Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 2 Episode 29

Wizards & Vampires vs. Zombies (4) (No Fear)

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Aug 08, 2009 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Justin convinces Juliet that their prom date will be the most memorable ever. Meanwhile, Alex opts to plan a zombie themed anti-prom, but is unprepared for the unexpected real zombies that arrive for the ultimate prom dance off.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • 2nd worst episode of the show

    The worst episode of the show is Season 3 Eat to the Beat-

    This episode, nonetheless, is just a very stupid and pointless conclusion to the Vampire quadrilogy. The whole episode was dumb, why? I found the stupid zombie sequences just horrible. I expected more of a fight but I guess Disney just don't know how to pull off a fight, especially with terrible special effects.

    I also hated the whole Zeke and Harper thing in this episode. It came out of nowhere the whole relationship in this episode and I found it pointless and unwatchable. I also found the script to be horrible and the acting to be a little weird.

    The whole Justin and Juliet thing was also stupid and it just felt that the creators wanted to bring Zombies in to make the episode title seem better. I mean, the dance was just lame and as if they couldn't do something that seemed more interesting than a dance off.

    Overall, my second worst episodemoreless
  • Zombies

    Well, Alex is up to her anti-school and anti-establishment antics again in the latest episode of Wizards of Waverly Place as she decides to hold a zombie prom.

    Nice little episode here. A lot of funny moments peppered throughout, some good lines from the cast, a fast-moving feel and an all around entertaining show tonight. Not crazy about the odd impromptu dance-off being the living and the undead, but I would be lying if I said it did not spawn a chuckle from me.

    Disney Channel often reairs countless episodes of this and that is why I was able to see this fine ep for the first time.moreless
  • Justin takes Juliet to prom while Alex plans an anti-Prom full of zombies.

    You, know I was very excited about this episode going in. The level of creativity up till now in the Wizards vs Vampires storyline had been amazing. I guess when your expectations had been so high you have to brace yourself when the hype can't possibly be lived up to. And I'm sorry to say in this case that is the truth.

    I mean it wasn't all bad. I still like what they've done with the Juliet/Justin relationship. Hopefully they won't forget about it in future episodes like they are so conveniently known to do. I thought what they did with them in this episode was sweet. If I could add a slight criticism though. Juliet really has been to a lot of proms and that probably implies something a little too dark for Disney. As in most of her other boyfriends died. Either from vampires, or simply from old age. And I'm not sure they want to go there with this show. But it might be an interesting future storyline to explore. Juliet is going to live forever, and she can't take Justin with her unless he's a vamp too. So, stay tuned.

    Meanwhile the rest of this mess of an episode wasn't very good. They threw in Zombies meaninglessly for nothing. The dance off was a dud. There was no reason for it. Half the performers couldn't even dance well, and they weren't the Zombies hint, hint, hint! Alex and Harper are not cool enough and established in their school to even create an anti-prom. It was even more unbelievable than actual magic ability and zombies on this show. I do think Harper's new relationship might have potential though. It's a shame. I think they tried too hard in this one. There was no need for the zombies. To, be honest if they hadn't blown off the Dean/Alex storyline so quickly he would have been a much better fit in this one. It's ashame. It was a real missed opportunity. I hope they do better next time. I guess in this case 3 episodes was the charm, and in this charmless episode makes 4. Well now that they've run out of ideas with this story arc hopefully they can go back to their normal storylines. And than maybe things can start looking up again.moreless
  • Season 2 at its best.

    I love this episode! Definitely the best of the Wizards Vs. Vampires 4-parter. As well as Season 2 at its best, it's got all the characters at their best, really showing what wonderful personalities they all are, and the actors did an amazing job on this, so kudos. A perfect way to top off the Wiztober month. I remember the other Thursday when it first aired here, and I was so excited about the movie I wasn't going to watch it. But I'm glad I did.

    I loved the zombies...they were hillarious. I agree with the other review on one thing...the dark side of Disney. With the whole prom thing...that'd be an awesome storyline...I mean people die, it's part of life. But the whole anti-prom thing was awesome, and Justin makes me laugh with his old fashioned ways.

    Now all I need to see is Re-Test and I can see which episode of Season 2 is the best...so far, the honour goes to this episode.moreless
  • OK...

    Justin takes Juliet to prom and wants to go steady. Zombies rise from the dead and come to the prom. A dance off ensues and the humans win.

    Justin ask to go steady and Juliet agrees.

    OK, this episode is OK, but i absolutely loathe the dance-off between the zombies and the humans at the prom. Like really, I hate it. It was just about one of the most uninteresting things the show has done, and it wasn't funny at all. I just wanted that to be over, it was just painful to watch.

    Besides that, about a C or so, but that really drags it down for memoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • In "Graphic Novel" Alex said she would not be seen at prom unless it was a zombie prom. In this episode, she lives up to her Zombie Prom, but because of the real zombies, she ends up getting seen at the real prom.

    • We learn that Harper has a crush on Zeke, but not an obsessive one like she does with Justin.

    • When the zombies leg falls off while dancing, it can be clearly seen that he is hopping on his real leg.

    • When Max sends back the form for the no fear ring, he sends it to zombies. Why would zombies be making a no fear ring?

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Zombie Girl: Mails' here.
      (Mailman drops the tube and she picks it up)
      Zombie Girl: Zombie prom? I'm not going!
      Zombie Boy: What?!
      Zombie Girl: Last time, I lost an arm!

    • (Justin does vocal exercises)
      Alex: Me me me me, I I I? Wow, self-centered much?

    • Harper: You make an amazing pickpocket.
      Alex: Hey, it's not a skill I'm proud of... Yes, it is! It totally comes in handy. Ah, which reminds me, here is your coin purse back. Sorry.

    • Harper: I totally chickened out!
      Alex: Yeah, but the good news is you're dressed like a chicken.
      Harper: These are penguins.
      Alex: Oh, that's funny.. 'cause you said, you said chicken but you're wearing penguins and... birds. (runs aways)

  • NOTES (5)


    • Zeke: Danger, Danger, Will Robinson!

      This is a reference to the old sci-fi series Lost In Space, where the Robot character would say the same thing to the young Will Robinson when he was about to make a foolish mistake.

    • Zombie Girl: One music video and we're expected to have dance battles everywhere.

      This is a reference to Michael Jackson's highly popular "Thriller" music video which featured zombies dancing.