Wolf Lake

CBS (ended 2002)


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Wolf Lake

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Seattle police detective John Kanin has a problem. He's in love, but shortly after agreeing to marry him, his girlfriend disapears. His search leads to her home town, where people are clearly hiding information from him. One of the things they are hiding is the fact that they are all wolves, as is John's girlfriend, Ruby.


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    • If you can find it, get it

      Sure the music and special effects are dated and low budget, but the story was solid and the acting above par. The only reason I can think of why this show was cancelled so quickly is the budget for the actors, It had some big names (Tim Matheson and Lou Diamond Phillips for starters), and a lot of people you'll recognize even if you don't know their names. A lot of the lesser knowns went on to do projects like The Vampire Diaries and 24 so, yeah, its that good.moreless
    • Worth watching...

      Even if they axed it like that. I firmly believe the story was too good for TV producers. The characters weren't shallow, good and bad wasn't black and white, I guess the networks prefer "easier" stories.

      Also, one of the best title themes I have ever heard.
    • Bring It Back

      Bring Back the show i love this show and i want to see more ending it like that and taking it off the air was very bad bring back the show
    • I want to see more of Wolf Lake. Why did they end the show. There are other people including myself who really like the show and have so many questions that need to be answered in the next series. What can we the fans do to help bring the show back?moreless

      I have seen almost all the episodes if not all of them. I have really enjoyed each episode and really hope they will bring it back. I don't understand why it was taken off the air because it seems to me that there are people who really like the show. I would like to see what happens to Sophie, is she going to change and hook up with Luke. Will John ever find Ruby and discover the truth about Wolf Lake? Will the Sheriff ever change into a wolf or will he continue to keep it inside? Who is the Indian man really? So many questions and we need the answers. Please bring back the show!moreless
    • I think this was a great show!!!

      I wish they would put this show back on air, I think it would get great ratings now! It is better than most of the shows on air now.This show has a story line with multiple characters which keeps you interested in watching it without it being to stupid I think they did a horrible thing taking it off the air. It would be nice if SyFy or some other channel would put this show back on the air. please give us shows that we want to watch and not the stupid ones nobody want!I would rate this show as a 10 even though they left it a cliff hanger I so wanted to see how,when Sophie flips or if she gets together with Luke and how the story plays out with ruby and john.moreless

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