WKRP in Cincinnati

Season 4 Episode 21

To Err is Human

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 14, 1982 on CBS



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    • Salesman: You're tough. I like that in a broad.
      Jennifer: A what?
      Salesman: Lady. No, uh, woman. Which is "in" now?

    • Mr. Carlson: Well, Herb, what do you think? What we have here is an ad for Soul Suds Shampoo, a shampoo that's exclusively marketed to the hip black customer. Am I right?
      Herb: Yes, sir.
      Mr. Carlson: Then why are we looking at a picture of this really idiotic-looking white man?
      Herb: (into the phone) You call yourselves printers? There were fifty photos of a black guy in a tuxedo holding a bottle of shampoo, and one photo of a white guy barbecuing, and you used the white guy! ... I don't care which photo I marked. I made the mistake and you people were supposed to catch it, that's what I pay you for. Don't you remember? I screw up everything! You should know that if it comes from me, it's wrong!

    • Johnny: Here's how we do it. We go into the supermarket. (to Bailey) You create a ruckus in the produce section. (to Venus) You grab the poster, slip it under your jacket, we're out the door!
      Bailey: What kind of ruckus?
      Johnny: I don't know, uh, something with mangoes.
      Bailey: Mangoes?
      Andy: (entering) Hey, Venus, don't worry about the posters; they'll be out of the supermarkets by tomorrow.
      Venus: Thank goodness.
      Bailey: Oh, too bad. I was just getting a mental picture of me and those mangoes.
      Johnny: (interested) Yeah...?

    • Mr. Sherman: Could I feel your face?
      Jennifer: Is this some kind of sightless come-on?

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