WKRP in Cincinnati

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 16, 1978 on CBS
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While doing a live broadcast from a stereo shop, Johnny's broadcast is interrupted by a robber who is actually an out of work DJ.

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  • Hamilton Was Camp!

    It was so good to see such an actor as the late Hamilton Camp featured in this episode.

    Playing his character with the staccato diatribe as a fast talking, free walking stereo salesman of that time was spot on. And his interactions with the WKRP staff gave me a big kick.

    Many of you do not know about Hamilton Camp. He was an actor, songwriter and musician.

    In fact one of his songs, Pride of Man, was a big hit for Gordon Lightfoot and Quicksilver Messenger Service..

    Good episode.... adieu Hamiltonmoreless
  • Johnny and Herb go to work doing ad times for WKRP at an electronics store when the store is visiting by a would be robber.

    Johnny and Herb do ad times for an electronics store. Things go from bad to worse especially when a would be robber comes to the store.

    A hilarious episodes. Again I don't think too many other shows could take such a plot like this and make it funny.

    Howard Hessman was great as Johnny Fever. He definitely was one of the more interesting characters on the show. Frank Bonner was great as always as Herb.

    Anyways, like on many times on the show, you had a situation where things went from bad to worse.

    This was another example. Johnny and Herb go to work for a store that's paying them for air time. Everything goes bad. They had audio difficulties, the guy that hired them is a bit of a jerk. However, that's nothing compared to the robber coming to their store.

    However, as the creative writing of this show has proven is that they can make this fun and enlighting.

    The robber turns out to be an out of work DJ. Johnny is such a great guy that he let's the guy host the program that he was supposed to host.

    He then really goes above any compassion when he decides to cover up for the robber when the police get there.

    You know any other show the robber would be seen as a low life-form but the writers of the show made the robber into realistic, normal guy who unfortunately has hit his wits end and now has pursued the only option left in his life to survive, crime.

    A classic episode like always by WKRP.moreless
Gary Sandy

Gary Sandy

Andy Travis

Gordon Jump

Gordon Jump

Arthur "Big Guy" Carlson

Richard Sanders

Richard Sanders

Les Nessman

Frank Bonner

Frank Bonner

Herb Tarlek

Howard Hesseman

Howard Hesseman

John "Dr. Johnny Fever" Caravella

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    • Johnny: Right now I'd like to describe some of the incredible action that's going on down here. A man we believe might be a customer has just come from freshening up, and it looks like he's... leaving. No, wait a minute, he's paused there, maybe he's going to chat with Del Murdock, personable owner of Del's Stereo and Sound... yes he is, maybe he's going to buy something, and he's...no, no, he's pulled out a gun...uh, for any policemen who might be listening, apparently we're being held up here at Del's Stereo and Sound...

    • Bucky: Del, I got a van parked out front with a stereo system that could blow this whole store right into the river.

    • Johnny: Speed kills, Del.

    • Del: I've been checking around. I don't see how you guys can do these commercials so cheap.
      Johnny: Oh, you'll understand when you see the response you get.

    • Del: Hah? Hah? Did you ever see such a selection in your life? Wait a minute, I know exactly what you're going to say. "Can Del Murdock, personable owner of Del's Stereo and Sound, set me up with the exact stereo system I need?" Well, let's take a look at you: Busy executive on the go, your belt matches your shoes, but there's a hole in your life. Well, let's fill that hole with sound!

  • NOTES (4)

    • Music Changes: All songs replaced. Andy, Herb, and "Bob Boogie" have some of their lines dubbed over by voice impersonators.

    • Songs: "Mercedes Benz" by Janis Joplin; "Like a Rolling Stone" by Bob Dylan; "Light Up The Sky" by Van Halen

    • Most of the first-season writers appear in this episode: Bill Dial (as Bucky Dornster), Hugh Wilson (as the cop who shouts "Freeze!"), and Tom Chehak and Blake Hunter (in non-speaking roles as two other cops).

    • Jan Smithers, Tim Reid and Loni Anderson do not appear in this episode.