WKRP in Cincinnati

CBS (ended 1982)





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  • One of the all time best sitcoms..!

    WKRP was only on the air for four seasons but this could be attributed to the network's changing the time it was on and not the shows produced.

    With an eclectic cast ranging from Arthur Carlson, the lovable if slightly ill-suited president of the radio station, to Bailey Quarters, the sweet young woman looking for her niche at the station, every episode was worth watching.

    Personal favorites ( and there are so many) of this reviewer include ' Hoodlum Rock', ' Fish Story' and maybe the best sitcom episode of all time ' Turkeys Away'. For everyone who has watched this show, there are moments that literally make you laugh out loud like Mr. Carlson's use of ' foot powder', Les description of the Thanksgiving day promotion and so on.

    It is a shame that this series may never be released in its original format on DVD due to music copyright issues. This reviewer, and many others, would eagerly await such a release.