Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 2 Episode 31

Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Aug 28, 2009 on Disney Channel
Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie
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The Russos go on vacation to the place where Jerry and Theresa met. An unhappy Alex wishes her parents never met, incidentally activating a spell that makes it to where her parents really did not ever meet. This puts the entire Russo family's existence in jeopardy. To reverse the spell, Alex and Justin begin their search for the Stone of Dreams. While Max is trying to get Jerry and Theresa back together.moreless

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  • "Wizards of Waverly Place" has their own movie which is so good that it was some good and intense action with some good laughs

    I love "Wizards of Waverly Place" and I also thought that the movie was completely excellent. Everything in this movie was totally good and I didn't want to get out of my seat. I honestly didn't expect this movie to get so much action. The story was well told and well executed. The humor was good and kinda original. It's just too bad that Harper is only in the first 10 minutes of the movie. Oh well, as long as she is in the movie. The Russo family go on their vacation and when Alex gets grounded, she gets so angry that she wishes that Teresa and Jerry have never met and that is when things turned for the worse. Alex and Justin must go on a quest to the Stone to Dreams to reverse any spells so they can wish that Jerry and Teresa were together and married again. I loved Jerry's part in this movie. Max's part was also very good. Steve Valentine who played as the magician that helped Alex and Justin find the Stone of Dreams was very good. I thought it was intense that Justin was trying to get the Stone of Dreams without falling down. I was actually shaking in that scene the first time I watched this movie. The action scene with Alex and Justin fighting against each other to see who can get full-wizard powers was excellent. The special effects may not be the best but for a show that airs in Disney Channel, it's actually decent enough. Overall, everything in this movie was terrific and I would recommend it to anyone that hasn't even watched this movie yet. 10/10moreless
  • Alex wishes her parents never met and that's exactly what happens as they search for a magical stone to undo the damage and to keep the Russo family from breaking apart and fading away forever.moreless

    What's sad about this movie is that it was so close to being the best live action movie Disney has ever done based off of a series, and than they did just one thing. Just one thing that totally ruined it for me.

    But first let me acknowledge the good. The Alex/Justin relationship was done very well and was very touching. There was a lot of good acting on both of their parts.

    I love seeing their father with powers and it was a cool dynamic on the show. I kind of think the writers made a mistake when they wrote his character without powers in the first place. But the spell was already cast. Oh, well.

    I love that Max is not as stupid as he used to be and is starting to come a little bit into his own.

    This movie was never boring. It was very exciting. It definitely kept you on your toes.

    And now the bad. The very, very bad:

    Let me explain something. I love Selena Gomez's performance as Alex the main character. But let's be perfectly honest. Her character is a very mean, manipulative, funny, but a very bad person who only in a magical fake world could have pure intentions for anything. And next to Justin she is closer to Satan than pure intentions, he is such a good dude. So, I already have to pretend that scene didn't happen which brings us to the Wizard Challenge.

    Despite the pretend good message this episode ended on this movie had a very bad message too. The message was if you never study, and don't work hard and are always mean to your siblings, if your a main character you will still win out in the end. Horrible message. She couldn't beat Justin in a wizard challenge even in her dreams. She wouldn't know enough spells in her dreams either! This was such a betrayal of the Justin character that I might never watch another episode again.

    Alex needs to be a better person for me to accept something like that. It's ashame because this show has ripped off everything else to do with Harry Potter except for this stupid Wizard challenge where people have to give up their powers. It's ashame the one thing they do different and it kind of ruins the show. Who wants to see a Wizard of Waverly Place in the singular. No, I want to see lots of wizards of course! And despite their attempts Alex is no Harry Potter. She probably is closer to Malfoy in personality. I really am probably done with this show. They should not have had her beat Justin. Not, that way. If he at least threw the fight I would have accepted that as he is the better person, but that was just so patently offensively wrong, that now the show is wrong for me too.

    I just want to further add that when you rip off a bad Hanna Montana episode it can come back to haunt you. Of course both stories ripped off it's a Wonderful Life. This may have been a good movie, but it only took one rotten scene to ruin it for me. Don't study or show up to school kids and you can be just like Alex. I don't think so! I can't wait for Sunny with a Chance, my new favorite Disney show.moreless
  • Awesome DCOM

    I couldn't take my eyes off of the screen when I saw this move. Like others say, this was an awesome DCOM. It was real action packed and used so much special effects then the series does. I'll admit this movie wasn't as funny compared to the series, but it's still pretty great. It gives a good massage about how important parents can be. You'll see the sweet side of Alex that you wouldn't normally see in the show. Alex and Justen go on a dangerous quest to rechive The Stone of Dreams while Max try to get thier parents back togeher. It's a race against time before the kids disappear themselves. This movie is awesome and so magical that if you like WOWP and DCOMS, then you wouldn't want to miss this magical adventure!moreless
  • An excellent movie with breathtaking scenes.

    The movie expressed lots of feeling and morals are easily captured. Before I watched the movie, I felt that Wizards of Waverly Place was not as great. However, this movie capitivated me and I think it should be a must-see for those whom are unhappy with their current families.

