is Smart

    and Max because he never doen anything right!

    I hope mine goes on t.v!
  • Hi I'm Mia 9 from Los Angeles

    I think Max is going to win because no one expects him to do so. Go Max!!!!
  • Dorothy 10 IL:

    I think all three are going to win but mosly Alex and Max
  • Emely 8years old from Los Angeles

    I think Alex is going to win because she is so awesome!!!
  • alexandria bryant 10 ms.

    I vote that Alex should win because she is cool and better than Max and Justin!!!!!!!

  • Hi im amirah

    I think alex will win she rocks go alex!

  • i know who wins!

    They all win. They wont split up. They will stick together and all of them keep there powers!
  • Hi I am Victoria

    I think that Alex will win because on tv she never backs out on anything and she well alway be there for her brothers <3
  • Jay Patterson

    I think that Max will win because hes awesome and he got swag :D by: Jay Patterson
  • hi im sarah

    i think alexs will win. i lpve her. shes kool.

  • I know Who Really Wins!

    Max wins, I have proof, during the trailer, Max does a victory pose after the competition and in the backround, you can see Justin with 300 points, Alex with 0 points and the scene was cut on the side so we didn't see Max's points.So it is so obvious he won!
  • @KoahTran

    @KoahTran the part when everything dissapeard was off the episode where they go back in time
  • Winners

    I think all 3 will win the competition they will all grab the ultimate power together.
  • Who will win?????

    I think no one will win because in the promo they showed everything disappear and the lair is gone so i think all of them will be mortals. SO no one will win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Who Will Be The Family Wizard

    My six year son Joseph loves this show he watches it all the time his favorite is Max.. Joseph says Max is going to be the family wizard.... He says go Max he's says for sure Max is going to win....
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