Wizards vs. Aliens

Season 1 Episode 1

Dawn of the Nekross, Pt. 1 (Original UK Version)

Aired Unknown May 27, 2013 on

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  • wow this series is gonna be great.

    HOW DOES HE DO IT!!!!!? russel you are a genius somehow you take corney and just sheer stupid and turn it into BRILLIANCE this has all the elements anyone who loves russel t davies series the corney the stupid the special effects the story the characters you fall in love with. oh yes my favourite throughout the episodes hey aliens don't exist, hey magic doesn't exist uh huh wow this is gonna be a WONDERFUL series. CONGRATS DAVIES AND COMPANY. don't worry actors and actresses i love you too the characters were breathed life into you too. let me say this you want a series with magic and science and debate and depth of characters and the corney and the stupid here it is all wrapped up neatly into one series. :D