Wolf Lake

Season 1 Episode 9

If These Wolves Could Talk

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM May 01, 2002 on CBS

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  • A supernatural tracking nut is looking for wolfen. He has tracked them to this town and ends up catching Ruby. Luke becomes jealous of Sophia seeing another boy and Sophia starts to get ready to change. Kanin has also been pegged as a shape shifter...

    I absolutely loved this show! Great Cast! I actually just watched all of the episodes on chiller for the first time and I so want to know what happens with Sophia and Luke? Does Kanin turn into a wolf? This is a show I would tune into every week if it was still airing. From what I have read so would a lot of other people. The bad thing about this show is that they just stopped producing and airing episodes and gave no closer. It truly is frustrating, I can not even find a book based on it so I can finish it and find out what happens next!!!!!
  • This episode rocked!!!

    I have loved the Luke/Sophia storyline since the word go!! I love the way she finally stood up to him and lobbed him into his own car!!! I think that the writers have really done a great job of putting these two together to make it seem like their getting together but them something happens (mainly cause of his stupidity) and it crashes down again so they have to build the trust. It really sucks that the show got cancelled at such a pivotal moment. They could have just run the whole first season!!! Anyway if it would have continued I would have only really concentrated on the substoryline between these two anyways.