WKRP in Cincinnati

Season 1 Episode 1

Pilot (1)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 18, 1978 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • In the opening credits of the first half of the first season, the song snippet that you hear on the radio is Glen Campbell's "Dreams of the Everyday Housewife."

    • We learn Jennifer Marlowe's middle name is "Elizabeth".

    • The last song Johnny introduces prior to the station's change in format to rock n' roll is The Halleluiah Tabernacle Choir's version of the Paul Anka hit "You're Having My Baby," or in this case "You're Having Our Baby."

    • When Johnny Fever first plays rock music and cuts loose over the air, he starts the record on the first track. When the scene ends, however, we can see that the tonearm of the turntable has moved all the way on top of the record's label in the center.

    • Venus's confusing backstory begins here: He is introduced as the #1 nighttime Disc Jockey in New Orleans. In "The Creation of Venus" (episode # 87), it's revealed that he was actually a part-time DJ and full-time schoolteacher.

    • In this pilot episode, WKRP is a 50,000 watt station. In the series, it was changed to a "more realistic" 5,000 watts.

  • Quotes

    • Bailey: Hi, Johnny.
      Johnny: Bailey, you've come to feed me.

    • Andy: I see before me a very shrewd manager.
      Carlson: True. Yeah.
      Andy: A man smart enough to hire the right people.
      Carlson: That's very astute.
      Andy: And then you just step aside and let them run the operation.
      Carlson: Son of a gun. You read me like a book.

    • Andy: Mr. Carlson, we talked on the phone, right, and you promised me a free hand to run this station.
      Carlson: I should never use the phone. Cut that thing in half. Just use it for listening.

    • Jennifer: Would you like to see the Big Guy?
      Andy: The Big Guy?
      Jennifer: The Skipper, the Chief, the Head Honcho, the jerk who runs this place.

    • Herb: Morning, Jennifer.
      Jennifer: Morning, Herb.
      Herb: Any calls?
      Jennifer: No.
      Herb: Messages?
      Jennifer: Nope.
      Herb: Mail?
      Jennifer: None.
      Herb: Okay, how about lunch?
      Jennifer: No lunch either.
      Herb: Dinner?
      Jennifer: Busy.
      Herb: Okay, how about later, my place?
      Jennifer: You're married, Herb.
      Herb: Oh, yeah.

  • Notes

    • The transmission tower seen in the opening credits of WKRP in Cincinnati actually belonged to Cincinnati's NBC affiliate, WLWT; it had been located at 2222 Chickasaw St. in Cincinnati.

    • Music Changes: A Ted Nugent song (the very first rock song Johnny Fever played on
      WKRP) is replaced with generic music. (Interestingly, though, the
      Nugent song is intact when this scene is repeated in two other
      episodes--"Mama's Review" and "The Creation of Venus." Which proves
      nothing except that the process of licensing music for this package
      seems to have been pretty haphazard.) At least that's Howard
      Hesseman's real voice saying "booger." In the tag, the song Venus plays, "Dance Dance Dance" by Chic, has been replaced.

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