WMAC Masters

FOX (ended 2003)


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  • It was fun!!!

    WMAC Masters was my favorite show when I was 8 years old. I don´t remember anyone who liked this show, and i don't know why... The fights were cool (Panther was the best, I think), the characters and te story were ridiculous, but it was a show about fighting, so what can we expect?
  • totally fun, but canceled before it\'s time.

    long story short it\'s a \"martial arts version of pro-wrestling\" some even call it \"a cross between mortal kombat and WWE smackdown,\" but what\'s so wrong with that? Pro-wrestling has lasted for decades without much complaint; why did WMAC masters only last 2 seasons?
    because it was marketed to little kids.

    first season was on durring an afterschool lineup which included animee and disney cartoons. do the same people who like animee and disney really want to see live action martial arts?
    second season went to a new network which stuck it in a saturday morning line up--but in the afternoon when most people/kids have already turned off the tv for the day.

    my point? as of late the few fans who are now all grown up (and with credit cards) would love to see this show on DVD (yes I know 6 episoides are on vhs all over ebay but I already own those!). and even those who were not fans can still be tricked in to watching it if \"they\" (who ever has the rights to it now) can find a way to market it to an appropriate age group (maybe 13-16? that\'s how old i was when i first fell in love with it.)