Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 1 Episode 13

Wizard School (1)

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 06, 2008 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • We learn that Justin, Alex, and Max have a cousin named Kim, who is a boy.

    • If someone hits the tattler in 12-Ball, they automatically win, but it doesn't seem fair to anybody facing away from the tattler because they wouldn't be able to see her, so why would that rule be enforced, unless she comes out in random places.

    • According to Alex's yearbook, she and Justin go to Tribeca Prep School.

    • Spell(s) Featured:
      The Wizard Instant Postal Service Spell. Incantation: "Mailius Spontaneous (person's name or place)." Used by: Alex. Three times: In wizard class, Alex uses the portal key to open a portal and send a letter to Justin. In attempt to clean up the living room faster, Alex uses the portal key to send the mess up to her room, but portal ends up sucking up the entire living room. She later uses it to escape from Wiz-Tech, but ends up sending herself to Evilini's office.

      The Elephant Trunk Spell.
      Incantation: "From your chin to your toes, an elephant trunk grows."
      Used by: Alex: Aiming for Justin, Alex accidentally hits Dr. Evilini with this spell.

      Truth Spell.
      Incantation:"some are evil some are kind, know all must speak their mind."
      Used by The Headmaster When He Wants To Know if Alex will actually go to the library or not.

    • This is the first two part episode for Wizards of Waverly Place.

  • Quotes

    • Alex: Great, we're accessorizing ugly.

    • (Jerry and Max are out on the terrace)
      From Helicopter: You there, on the terrace! Have you seen a stalky male, late 30's running with a sack full of money?
      Jerry: No!
      From Helicopter: Are you locked out?
      Max: No!
      From Helicopter: Has your manhood been called into question?
      Jerry and Max: Yes!
      From Helicopter: Hang in there guys!

    • Max: Oh, well we could camp on the terrace.
      Theresa: Terrace? Hah. One night out there might as well be an episode of Survivor for you two.
      Jerry: Oh yeah? We could spend one -
      Max: Two!
      Jerry: - three nights on the terrace!
      Max: Or even a whole week!
      Jerry: (Quietly to Max) Uh, I think three nights will do it, buddy.

    • (Max is picking something for Jerry and him to do while Justin and Alex are at Wiztech)
      Max: Camping.
      Jerry: Camping?!
      Theresa: Haha that's a good one! Give me that. (Takes the sleeping bag from Max) Oh, come on! You're city guys! Your idea of roughing it is when they deliver Chinese food without the fortune cookies!
      Max: Dad, you smell that? (Sniffs the air) It smells like a challenge.
      Jerry: (Sniffs the air) With a hint of questioning our manhood.

    • Alex: Dad's going to have a cow and a sheep and pig and a goat when he sees all this.

    • Justin: (About Alex being undisciplined) That's why I can't wait to get to Wiz Tech, where everyone is so much more serious about magic. All summer long I'll be in classes that focus on the craft of magic, and using it respectively, the way it's meant to be. Right, dad?
      (Theresa and Jerry look at Justin at Alex like Justin gave them an idea.)
      Justin: Why are you guys looking at me like I gave you an idea?!
      Alex: Please don't tell me he gave you an idea!
      Max: Can someone tell me what the idea is?

    • Justin: How was your last day of school, Alex?
      Alex: Tough. So many people wanted to sign my yearbook, I ran out of room! I had to get a second yearbook!
      Justin: How'd you get a second yearbook, they're all gone?(Justin looks in his locker) Where's my yearbook, Alex?!
      Alex: Come on Justin, hardly anyone signed it. And one of them was you.
      Justin: Maybe I was saving room for friends.
      Alex: Like who?
      Justin: Vice-principal Clements, Earl the crossing guard, my biology teacher, and all the ladies in the front office.
      Alex: So, basically all your friends are adults?
      Justin: Yeah. Well, I fit in best with adults. I'm very mature.
      Principal: (On intercom) Will Justin Russo please report to lost and found? We have your cape and light-saber.

    • Alex: Dr. Evilini is evil.
      Justin: No, her name is Evilini.
      Alex: Does it get anymore obvious?!

    • Hugh: I'm Hugh, Hugh Normous.
      Alex: Not really.

    • Alex: Justin's gonna get his powers drained!
      Door: Dun dun dun...!

    • Max: Got any 4's?
      Jerry: Go fish. Got any 2's?
      Max: Go fish.
      (bird droppings fall on the table)
      Jerry: I ain't fishin' in that pond.

    • Alex: Hey Justin, how'd you like my exploding note? I thought it was a blast.

    • Jerry: Come on honey, our kids will be fine.
      Teresa: I'm not worried about our kids, I'm worried about the other kids. Alex is there.

    • Jerry: Oh! And we should get him some turkey jerky, for the long trip!
      Teresa: Jerry, Justin doesn't like turkey jerky, you do!
      Jerry: Would it hurt us to get a little turkey jerky!?

    • (Dr. Evilini gives Justin his spectacles)
      Alex: Hey, Justin, with those glasses, you remind me of someone. Man, what was his name? Barry, Larry, ahh, forget it.

    • Alex: I can't believe they found where I hid them. (after the principal locates Justin's cape and light saber)

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Jerko Pheonix:

      The character's name and arrogant personality is parallel to the character, Draco Malfoy, who was Harry Potter's full-on rival in the Harry Potter series.

    • The glasses and robes used at the academy are similar to the glasses Harry Potter wears and robes that they wear at Hogwart's School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, the school which Harry Potter attends.

    • 12-Ball is the wizarding world's take on ping-pong. Instead of two players, there are five, and balls are introduced one by one until twelve are in play. If a player strikes a tattler (little girl that tattles), he or she automatically wins the game.

    • Alex: (to Justin) You know with those glasses you remind me of someone. Larry something, Jerry something, ooh, Barry something oh never mind.

      This is an obvious reference to Harry Potter who looks similar to Justin when he has the glasses on.

    • The school principal announces that Justin's cape and light saber have been found from where Alex hid them. Those items are an allusion to the Star Wars movies.