Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 2 Episode 28

Wizards vs. Vampires: Dream Date (3) (Wake Up. Break Up. Shake Up)

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Aug 07, 2009 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

After Dean moves away, Alex continues to date him by using magic to enter his dreams. When he pays her a surprise visit and the real date isn't as great as she had dreamt, she searches for a way to break up with him. Meanwhile Justin tells his vampire girlfriend Juliet that he is not allowed to go on her family camping trip.moreless

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  • This episode, i did not enjoy as much as the other two

    The Vampire trilogy came to an end here and I can honestly say, I did not like this episode very much. It mainly focused on Alex and Dean, and when they broke up, I honestly couldn't care about it. I mean, to me, it never seemed that Dean ever really cared for Alex, and the whole conflict in this episode never interested me.

    I actually found the Justin/Juliet part stupid but found it more watchable and had some funny laughs.

    The acting is great, the dialogue isn't that clever and funny and overall quite a bland and emotionless ending to the trilogymoreless
  • Sad and Happy endings

    I was glum when Alex and Dean broke up because he didn't pay attention to her on their date. I love that they played skee ball, that's a perfect date. Meanwhile, Justin is afraid to go with Juliet on a camping trip and lied to her that he can't go. Later, he went with her.
  • Alex dream dates with Dean who has moved away while Justin gets cold feet in the progression of his relationship with Juliet.

    Once again a very simple yet very effective episode.

    I like the way they explained why Dean all of the sudden disappeared this season. I do feel cheated that Dean moved away off screen. I wish the show runners got their act together in how they deal with characters and their feelings, but it was still believable for the most part. Of course the fact that he magically reappears out of the blue now but not before well lets just say even in a magic show some things still require the suspension of the disbelief. If their feelings never changed why did he wait to see her until now. But I am still a fan of the Dean/Alex relationship and I'll take what I can get.

    Alex was very low key in this one. And she was very sweet and believable. I like seeing the non-naughty version of her as it shows her as more of a real person than the caricatures she normally plays just to cause trouble. She just seemed more real in this one. And the touching end between her and Dean was maybe one of the strongest parts of any episode in any of the seasons thus far.

    Max had very little screen time in this one, but his advice to Juliet was priceless. Is Max actually getting smarter or something? At least in a dumb way of course. I think? What was I talking about again? Maybe I'm just getting dumber.

    Anyway the second half of the arc was devoted to Juliet and Justin. And I loved every second of what they did with those two in this one. It was more of the real moments missing in so many episodes this season. You saw Justin's dad acting like a real father giving Justin real advice. Justin having the most serious relationship he's had thus far. I hope they don't blow it with him and Juliet. I'm not saying I'm completely sold on that relationship yet, but I am willing to give it a chance. Just like the way Justin was struggling wondering if he was ready for any deeper commitments with Juliet. Very, sweet and very real.

    I also like that finally Justin got to do something magical for a change. I swear for the guy with the most magical talent on the show, he really uses it the least. What's up with that? Great vampire story arc. Great, episode. I can't wait for the next one. Of course it makes me sad, too because I think their closing out the arc too. It's just so good I think I still want more. Can't they just save the movie until the end of the season. I want more vampire/wizards arc please?moreless
  • Disney gets serious in Wizards vs. Vampires: Dream Date, and pulls it off with flying colors.

    I want to keep this review short and just hit on a few points about Wizards vs. Vampires: Dream Date. The first two episodes of the 4-part saga were genuinely good episodes, and above par for the course. But they involved many of the similar antics and scenarios that go on in the Wizards of Waverly Place realm. Dream Date really tested the actors' limits when trying to deal with a serious (for Disney) subject: relationships. And this episode wasn't really about the happy, fluff or "D'AWWW" moments involved in relationships. 75% of the dialogue in Dream Date is not meant to be funny, and any other Disney show would have taken this script and turned it into an awkward 22 minutes.

    In another review, I commended the WOWP cast on their excellent acting abilities, in comparison to many of Disney's other live action offerings, and feel like it is worth mentioning again as it is a major factor in WOWP being a legitimately great show (and ultimately why this episode is so good). Most all of the actors are just that: actors. All of the actors maintained the essence of their sarcastic, dysfunctional characters while maintaining a serious vibe. They may joke around during these scenes to break the tension, but it was done so tastefully, it does not ruin the moment. In fact, the jokes were almost necessary to keep the conversation of the characters believable. For example:

    -When Jerry was helping out Justin, explaining why he believed Justin was ready to further his relationship

    -Alex's usual hard exterior was torn down when she needed closure with Dean in the final dream.

