Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 1 Episode 13

Wizard School (1)

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 06, 2008 on Disney Channel

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  • Justing gets accepted to Wiztech and Alex is forced to go too. Justing is more popular then Alex for once. Meanwhile Theresa has challenged Max and Jerry to a campout on the terrce.

    I love this episode it's funny and refers to the wizarding background more then most of the other episodes. ALso a clever subplot of max and Jerry bonding.

    Sadly agian we don't see Harper agian. Which is a shame because she's abit of a comic relief in the programme.

    Also the way they show the brother and sister bonds of Alex and Justin is clever although I do think they make Alex out a little bit like the bad guy but she is my favourite character out of the show because of her one liners.

    So all toghter a well rounded and amazing episode