WKRP in Cincinnati - Season 3

CBS (ended 1982)




Episode Guide

  • Clean Up Radio Everywhere
    Dr. Bob Halyers, head of the organization Clean Up Radio Broadcasting (CURB), visits Mr. Carlson with a list of "obscene" songs that he wants the station to stop playing- or else.
  • Till Debt Do Us Part
    When Johnny learns that his first ex-wife is planning to remarry, he is overjoyed at the thought of not having to pay alimony, and celebrates by inviting Bailey to take a trip with him. But he feels less happy about the situation when he meets the obnoxious womanizer his ex-wife is going to marry.moreless
  • Nothing to Fear But...
    Everyone is in the grip of urban paranoia after the station is robbed.
  • A Simple Little Wedding
    In honor of their twenty-fifth anniversary, Arthur and Carmen Carlson plan to get married again. They want a small, private ceremony, but Mama Carlson has other ideas.
  • Out to Lunch
    Out to Lunch
    Episode 18
    Herb's three-martini business lunches with an ad agency representative are causing him to mess up even more than usual, and it begins to seem that his use of alcohol as a sales tool is turning into a drinking problem.
  • Secrets of Dayton Heights
    The secret service refuses to grant Les credentials for a Presidential press conference, suspecting him of having radical affiliations. It turns out that the man who raised Les wasn't his father, and that his real father was a card-carrying Communist.
  • I Am Woman
    I Am Woman
    Episode 16
    When it is announced that the Flimm Building is to be torn down, Bailey starts a campaign to have the building declared a Cincinnati landmark. Everyone pitches in to help, until Mr. Carlson gets his mother's permission to build a new and better building.
  • Ask Jennifer
    Ask Jennifer
    Episode 15
    When Herb's choice as host of a new call-in advice show proves unable to go on the air, Jennifer takes over and becomes an instant success.
  • Dr. Fever and Mr. Tide (2)
    Johnny regrets his new TV persona when, off the air, he is soon bouncing back and forth between his Rip Tide and Johnny Fever personas, until he starts to realize that the dark side of his personality, as represented by Rip, is taking over.
  • Dr. Fever and Mr. Tide (1)
    When Johnny is forced by contractual obligations to host a TV disco dance show, he adopts the persona of Rip Tide, a sleazy, phony, disco-spinning host.
  • Venus and the Man
    Venus and the Man
    Episode 12
    The station's cleaning woman asks Venus to convince her big, tough teenage son not to drop out of school.
  • Frog Story
    Frog Story
    Episode 11
    Herb has accidentally spray-painted his daughter's pet frog Greenpeace pink and brings the frog to the station trying to find a way to save its life. Meanwhile, Les convinces Johnny that he is suffering from the dreaded "schistosomiasis."
  • Daydreams
    Episode 10
    When Mr. Carlson rehearses a dull speech in front of the WKRP staff, all the staffers drift off into daydreams about what they would most like to be: Herb as a Latin-American dictator, Jennifer as a '30s movie star, Les as a reporter covering the Blitz in 1940, Bailey as the President of the United States, Andy as a radio Mafioso, Venus as a standup comedian, and Johnny as a rock star.moreless
  • The Painting
    The Painting
    Episode 9
    At Mr. Carlson's church auction, Herb buys a painting that Bailey loves. He tries to get Mr. Carlson or Bailey to buy it from him...until he learns that it might be valuable.
  • Baby, It's Cold Inside
    On a day when the furnace has broken down, Mama Carlson pays a surprise visit to the station and catches Johnny drinking in the broadcast booth. She joins, letting the staff see a new side of her.
  • Bah, Humbug
    Bah, Humbug
    Episode 7
    Once again, Mr. Carlson plans to give the staffers almost no Christmas bonuses. But in a dream brought on by eating one of Johnny Fever's brownies, the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future visit him to show him the error of his ways.
  • A Mile in My Shoes
    A Mile in My Shoes
    Episode 6
    When Herb is called for jury duty, Andy takes over as sales manager and soon discovers just how tough it is trying to sell advertising time or collect from deadbeat clients. Meanwhile, Venus becomes acting program director and has to deal with Les's plan to disguise himself as a black man so that he can do a series of reports based on the book Black Like Me.moreless
  • Hotel Oceanview
    Hotel Oceanview
    Episode 5
    Andy, Mr. Carlson and Herb visit Dayton to try and land the advertising account for Vicky Von Vickey jeans. While Mr. Carlson worries about the notorious Dayton poisoner, Herb romances an old high school acquaintance and Andy has trouble with his slide projector.
  • The Baby
    The Baby
    Episode 4
    Mr. Carlson's wife goes into labor and the WKRP staffers all visit the hospital to be there when she gives birth.
  • Real Families
    Real Families
    Episode 3
    When Herb's family is featured in the show Real Families, he is sure that they can serve as an example of a clean living family. Unfortunately, the image Herb wants to convey is different from the reality shown on screen.
  • Jennifer Moves
    Jennifer Moves
    Episode 2
    The staff helps Jennifer move into her new $125,000 house in the quiet suburb of Landersville. But she soon finds out that life in Landersville isn't as pleasant as she thought it would be.
  • The Airplane Show
    The Airplane Show
    Episode 1
    Trying to compete with WPIG's traffic helicopter, Les starts doing traffic reports from a World War I biplane piloted by a crazy war veteran.