Wodehouse Playhouse - Season 2

BBC (ended 1978)


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Episode Guide

  • The Code of the Mulliners
    "Tonight's story, The Code Of The Mulliners, is of Archibald, who had two great advantages in his life, his love for Aurelia Cammarleigh and his ability to imitate a hen laying an egg - the latter is being imitated at this very moment at the Drones Club in Dover Street." Believing his mother to be insane, Archie Mulliner feels compelled to break off his engagement to Aurelia Cammarleigh. But a Mulliner never fails to honour a commitment, so he needs to find a way to get her to do the breaking up. Yvonne, an inventive actress, offers him a sure-fire plan.moreless
  • The Nodder
    The Nodder
    Episode 5
    "Tonight's story, The Nodder, set in the Hollywood of 1928, tears the tinsel from The Boulevard of Broken Dreams to reveal the simple story of a boy and girl - and a gorilla..." Mabel Ridgway, an expert bird imitator, agrees to marry fellow Hollywood studio employee Wilmot Mulliner on the condition that Wilmot, the ultimate yes-man, proves he is a Real Man. When a scary looking gorilla gets loose on the film lot, Wilmot is put to the test.moreless
  • Feet of Clay
    Feet of Clay
    Episode 4
    "Tonight's story, 'Feet Of Clay', tells of Agnes Flack and Sidney McMurdo who both had the true golfing spirit and so were able to win through to the 18th Hole Of Happiness despite the Bunkers Of Temptation along the way." Agnes Flack is engaged to fellow golf fanatic Sidney McMurdo, but while Sidney is away, Agnes meets and falls in love with suave fortune-hunter Jack Fosdyke. Jilted by Agnes, Sidney falls for Cora McGuffy Spottsworth, a writer who believes in reincarnation. Cora and Agnes eventually face off in the women's singles golf tournament.moreless
  • Strychnine in the Soup
    "Tonight's story, Strychnine in the Soup, tells how a young interior decorator won the hand of the girl he loved against all the odds, but not without a little dirty work behind the scenes..." Amelia Bassett and interior designer Cyril Mulliner, two mystery buffs, fall madly in love. But Amelia's mother, a rough-and-ready huntress, objects to their engagement because of Cyril's occupation. Cyril plans to confront his prospective mother-in-law at a country house weekend they all attend.moreless
  • Mr. Potter Takes a Rest Cure
    This episode tells of how an American publisher and a rising young politician were unwise enough to accept an invitation from the mother of Bobbie Wickham, a girl widely known as a dutiful daughter, a resourceful personality - and A Menace To Society.
  • Anselm Gets His Chance
    "Tonight's story, 'Anselm Gets His Chance', tells how the fortunes of even a humble curate can be improved if he has a girl like Myrtle Jellaby, a girl with a heart full of love and larceny!" P.G. Wodehouse 1975