WKRP in Cincinnati

Season 4 Episode 13


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 27, 1982 on CBS
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When Venus learns that he's going to be interviewed by a militant black magazine, he adopts a new wardrobe and manner in order to seem more in touch with black culture. Meanwhile, Jennifer offers to change Herb's image, starting with picking out new, tasteful clothes for him.moreless

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    Tom Dreesen

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      • Les: Have you ever wondered why Russian women look like men?
        Bailey: I hadn't noticed.
        Les: I think they kidnap men from all over the world, take them to Moscow, and turn them into Russian women. That's what I think happened to Jimmy Hoffa. By now he's probably a grandmother in the Ukraine.

      • Herb: Watch out for those reporters, they'll tear you to pieces. I mean, they already have their story, and then they come up here with this pre-conceived notion and put a hatchet right in your back. Remember last year when I was on that TV show? They killed me.
        Venus: Yeah, but I'm not trying to hide anything.
        Herb: I wasn't trying to hide anything!
        Andy: Come on, Herbert, you were trying to pretend you were something you're not.
        Venus: Human.
        Herb: Aren't we all trying to hide something? And in the larger sense, isn't that what makes us human?
        Venus: Where'd you get that speech?
        Herb: Read it on a T-Shirt.

      • Bailey: Have you noticed that you can't tell what color someone is over the phone?
        Venus: I guess not.
        Bailey: That's right! Stereotype thinking! I mean, when I heard Black Life Magazine, I was expecting him to be like "Hey, little momma, you tell the dude I'll be here at fo'." But he didn't. He sounded just like you!

      • Venus: What does she mean "just like me?" I'm black, I'm from the street, I can say "fo'!"
        Johnny: That's right, Kingfish. You is, and you does. But the problem is, you sound neutral.
        Venus: Neutral. You mean 'white.'
        Johnny: Well, don't worry, pal. I've heard you say "upside your head," things like that. Don't worry, you can pass for black.
        Venus: I don't want to "pass for black," I want to be black! What the hell am I saying?

      • Jennifer: (seeing Venus in his new outfit) Are you Earth, Wind, or Fire?
        Venus: I'm Fire, baby, 'cause women seek the heat.
        Johnny: Interesting that that's a cultural myth you're not denying.
        Venus: That's 'cause that one's true.

      • Herb: (in his new, tasteful three-piece suit) Oh, and before I go, I want you to know that Reaganomics is working. It's supply-side, not trickle-down, and we wouldn't dream of taking all the money out of social programs and giving it to big business. (to Jennifer) How was that?
        Jennifer: A little too good, Herb.

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