Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 3 Episode 9

Wizards vs. Werewolves Part One

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 22, 2010 on Disney Channel
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Alex and Mason's relationship grows as they become closer, but Alex grows suspicious when he begins to disappear at night.

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  • The best of the series.

    Well, what can I say...I absolutely loved this episode, and I would find it extremely odd for anyone to think other wise on this being the best WOWP episode ever. It might be hard to write a review for this one, so I'm going to have to go dramatic narrator on this... As the relationship between Alex and Mason grows stronger, many questions come afoot, as Mason begans to mysteriously disappear at night. When the only reason may be him seeing another girl, Alex hopes to seek out the truth. Along with her best friend Harper, it come to unveal the dark secret that Mason possesses at the turn of the moonlight; yeah, he's a werewolf. Meanwhile, Justin still seeks to find his vampire girlfriend Juliet, with the comical support of his naive brother Max. Though, his hope of getting her back may be lost. Alex has come to tune with Mason, knowing that their bond is strong as her heart tells her. But acknowledging that there are others with lost happieness, Alex has the determination of reviving the broken heart of her older brother. Mason, with the ability to obtain a keen wolf-like sense, is able to track down the location of Juliet, who has been ultimately trapped in suspended animation as the mummy's slave. However, after a comical way of defeating the mummy, Justin has finally found his love again. But the drama continues as the unvealing of a special connection between Juliet and Mason procedes, as they were once together many years ago. (they used to date, apparently) Justin and Alex are in shock, but all comes to worse when the Mason openly admits feelings for Juliet in front of Alex. This leads Alex to a broken heart, feeling betrayed by the one she loved. Mason regrets his mistake, which came out of impuse, and hopes to prove to Alex of his true feelings for her. With the help of the supportive Max, Mason convinces Alex to help him find the magical necklace that unvealed Alex's love for Mason, and will ultimately prove his love for her. Upon leaving for the place where the necklace was lost, Justin, along with Juliet and Max confront Mason, believing him not to be trusted. Alex is determined to find out if Mason truely loves her, Justin still remains unconvined and demands his sister's return home. But in anger, Mason unleashes his transformation into a werewolf and attacks Justin. Juliet attempts to protect Justin, unleashes her vampire powers to fight Mason as a werewolf. During the intense fight scene, Alex finds the true love necklace but is unable to obtain it. Juliet final attempt to stop werewolf Mason is biting him. But the vampire bite apparently puts Mason in the fate of enternally become a wolf, whereas Juliet, being scratched by Mason, will lose her powers as a vampire and revert to her old age as a mortal. Although, Alex gets the necklace and it glows, showing that Mason loves her, they can no longer be together as Mason will be uncontrollable as a wolf. Mason tranforms and leaves, while Juliet becomes her 2,000 year-old age and leaves after saying her final goodbyes to Justin, who she she can no longer be with, will keep in her heart forever. Alex and Justin are left broken-hearted upon forever losing their true loves. With the only hope that they will find normal people, this can never occur as they come to terms that they themselves, aren't normal people. Well, this was defenately a perfect episode for the series. Although, I've acknowledged it before that this show is one of the best on Disney Channel, I feel even more convinced. These actors are extremely talented, and although the ending was sad, you know it's special when you discover how some characters, though fictional, are like real people if their feelings are true. Even wizards can suffer from a broken heart. I've always had some great laughes with this series, but what's great is that there is always room for drama that really captures you rather than being repulsive like on some other shows. Though, there might not always be a happy ending, but at least there is always room for respect to those who bring the story to life. I truely applaud the creators of this program because even kids shows should be enjoyed by those who like a little realism in what they see, yet still be highly entertained. This is a fine example of a true family program. I love Wizards of Waverly Place, and I hope they will keep it going for a long time.moreless
  • mason is hot -spoiler alert

    mason's hot alex falls for him he ends he likes juliet alex gets her heart broken. it was a really ggood episode. mason to me seems kind of like a jerk in the early ending part. but then alex throws her magic necklace at his head and misses, and then masin was like put the necklace on me so i can show u how much i luv u .then they have to go back to transyvania. to find the necklac. then justin was like u already broke my sisters heaart before i am not letting u do it again. Then mason and justin gets in a fight. then juliet came in to protect justin . then she gets scratched by mason and then she bit mason so juliet showed her real age and mason turned in to a wolf forevermoreless
  • 1 hour episode

    in this episode justin trys to look for his lover Juilet and then Alex learns that her friend is a werewofl but his from is lame jacob's wolf form from Twilight is much better and I am glad Alex dumps the guy and then they beat the mummy and why is max clueless and the wolf loser battle the guy and justin kind of has good fighting skills and juilet loses her powers just to save justin and she turns into a old hag and leaves justin with a broke heart and the guys are not normal people and it's a sad endingmoreless
  • bravo wowp you are the best

    hi this is my first review at TV.com.

    i am always the biggest fan of wizards of Waverly place,but this episode really has something that we didn't see in Disney channel now a days,is great acting.this whole cast really are the best of Disney channel show ever,there comic timing,emotions everything is perfect especially from Selena Gomez.

    i might be exaggerated Selena Gomez acting but she will definitely win an Oscar someday for her movies really the best actress Disney has ever produced.

