Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 1 Episode 13

Wizard School (1)

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 06, 2008 on Disney Channel

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  • Wiztech!?....Doesn't that sound a lot like Hogwarts? OH YES IT DOES

    Why I rated this episode much lower than it deserves is because this episode truly marks the beginning of WOWP's copying of Harry Potter. From the outside, Wiztech vaguely resembles Hogwarts. Crumbs, the old professor, vaguely resembles Dumbledore...Now doesn't he?

    The episode would've been good, but its a copy of HP and so I can't really rate this anything.
  • Some are evil some are kind, know all must speak their mind.

    Alex and Justin go off to Wizard School. I thought this was a good plot for a first tv movie. Alex is real funny in the tv movie, and when she tells her jokes... she gives a laugh herself. Another funny part was Alex's chuckle, that was pretty funny too. Another thing, I like about the two-parter... was it has two-subplots! One, in which Max's dad and mom and himself must beat a sandwhich lady. Plus the Gold Fish part, on Max and his dads' bet with Theresa was hilarious. That's it for my review of "Wizards of Waverly Place: Wizard School". Peace out.
  • I good calabiration to why this show is NOT Harry Potter!

    This episode had one ofthe best original stories I could ever see! In this episode, Alex and Justin (I though Mx would come, too. But,oh well..) go to Wizard Tech for extra training. Justin, who was low in Tribeca Prep, is now the top student and Alex, Tribeca Prep'sbest, s now the worst! And, while they're gone, Jerry and Max deside to be men, and go camping. The other plot involves a sub rivle for the Waverly Sub. This is actually like an FOP movie. A qurikie with colorful and livley characters, an orignal story, and great, funny dialoge! If you don't like Harry Potter, why don't you check this episode out? It won't get as close as the original, but at least it'll give yo a good thinking of joining the magic world.
  • Justing gets accepted to Wiztech and Alex is forced to go too. Justing is more popular then Alex for once. Meanwhile Theresa has challenged Max and Jerry to a campout on the terrce.

    I love this episode it's funny and refers to the wizarding background more then most of the other episodes. ALso a clever subplot of max and Jerry bonding.

    Sadly agian we don't see Harper agian. Which is a shame because she's abit of a comic relief in the programme.

    Also the way they show the brother and sister bonds of Alex and Justin is clever although I do think they make Alex out a little bit like the bad guy but she is my favourite character out of the show because of her one liners.

    So all toghter a well rounded and amazing episode
  • WOW! Best of season 1.

    This episode really was amazing. Fantastic script, plot, humor...loved it! Justin is off to Wizz Tech school for wizards, glad to finally get away from Alex, but their parents think it would be better if Alex went to Wizz Tech as well. Things go bad when they find out they're in the same class. Wizz Tech will, from the outside, make you think of Hogwarts, but the actual school is not like it at all. Alex suspects that their teacher is evil, and she finds out at the end of this episode that the teacher is going to drain Justin's powers at Volcano Land. Meanwhile, Alex and Jerry go camping to prove they're men.
  • good

    alex and justin go to a wizard school called Wiz Tech over the summer. alex gets in trouble a lot, and soon learns that an evil professor is going to drain justin of his powers. will alex come up with a plan to stop the professor?

    good episode, mostly for the plot. the plot was great and a great cliffhanger, but the jokes in the episode were not that funny. but the plot somewhat makes up for that, and so my overall grade for this episode would be in the "C" range, a good episode but not really that great
  • Two parter

    This review will be the same for parts 1 and 2 of this episode.

    Justin gets the opportunity to go to wizard school. Alex is forced to go after she uses a spell and makes their house disappear. Justin loves it, but Alex is a slacker. Jerry and Max sleep out on the terrace to prove their manliness. Theresa lets them come in though. Alex figures out that a teacher has an evil plan for whoever wins the 12-Ball tournament and Justin happens to be extremely good. She consults the "principal" who tells her to try and save Justin. The evil teacher wants to drain Justin's powers, but Alex saves him in time. Max fights with "salad girl" in a competition for customers.

    This episode was okay. It was really cheesy though. That mailing spell would be useful though. This episode gets a 7.5 out of 10!
  • saw first part and already WOW!!

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  • In a homage to Harry Potter, Justin gets into Wizard School, and then Alex is forced to go with him to learn discipline

    You just got to be kidding. With a show like Wizards of Waverly Place, the credibility and believabilty of the series is already over-extended, and then you toss in a rip-off of a movie that already falls apart upon close scrutiny, and it all becomes even more preposterous. On it's own, WoWP could have just been a show about magic, but when it tries dipping into the Harry Potter franchise, it loses what limited originality it had to begin with. In this two-parter shown in one night, the writers could have at least come up with something original, but they go to great extent to make the plot more like the movie. Both Justin and Alex are forced to don the Potter glasses, "because it goes with the robes." Justin is involved in an impossibly unlikely game that demands magic, much like the plots of the movies. The classes are strictly involved in memorizing spells as if that's all there is to magic. Alex tries to get out, but she isn't allowed. Ian Abercrombie, an otherwise very respected actor, is forced to wander in and out of scenes and the only other sole teacher is mean and nasty for the sole reason of just being mean and nasty. Nothing logical there. The ending is basically an afterthought making me wonder, why didn't she do that forty minutes ago? The sub-plots involving Max and Jerry camping on the terrace and Max facing off against a disreputable rival deli are much funnier than the main plot.