    The way they captured movie and the effects used, such as the stone bridge being piled up, is the effect that stands out from the rest. But what I truly enjoyed was Alex Russoh's perseverance in this epic adventure, and how unexpected certain scenes came upon.

    The only area that lacks improvement was how simple "The Stone of Wishes" was handed back to Theresa. They didn't express that factor clearly, however, one mistake dosen't affect my perfect rating.moreless
  • Great

    The DCOM Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie, features the Russo family on vacation. Alex wants independence now that she is 16, but when she never gets any, and when she gets in a heated argument with her mother, she wishes that her mom and dad had never met. But, after she makes this wish, Jerry and Theresa have in fact never met. And worse, this means that they never had any kids. So now Alex, Justin and Max need to go on a quest to find the Stone of Dreams, a stone which can grant any wish and reverse any spell. It is a very dangerous quest to get the stone. Alex and Justin start to worry, and in a very emotional scene, Alex says how she wishes she were nicer like Justin.

    Max tries to reunite Jerry and Theresa, but to no avail. Soon, they go with him to reunite with Alex and Justin and get the stone.

    Max is sucked in a vortex because he has no memory of anything anymore.

    Alex and Justin engage in a very intense battle, where one of them will walk out a full wizard. It seems Justin will win but in the end Alex does.

    Alex doesn't know what spell to use to fix everything, and Justin vanishes before he can help. Alex starts to panic, and she gets the stone from Theresa.

    Alex wishes everything would go back to normal. Everything, meaning she will not have her powers anymore. She wanted it like this because she did not want one thing to be different.

    Everything is back to normal for the Russo family.

    This was a very intense movie and was handled well. It had some humor, a great plot and wonderful acting and emotional scenes. Final Grade- B+moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (15)

    • During the scene where the Russos were in the cab, it was really hot during filming and it took hours to get through traffic. Alex looking bored was not acted. That was Selena Gomez's own natural reaction to the long ride.

    • When Alex and Harper are riding the enchanted Sub Station diner through the subway, the set was actually on a green screen. The outside images was actually real footage of the subway tunnels in New York. The rushing subway trains that ran through the subway were computer-generated.

    • In the the beginning, Max performs a spell that makes goats appear in the Sub Station. Interestingly, Jake T. Austin, who plays Max, actually has three pet goats in real-life.

    • When the Russo family was having their picture taken, they all said "Paradise" and Alex added "Not likely". Alex's line was not part of the script. Selena Gomez actually improvised this line and it was kept in the scene.

    • It took Alex and Justin about two days to get to the cave where the Stone of Dreams was located. Yet when Max, Jerry, and Theresa went searching for them, they managed to walk to the cave and walk back in less than a day.

    • Steve Valentine, the actor who plays Archie the street magician, is a professional magician in real-life.

    • How did Max know that there was a part of the map missing if he wasn't there when Archie showed it to it Alex and Justin?

    • It makes sense how Max would disappear first because he is the youngest of the three Russo siblings. But Justin is the oldest and yet he disappeared before Alex did. Technically, since Alex is the middle child, she would have been the second to disappear.

    • This is the first time we actually get to see what the wizard competition (which Justin, Alex, and Max will have to take someday) will be like. The competition was taken early in this episode as desperate way to save the family from disappearing, since a full wizard could reverse the spell that Alex caused. Apparently, the competition takes place in ancient ruins in the wizard world, where the wizard siblings have to compete to capture the full magic power. The one who captures the magic first will become a full wizard and keep their powers, while the loser(s) get nothing. The only spells that can be used are those involved in the four elements (earth, air, fire, and water).

    • Alex, Justin, and Max have apparently gotten so good at magic that they hardly need to use any magical aids such as spells or wands.

    • This is the first time that Alex has cried in the series.

    • Alex says that she doesn't understand why her father would give up his powers to marry a mortal, but in the episode "Alex in the Middle" she thought it was sweet.

    • This is the second time that Jerry and Theresa have forgotten at least one of their children. In the episode "Justin's Little Sister", the two forgot Justin because of the wish Alex made with the Genie.

    • Archie the magician mentioned that it works only for wizards, however, when Theresa holds the Stone of Dreams and makes a wish you can here the sound that signifies that magic is occurring playing, so we know the Stone also works for non-wizards. That's how Theresa used the stone to transport herself to the Wizard Competition Site.

    • Alex apparently celebrated a birthday, un-noted in the series, since she states that she is sixteen.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Alex: Seriously, who designed this subway?

    • Justin: Did dad just call me dude? (Jerry is checking out Theresa and she responds as if he was a stranger) Why are Mom and Dad acting like they don't know each other? (Jerry conjures up a flower) Why is Dad using magic? Dad is not supposed to have magic. (Jerry gives the flower to a pretty woman) And why is he giving flowers to other girls? Alex! What did you do?!
      Alex: See? This is what you get for letting me use the wand.

    • Max: I promise you, nobody's going to find out that we're wizards.
      Archie: (walking up) You're wizards!
      Max: Maybe just one...