    -The two heart-to-heart talks between Harper and Alex, trying to figure out Alex and Dean's relationship

    Typically when Disney tries to tackle relationships, it really isn't that deep, and offers very little advice to the audience watching (let's be real with ourselves. Sending a message really is Disney's intention no matter how cheesy it may feel). The "moral of the story" is usually taken at face value, and explained by one of the characters at the end (ex. "well I guess that wasn't a good idea. I'll never do that again"). While this seems like a very straight forward way to tackle the issue presented in the episode, regardless of which show, it doesn't give a very lasting impression to the audience. WOWP's Dream Date, on the other hand, really allows the viewer to see more into the relationship than just "should I date him?" "should I break up with him" "how should I break up with him." While Dream Date does have some of these things, it isn't what drives the episode. They're more of "plot checkpoints" in the story. What really stood out to me as actually beneficial in this episode is the sit-down talks between the characters, much like what real friends and family would do to rationalize a problem.

    Alex was in a long time relationship, after already admitting she loved Dean in the Saving Wiztech episodes, and had to come to terms with Dean's non-ideal personality. This episode wasn't really meant to be about Alex breaking up with Dean. It was more about how Alex and Dean were dealing with the breakup and their first real relationships. The other half of the episode was Justin dealing with the rushed, short time relationship with Juliet. Justin realized things were moving very fast, and sensed there was a problem (unlike Hannah Montana's "He Could Be The One" episode where Miley was falling in love with her guitarist and was actually debating with herself if she loved him more than Jake. But I digress. I could make so many comparisons between WOWP and HM, but it just wouldn't be fair). These two scenarios in Dream Date seem very relevant to kids in "young love" relationships, and how the characters dealt with their respective issues was played out very well.

    Although these are very contrasting scenarios, the writers were able to fit both of them in the same episode with a positive effect. I feel like many other Disney shows have very cookie-cutter relationship plot lines that give a false impression/ideal to the viewers of what a relationship's time line is. Dream Date deals with both a long term and a short term relationship, and shows that the outcomes vary and are not set in stone. I even liked how they threw in Max's relationship with the hot dog lady. It's needed comic relief that fits in-line with the theme of the rest of the episode.

    This is getting a lot longer than I thought, so I'll just mention one more thing (I apologize if this review seems rambly, but I just watched the episode for the second time and can't get over how good it is. My brain just shat all over the computer trying to get these ideas down quickly and was not able to articulate my thoughts as well as I had hoped). It was nice of the writers to wrap up the story line with Dean as we are nearing the end of season 2. Many of the relationships in WOWP go unexplained, and the love interests just disappear. So this episode was a breath of fresh air.

    Final note: Usually I hate it when Disney replays the same episodes 5 times a day, every day, but I can watch the Wizards vs. Vampires saga over and over and not get sick of it (and that's not just because I love WOWP).moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • This is the second time the magic carpet has been featured. The first time being in "You Can't Always Get What You Carpet".

    • Magical Items:
      Dream Helmet - enables one to enter another's dreams. Since they know that it's a dream they can control was happens in the dream.
      Spells Featured:
      "What I need now is the opposite of clean, make me a girl without hygiene" - Alex uses this spell to turn herself into a filthy, disgusting slob.

    • Juliet admits that she loves Justin in this episode.

    • In this episode, we find out that Dean moved away, which explains his long absence.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • (Alex is displeased with how her date with Dean is going)
      Dean: You've got to stop eating like that. A giant hunk of meat will just wreck your heart.
      Alex: Yeah, that's not the only thing that's wrecking my heart.

    • Harper: Touch screen ordering? It's dehumanizing when a robot gets your order wrong, and if we don't watch out, robots are going to unite and take over everything!
      Alex: How do you know I'm not one? (in a monotone voice) I'm not one?... I'm not one?... I'm not one?...
      Harper: IT'S HAPPENING!!!

    • Juliet: Hey Max, maybe you could help me with something. How do you get your brother to say what he's thinking?
      Max: Oh, I use randomness.
      Juliet: What?
      Max: I say random things and while try to figure it out, they say stuff that's on their mind. Do ever notice that pineapples never wear bathrobes?
      Juliet: What, why would you even say that? We were just talking about how Justin doesn't want to go on vacation with me and how I am really upset by that because I think I might be in love with him. (pauses) Hey, that random thing really works!
      Max: What, What random thing? I haven't even done it yet.

    • Alex: You were right, Dean and I are growing a part and I've been fooling myself by going into his dreams.
      Harper: You only made it worse because you created "dream Dean" and now you expect Dean to be something he's not.
      Alex: Harper, I already said you were right. See, a lot of times you are right, and this is exactly why I don't tell you!

    • Juliet: (to Justin) Hey, remember when you said you loved me?
      Justin: Yeah, that was embarrassing.

    • (Alex is tring to repulse Dean)
      Dean: I'm gonna try and say this as nice as I can. You look like something I snaked out of my shower drain.

  • NOTES (4)