Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 4 Episode 17

Wizards vs. Asteroid

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Aug 19, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • I loved this episode. The Russo trio were so brave in defending their family.


    I loved thi sepisode becaus eAlex seemed a bit more mature than in other episodes, as if she really was growing up to be a young woman. She and her brothers were positively amazing in helping to save planet earth and Alex's defiance is what brought true tears to my eyes. When her family was ready to give up, she stuck by her home. Great job Alex!

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    You have to love Mr. Laritate. He is such an amusing character and the only bad thing is that he has not been on this season as much as you would like to.

    This was a solid Wizards of Waverly Place tonight. The premise was a little ridiculous, but I really did not mind it that much. Alex probably had one of her best episodes in awhile with how many funny lines she spouted tonight.

    After the brief break the program delivered another solid show tonight. I am just sad it will be ending soon.

  • Great episode but this installment tonight was low on laughs


    I thought that this was a great episode of "Wizards of Waverly Place". It wasn't my favorite episode and it could have so much more humor but this episode was overall great and enjoyable. The asteroid plot was handled pretty well but in a way just a little weak. Selena Gomez as Alex Russo is always looking sexy and beautiful and her acting always shines. Whether she does comedy or drama, she is terrific in both of them. Alex's part in this episode was very good. Max's also had a few memorable lines in this episode. While I didn't laugh that much in this episode tonight, I did laugh at very few parts. I laughed when Max was in the background during a news report about the asteroid in the beginning of the episode. Zeke's part in this episode was also pretty funny. I also laughed at the graduation scene at the very end of the episode when Mr. Larritate just handed Alex and Harper their diplomas when though he can't have a graduation ceremony since the school is destroyed from that asteroid. The asteroid scene with Alex, Justin, and Max was pretty good. Everything else in this episode was handled pretty well. The improvement that they could have made though was add a lot of humor. My score is a little low because there were very few scenes that were a little boring and I didn't like Mr. Larritate in this episode when he gets excited about seeing Alex not graduating. Overall, a great episode of "Wizards of Waverly Place" but definitely low on laughs tonight. 8.5/10

  • As asteroid is going to hit the Earth, and Alex discovers she not graduating. Guess who gets her way.


    I am so glad this series is ending, because it stopped making sense about three seasons ago. I mean, the writers must really hate the actors because they keep creating incidents to embarrass the hell out of them. This episode is noteworthy because it's possibly the lowest the show has come. It also proves that the writers are seriously out of ideas if both WOWP and "Ant Farm" both have a plot around an asteroid hitting the planet. The plot is about a so-called asteroid hitting the planet. What's ridiculous is that logically, Justin can go to the asteroid and back using his magic, but no, the writers have to create an illogical contrivance that he can't. The russos plan to go to the Wizard World, so basically, they have enough magic to create another world but not save one? Alex once again refuses to stay consistent; she perfectly willing to trash Justin's last cherished memento, but she still wants to save the world. In one more illogical and beyond unbelievable, Justin just "happens" to get his foot stuck and instead of just magically freeing it, they have to turn him into a starfish which just magically regrows its foot. What's even more stupid is that Alex's magic works just this once! The only and I mean ONLY saving point in this episode is that karma finally catches up with Alex and she fails to graduate, but in one more totally stupid one last second plot point that only the writing hacks at Disney could whip up, the school is destroyed and all the records are lost and the idiot principal failed to back the files on computer. How does this moron keep his job? What about the other 1200 kids in the school? This episode would have made more sense as a dream sequence for Max. Bottom line: this serires needs to be cancelled NOW and let the actors out of their misery. F-