WKRP in Cincinnati

CBS (ended 1982)





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  • Not many programs should be designated as a classic. This is one that is worthy.

    Where to begin? The writing, the acting, the "feel" of the show which can be attributed to good directing and producing, everything clicked on WKRP. Most of the characters would not have lasted a month in a real radio station and somehow they all knew this and so they accepted one another, warts and all and somehow the whole was far greater than the sum of its parts.

    The biggest shame as has inevitably mentioned by other reviewers, the original music is missing from dvd and rebroadcast editions. That's ashame because in certain instances it was the extra character in the room. When Les gets ready for a date with Jennifer "Hot Blooded" is supposed to be playing in the background. But now it has another tune in the background.

    Kudos to WGN America for bringing this excellent program back to our consciousness.