    This episode was one of the few dramatic episodes on Disney shows and unlike the others this one shine.

    way to go wizards of Waverly place.moreless
  • Wow! a dark "Wizards of Waverly Place" 1-hour TV Movie which is also the first episode to ever get a TV-PG rating

    This review is for both Parts 1 and 2 of this 1-hour TV Movie. Wow! this has got be the darkest "Wizards of Waverly Place" episode/1-hour TV Movie that I have ever seen. It is also the first episode to ever get a TV-PG rating. Probably because the entire episode is dark and will probably frighten very young viewers. This 1-hour TV Movie actually has more drama and less comedy. It seems like the writers didn't want to focus on making it too funny and wanted to do something different so it's more of a drama 1-hour TV Movie which is interesting and awesome. There were a few parts that made me laugh but not like super hard. The biggest laugh I've ever seen was the very end of the episode when Jerry was using those ruby mummy eyes and tried to hypnotize Teresa but it failed. It was great that Justin saved Juliet from the mummy and that they are back together again. Mason and Juliet seem to be excited about seeing each other because they used to date each other. Alex doesn't think that Mason loves her anymore but they find the heart necklace that shows if Mason still loves Alex or not. Mason still loves Alex. Sadly after Juliet did bite Mason, she turns into a thousand year old vampire so she can't be with Justin anymore and she goes to the forest. Mason must also go to the forest as well. It is very sad that both Alex and Justin lost their true loves in the end. Overall, this is definitely the darkest "Wizards of Waverly Place" episode/1-hour TV Movie that I have ever seen. 10/10moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Goof: When Mason is taking off the necklace to return it to Alex at the end, he starts to take it off over his head but the chain breaks. You can hear him gasp in surprise before he gives up and hands it over.

    • Goof: How can Justin have a picture of Juliet? It had been said previously that vampires don't show up in pictures.

    • If Juliet was to actually turn back into her real age of 2193 years and lose her vampire powers, she would not only look much older than she did after transforming, but her body should have turned to dust as she would have died of natural old age over 2000 years before.

    • We learn that when a Werewolf is bitten by a Vampire, they become a wolf forever, and that when a Vampire is scratched by a Werewolf, they lose their vampire powers and turn back into their real age.

    • This episode was rated TV-PG because of violence and Mason's werewolf form.

    • Juliet is two thousand one hundred and ninety-three years old.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Justin: (reading Juliet's missing person's poster) "Lost Vampire: blonde, cute fangs, likes nose kisses. Answers to Juliet or Schnoogly-Boo-Boo-Mc.Cutiekins".

    • Justin: (after Max walks into the lair with a little boy) Who's the kid?
      Max: Well, no mummies came by, but I did find something that's just as useful. Go ahead kid, tell him what you told me.
      Little Boy: (crying, with an English accent) I've lost me mummy.
      (Justin glares angerly at Max who looks confedent)
      Max: All we have to do is find his mummy, which could lead us to our mummy.
      Justin: He's an English wizard! It sounds like 'mummy', but he means MOMMY!

    • (stopping Mason after he runs out of the Sub Station)
      Harper: Ah-ha! Not so fast, you two-timing Brit! Who is she?
      Mason: (struggling) Let me go!
      Alex: Harper, what are you doing? The plan was to follow him, not to wrestle him.
      Harper: I know, but I ran a lot in Gym today, so I'm tired. I just wanted to get to it.

    • Theresa: (to Alex, who is crying in the lair) Oh sweetie. Oh, I know how much it hurts when your heart gets broken. But time will heal it. On the bright side, we're all really happy to see you have feelings!
      Alex: Mason told Juliet he loved her, right in front of me.

    • Alex: (after Mason leaves) Okay, I know what you'll all thinking. That every time he's here, he suddenly leaves without a good explanation. And now he says he buys a lot off jewelry. So this could only mean one thing!
      Harper: He has another girlfriend.
      Alex: Thanks a lot Harper! I was just going to say that he was a international jewel thief with the feds on his tail, but yours is probably close.