    • Alex: (quietly) Justin. I found your bag. Mind if I go through it and look at all your personal stuff? (out loud) 'Kay, thanks!

    • Justin: It says here that we have to build a path of stone.
      Alex: (scoffs) That's not going to happen.
      Justin: With magic.
      Alex: That might happen.

    • (Justin and Alex come across a huge trench)
      Justin: How are we going to get across this thing? There's no way! It's impossible! We are totally, completely, hopelessly doomed! Oh look, there's instructions...
      Alex: It's that positive attitude that I most admire about you Justin.

    • (Alex falls into a kid's sand castle)
      Alex: Well, every castle needs a princess.

    • Justin: Alex, get up, I think something's out there.
      Alex: You're the boy, you go check it.

    • Justin: Sticky note to self: "Do not forget sticky notes".

    • Theresa: You know its where your father and I first met each other...
      Alex: She's going to tell it!
      Justin: Mom, please don't tell it.
      Theresa: Did I ever tell you that story?
      Max: Aaand, she's telling it.

    • Justin: Mom and Dad don't know each other and they don't know us!
      Max: So, we don't have parents anymore? I'm confused. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
      Alex: The kid's got a point.
      Justin: This is a very, VERY bad thing!

    • (after subway railing falls, Theresa and Jerry walk in and give kids stern look)
      Harper: Ok, well... bye!
      (scene changes to Alex packing a suitcase)
      Harper: I'm really sorry you can't stay with me anymore.
      Alex: Oh, no, I was never really gonna get to stay with you. She's just been planning this all along. And she's just using my 'innocent borrowing' of the diner as an excuse!
      Harper: You know that's not true. You love your mom.
      Alex: I didn't say that I didn't. I just, I just don't wanna spend two weeks in full on family mode.
      Harper: Are you guys gonna be wearing matching outfits?
      (Alex gives Harper a look)
      Harper: 'Cause that would be bad...
      Alex: One of these days, I'm gonna win the wizard competition. And I'm gonna be the full wizard.
      Harper: Well, what if you fell in love with a mortal, and had to give up your powers like your dad did?
      Alex: Still can't believe he did that.
      Harper: Well I can. I love that story. Sounds so romantic.
      Theresa: It was. Do you need any help?
      Alex: No. I most definitely do not need your help.
      (dramatic pause)
      Harper: Well... Bye!

    • (Alex is happy because she thinks she got them out of the mess with the subway car.)
      Justin: No you didn't. I did.
      Harper: (Runs up and hugs Justin) Justin! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
      Alex: Harper, don't thank him. He just did it so he could run off and tell on me.
      Justin: Normally yeah, I would do that. It was pretty funny watching dad's whole...But I'm not about to go tell mom and dad something that's going to ruin their vacation one night before it happens. For once I'm not going to let you destroy something important to me.
      Alex: Then we're good because they're not going to hear it from me.
      Justin: And you know why they're not going to hear it from me?
      Alex: Didn't we just have this conversation?
      Justin: Because I just did my first spell using a full-powered wand. And if I must say -
      Alex: He must.
      Justin: - it went perfectly!
      (The frame of the subway car falls off)
      Justin: Almost perfect.

    • Harper: Forbidden spells? Why would you use something called a forbidden spell? It's forbidden and I know this because it's right there in the title!
      Alex: It's not really a big deal when you have the right wand.
      Harper: Well, do you?
      Alex: No. Apparently it's too powerful and I'm not responsible enough and I can't be trusted, whatever that means.

    • (After Theresa says no to the party)
      Alex: Dad, please, I'll just pop in, it'll be so quick -
      Jerry: Ah, no popping. You heard what your mother said. And just so we're clear - no walking, flying, teleporting, or popping out of this building while we're gone.

    • Alex: Justin, help me. What spell do I use?
      Justin: Why would I help you?
      Alex: Because you're my brother? Look I - I'm sorry you didn't -
      Justin: I'm your brother?
      Alex: No, no, no, Justin please, please you can't leave me here, please remember. I'm Alex. I'm your little sister. I taunt you and I tease you and I make your life miserable but you love me anyway. You're everything that I've ever wanted to be. I'm jealous of how smart you are and how kind and how nice. Please don't leave me here.
      Justin: I'd never leave you. I don't know who you are, but ... I believe you.
      (Alex hugs Justin)

    • Jerry:(After Max has been sucked up by a vortex) Stay focused, it's the only way to get him back. It's only a matter of minutes before time catches up to you, too.
      A full wizard there can be but one.
      All power to a daughter or son.
      To an ancient battle transport us three,
      Where one will emerge in victory! (They transport to the wizard arena)

    • (rocks starts to fall from under Justin's feet)
      Alex: Don't step on the crumbly part!
      Justin: They're all crumbly parts!

    • Alex: Do we even know this is the right cave?
      (torches start to light all around the cave)
      Justin: I'm gonna go with yes, but that's just a hunch.

    • Justin: Are you cold?
      Alex: What if we don't get this done in time and we can't save everyone?
      Justin: Don't worry about it. We will.
      Alex: How do you know that?
      Justin: Because it's you and I. How can we not?

  • NOTES (6)