Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 1 Episode 13

Wizard School (1)

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 06, 2008 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

The episode starts at high school. Alex and Justin are talking about their last day of school and yearbooks. Alex is revealed to have stolen Justin's yearbook to get more signatures from friends. Justin complains about it. After that, the school announcer says that they have found Justin's cape and light saber, which causes Justin to leave. The opening credits roll.

In the next scene, Jerry is telling his kids about instant wizard mail. Alex remarks that it's like e-mail. However, Jerry shows them a key. He gives it to Alex and tells her to open a portal slot in mid-air. He tells him to cast a spell to mail an envelope to Justin, which automatically gets mailed to him. Justin also got a messenger pigeon, which consists of a plastic pigeon. He's revealed to be going to a summer wizard school. He's happy to be rid of Alex for the whole summer. Alex protests, but then Max suddenly comes and tries to scare Justin.

After that, Alex and Max are on the couch as Theresa is giving Justin his stuff. They're giving him a bathrobe for the wizard school. Theresa complains that the whole house is incredibly dirty. Alex tries to get Max to do it, but Jerry tells her to do it. Alex thinks about using the instant wizard mail spell to send her stuff to her room. It initially works, but the spell turns into a black hole and absorbs everything but Alex and Max. There's nothing but open space. Then, a door opens with Jerry coming out of it. Theresa and Justin look shocked at the oblivion. Alex reveals that she used the instant wizard mail spell. Jerry gets angry.

Next, Jerry and Theresa get Alex to fix the stuff. Justin prides himself on how wizard school allows wizards to be more efficient. Their parents get the idea to send Alex to wizard school as well, which alarms both Alex and Justin.

In the next scene, the two are shown being sent to Wiz Tech. They're revealed to have the same with a teacher named Dr. Evilini. They also get complimentary glasses, which remind Alex of another wizard. Alex doesn't want to go. Jerry then gives Justin the portal key for the instant wizard mail spell in order to get in touch.

After that, they go back home to see a Max and some bikes. Max wants to spend some quality time with them, but Jerry wants to take a nap. Jerry eventually has to spend time with Max. Max wants to camp, but Theresa says no. Jerry and Max decide to camp on the terrace for 3 nights. Theresa laughs at the idea, and lets them go there. A few hours later, a helicopter comes when Jerry and Max are sleeping at the terrace. They ask them about their manhood, and tell them to hang in there.

Meanwhile, Dr. Evilini is teaching her kids about venomous furniture. She cackles for some reason, and then says that Justin is a good student. She also takes Alex's sidekick. Alex then notices a guy laughing behind her. He is a giant who was born small. His parents give him small objects to make sure he doesn't feel bad. Justin then gets a note from Alex that summons confetti. Dr. Evilini then finds that it's Alex's prank. She comes to Alex and wants to discipline her. Thus, Alex is forced to clap the magical eraser, which emit letters for some reason.

At the halls, Alex and Justin talk about school. Justin remarks that everyone thinks that Alex is a loser. The small giant comes and offers Alex food. Then, Alex accidentally casts a spell on Dr. Evilini, giving her an elephant's trunk instead of a nose. Evilini summons prison bars to hold Alex as punishment.

Meanwhile, Jerry and Max are playing go-fish. Pigeon droppings land on their cards. Jerry decides to not go fish.

Elsewhere, the small giant named Hugh gets Justin to Dr. Evilini. Justin starts playing some form of magical ping-pong with Dr. Evilini. It's called twelve-ball. And, they use two double-sided rackets. She asks if Justin is capable of the challenge. Justin starts training. Later, he's shown to master the sport. Dr. Evilini brings in the previous twelve-ball champion, Jerko Phoenix. He's shown to have an eye patch. However, the eye patch is only for show.

In the next scene, Jerry and Max are at the terrace. It's raining, which upsets Theresa. She decides to call Jerry and Max by making a fake rat to lure them in. However, Jerry and Max try to run back to the terrace, as they are scared of rats. Jerry tries to get it. However, Theresa admits that they win, saying that she needs them. Jerry then captures the 'rat' and decides to throw it at the subway. Max notes how the rat was a potato, and then wants a potato.

At Wiz Tech, Alex is trying to break out. However, the door's locked. Justin comes out with a bathrobe. Alex asks for the portal key, but Justin realizes what Alex is doing. Alex takes the key and gets out.

Meanwhile, Dr. Evilini and Hugh are sorting out the mail. Suddenly, Alex pops out. She's disappointed at what's going on. Apparently, all mails go to Dr. Evilini. Evilini decides to pull out the discipline bucket, getting Alex to brush the halls. The door then talks, telling to keep scrubbing. Suddenly, Evilini is talking with a messenger fish, telling it to say something to Evilini's mom. Alex takes the fish. It reveals Evilini's plan to take Justin's powers.