    • Alex: (to Mason) I was just thinking... maybe we should go to the movies tonight. There's this new coming-of-age horror film entitled "I Know What You Did Last Night and You're Not Fooling Me At All You Dirty Cheater".
      Mason: That's a rather long title for a movie.
      Alex: Well it's a sequel. Sequel titles are usually longer. The first one was called "What's Her Name Dirty Cheater?".

    • Alex: British people are so cute. I wish Americans came from England.

    • Alex: (about Mason) Well, he was sure in a hurry to get out of here.
      Theresa: Oh, I'm sorry Honey. I hope the dinner date didn't make him feel uncomfortable.
      Alex: Oh no, that's okay. I'm glad he's coming to dinner. I mean once he sees how messed up all of you are, he'll realize what a miracle I am!

    • (about finding Juliet)
      Max: Look, Justin, you're going to find her. And not just because you're a monster hunter, but because you're my brother.
      Justin: What makes you think I'm going to find her?
      Max: Because in the ten years that I've known you, I've never seen you give up on anything.
      Justin: You really do have your moments of wisdom, don't you Max? (pauses) You've known me longer than ten years!
      Max: Yeah, I wasn't really paying attention at the beginning though. Alex told me you were a butler.

    • Mason: Now, based on the fact that neither of you ran off, I'd say you also have a secret. What are you an elf, a wizard, a genie, or just desperate?
      (Harper signs the last choice)
      Alex: I'm a wizard.
      Harper: And I'm not. And right now, I'm kinda glad.

    • Max: (about the giant squid) If you're so sure it wasn't Juliet, why'd you hug it for so long?
      Justin: It wasn't a hug, it was strangling me! I don't know whose a bigger idiot: the guy who told you that mummies like to hide their minions in underwater sea caves, or me for believing you!
      Max: Hey, don't leave me out of the idiot contest!

    • (Alex finds out Mason is a werewolf and admits she's a wizard)
      Mason: I just knew there was something about you. I apologize for rushing off all the time, but now you can see what the moon does to me. (looks at the necklace he got her) Your necklace is still glowing!
      Alex: So? Must be the batteries.
      Mason: No, I lied, it's not battery-operated. It's a magic necklace. It only glows when your in love with the person who put it on you.
      Alex: Well, then...I guess it works. Very convenient too because now I don't have to tell you, which is something I'm not really good at.
      Mason: Usually when girls find out I'm a werewolf, they run off. Which can only be taken as a break-up.
      Alex: Does this look like I'm running off?
      (Alex and Mason hug)
      Harper: Aw. That's so freaky and romantic at the same time!

    • Alex: (after Mason kisses her on the cheek) Hey, I've been meaning to ask you something. I thought that when a werewolf kisses a non-werewolf, they turn into a werewolf.
      Mason: That's only with mutts, I'm a purebred.
      Alex: Ha, hear that Justin? My boyfriend's a purebred!

    • Justin: Alex, thank you for not letting me give up on Juliet. It feels good to have hope again.
      Alex: You know, ever since I met Mason, stuff like hope doesn't actually annoy me anymore.

    • Mason: Alex, I didn't mean what I said earlier. I was in shock from seeing Juliet, but I want to be with you.
      Alex: Really?
      Mason: Yes, I do.
      Alex: Look, Mason, I've been in shock too. Like the time I accidentally made my brother disappear, or the time I accidentally made my parents not know who I was, or the time I accidentally got myself trapped in a horror film, or the time I accidentally...
      Theresa: (interrupting) Honey, Honey, we know, you messed up a lot.
      Alex: (back to Mason) Yes. And still I've never accidentally told somebody that I loved them...when I didn't.

    • Jerry: (about Mason) That accent makes it really hard to hold a grudge.

    • (Alex puts the true love necklace on Mason and it glows)
      Alex: You do love me.
      Mason: I do. But it's too late for us.
      Alex: No!
      Mason: You can never have a normal life with me now.
      Alex: But, I'm a wizard. Nothing about my life has ever been normal!

    • Juliet: Justin, I'm going to look my real age.
      Justin: I'm not so shallow that I would let something like an age difference come in between us.
      Juliet: I'm two thousand, one hundred and ninety three years old.
      Justin: (in shock) That's a lot of years.

    • Alex: Promise me we'll find normal people.
      Justin: We're not normal people.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Lady & The Tramp.

      Mason and Alex eating the sandwich and having their lips meet in the middle is a reference to Lady and Tramp eating spaghetti and having their lips meet in the middle.

    • Justin: (to Mason) Listen Ringo...

      This a reference to British musician, Ringo Star, who was an original member of the popular 1960s band, the Beatles.