Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 1 Episode 6

You Can't Always Get What You Carpet

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 10, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • One of the better ones from Season 1

    This episode, being the first WOWP produced, was one of the better episodes of Season 1. I didn't really find Alex's plot enjoyable nor was I able to really get into it that much. However, it did have one or two scenes, especially the scene where Alex and Jerry go flying and he starts shouting at her. Justin's plot made me laugh quite a lot and so I found it very funny. Apart from that being said, this episode should be given a go and is one of the best of Season 1, which isn't that great.
  • pretty good episode but it was rushed a little bit


    pretty good episode but it was rushed a little bit. Alex stumbles upon Jerry's old magic carpet and convinces him to give her flying lessons. i didnt find the beginning very funny. it was rushed a little bit to me. the middle was ok. i was pretty funny when Tresa started singing on Justin's guitar was pretty funny. the family having a silent dinner was pretty funny. and when Justin says he's a big boy and when he's in his room and freaked out with the stuff he put in it was hilarious. Minus the beginning the episode was pretty good.

  • Daddy's little girl can't always get the way she wants.

    That's the lesson this episode teaches. You can't always expect to get what you want in life. And the teach this lesson well in this episode. I like that Alex has trouble communicating with her dad, when Jerry doesn't want to lose her little girl. They do that plot a lot, but they really did it great here.

    Its also nice that for once, Alex and Justin work on the same side so that Justin can be nice and help out his sister. and thanks to Justin, Alex is great on flying the carpet and her and Jerry are better than ever again. So I believe this episode was really great and kind of touching, and one of my favorites.
  • This episode was totally hilarious and I really loved it.

    Justin and Max are putting up wallpaper for Alex's room. Alex finds a magic carpet in the basement and puts it in her room. Justin is treated unfairly and is ignored by his father. Justin finds an animals head in the garbage. Alex wants her dad to teach her how to fly a magic carpet. When Alex asks Justin how his new room is coming along he said he sleeps like a baby there. Justin gives Max the animal head. Max's mother doens't let him keep the animals head. When there mom was talking to Max she said one of my favorite lines- When I was in Justin's room that thing was checking me out.
  • funny

    Alex finds an old carpet that turns out to be a magic carpet. She asks her dad to teach her how to fly it, but he says that she's too young. But she convinces him after showing him a cute face. Justin tries to make his room look man enough by using manly like artifacts in his room. I had a great time watching this episode, it's really funny. The story was funny. The jokes were pretty good. The actors were doing great looking funny without looking pretentious. I had a great time with this episode, I can't wait for the next episode.
  • carpet riding; love it, you hate it, it all goes down to bleh!

    While redecorating her room, Alex finds out that a carpet in her room is actualyl a magic carpet! When she askes Jerry to make her some lessions, he says no, as he already teached Justin (absinminded). But, does so, anyways.

    Man, Jerry and Alex haden't hit it off right for this. Jerry, with commaneded yelling, tells Alex to go and go, and go... it sounds like pressure!

    One night, Justin comes into the rescue, and helps Alex with her steering and dexterity with the carpet. It was awesome, I know.

    Jerry fins this out, but, in fact, he wasen't angry. He helps Alex with her carpet fliying. Another great installment, I must say.
  • superb

    alex finds an old magic carpet and wants jerry to teach her how to fly. but she realizes how strict he is when he is teaching her, and they get in a fight. will alex be able to set things right and learn how to fly?

    another good episode from the first season, which i think is probably their worst, as i don't think the episodes are always as funny as they are later on. but this one was pretty good, my overall grade for this episode is an A or so, really just a good episode i think so
  • Daddys little girl....

    Alex finds a magic carpet while redoing her room so Alex wants to go on flying lessons. Alex guilt trips her dad into taking flying lessons and they get into a fight while flying. Alex does everything to get him to not be mad at her and he is still mad at her so Justin wakes her up at night and take her flying on the carpet to teach her to be a better flyer for her next lesson. Justin also is trying to man up his room, manning up his room just scared him more, he also had girl wall paper on his walls. Great episode 7.9.
  • A great episode. Alex and Justin actually get along in this episode.

    In this episode we learn that Alex is very spoiled by her dad. She gets everything what she wants which annoys Justin. When Alex finds a magic carpet and asks her dad to teach her how to ride it he refuses. He ally tells her that he taught Justin though so he agrees to give her lessons. Alex's dad keeps pressuring her so she can't concentrate and she ends up doing poorly. Justin decides that he would help. Alex wonders why he would do that. Justin hopes that one day Alex would do something nice for him. Alex does, she tells him not to use his toothpaste. There was barely any sibling rivalry in this episode which I liked, but I didn't like the fact that Alex was spoiled. It makes things seem so unfair to Justin and Max. They worked so hard trying to make Alex's room look good, but then have to redo it because Alex wants a different wallpaper.