Wolf Lake

Season 1 Episode 6

Four Feet Under

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Apr 10, 2002 on CBS



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    • Ruby: First my father, and now Matt Donner. How many more?
      Tyler: Hey, those aren't on me.
      Ruby: Save it. I know who's next on your list and if anything happens to him, if he has a motorcycle accident, if his car is run off the road, if he is hit by a meteor…
      Tyler: What? Gonna chop up my liver, with egg and onion?
      Ruby: To start.

    • Luke: (at Willard's grave) Who'd a' thought?
      Ruby: What?
      Luke: That it's a lot easier to talk to dad when he's dead.

    • Luke: (looking at funeral guests) Phonies, every last one of them. Look at them, eating his food, drinking his whiskey. Take Malachi. Clown wasn't fit to carry my dad's briefcase. Makes me want to puke. Sons of bitches, any one of them could have pulled the trigger.

    • Sherman: (to two pretty girls working as waitresses) I hope you don't mind my saying, but you two have such beautiful hands.
      Anita: Suki is a hand model.
      Sherman: And you?
      Anita: I'm a regular model.
      Sherman: And I am a 7,000 year old high school Biology teacher. (girls laugh) Laughter. Vital. Even at a funeral. Just stare into the void, and moon it.

    • Ruby: I love John Kanin, and I will always love John Kanin, no matter who's bed I have to sleep in, Tyler.

    • Matt: "If the way is wrong," said Hericletus, "then the way must change."

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