Wizards of Waverly Place

Season 1 Episode 6

You Can't Always Get What You Carpet

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 10, 2007 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Justin, Max, and Jerry are putting up wallpaper in Alex's bedroom. Max plays with the wood glue and pretends to use karate. Jerry takes a sip of root beer. Alex comes in and brings in furry, purple wallpaper to put up, annoying most of the guys. Jerry decides to put up the furry, purple wallpaper. Justin, who calls himself the "J-Man", wants new wallpaper. Alex offers him her old wallpaper to go with his action figures and water stain. Alex and the others leave to put up the old wallpaper in Justin's room, while Justin is left and is kind of jealous. The opening credits roll.

In the next scene, Alex goes to her living room with a carpet. Justin and Max come out with pink paint all over them, claiming that they were putting wallpaper. Max enjoys it. Justin wants new wallpaper to make himself look cool. Theresa's kinda unnerved, and offers him Jerry's chair that's shaped like a baseball glove. Jerry hears this and tries to find it.

Alex is seen in her room trying to brush her new wallpaper. The carpet she's standing on starts floating. Alex quickly realizes that it's a flying carpet. Meanwhile, her parents are talking to Justin about what stuff he should put in his room. He has Theresa's old guitar and a tiki doll. They hear a noise upstairs, go to Alex's room, and realize what's going on when Alex is seen falling from the ceiling. Her parents scold her for getting the flying carpet. Max falls down as well due to being on the flying carpet. Jerry keeps scolding her. Alex pouts and tries to guilt Jerry. She finds out that her dad taught Justin how to ride a carpet. Jerry then tries to leave, but Alex causes to reluctantly get her to ride.

The next scene shows Jerry cleaning what looks like the flying carpet's motor. Jerry then starts telling what Alex should do when riding the carpet. They put on their helmets and ride. During the ride, Jerry complains that Alex is riding too fast, not looking correctly, and thinking too much. Alex is annoyed about how her dad is yelling at her. They're then flying rapidly throughout New York, with both of them screaming.

At their house, Theresa is seen trying to sing with her guitar. Alex and Jerry come in the house. They're both angry at each other about the carpet ride. They leave while Justin comes in with a warthog head to put in his bedroom. Alex comes and talks to Justin about her dad being mad with her. She asks about what she should do. Justin says that they should get Jerry breakfast for dinner and baked ziti. Alex also demands $10 from Justin in order to get baked ziti.

In the dinner scene, Jerry is seen angry. He seems to be ignoring Alex. Max complains about vegetables for some reason. Despite her efforts, Alex can't make Jerry happy. Max makes another comment about not wanting to take a bath. Theresa gives an odd look at him.

At Alex's bedroom, Justin comes and wakes her. Alex quickly punches him. She reveals that she and Max play pranks on Justin when he's asleep. Then, she tries to go back to sleep. Justin says that he wants teach Alex how to fly in order to get her dad to respect her. They both leave to fly the carpet.

They're both seen flying at New York again. Justin seems to be a better teacher compared to Jerry. They run at a floating traffic light for birds. Then, a baseball comes and hits Justin in the head. Then they try to do the "Loop de loop". Later, Alex thanks Justin for helping her ride. Alex asks her about her new room. A quick scene at his room shows that he's obviously scared of the warthog head, the tiki doll, and everything else. So, he gives it to Max.

At the sub shop, Theresa quickly tells Max to not keep that thing. Max keeps it anyway. Theresa's worried about Jerry and Alex not being around for more than ten minutes. She tells Justin to get the broom, but Alex and Jerry are seen outside with the carpet. Jerry admits that he Alex has to grow up. Alex says that she doesn't want to grow up, she just wants to fly, and maybe even have a credit card, which upsets Jerry a little. So, Jerry's impressed at Alex's flying skills. She leaves. And Jerry thanks Justin for teaching Alex. Jerry knew this when he saw the baseball game and the ball never came back to the stadium, or went down for that matter. The episode ends.

As a bonus, Selena Gomez is seen showing the audience how the flying carpet worked in the show. She also shows a blooper that happened while filming the episode.