Wolf Lake

CBS (ended 2002)


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  • Wolf Lake is a mysterious town where werewolves rule and the town attempts to keep it secrets secret while forces work against it. Wolf Lake was a drama cut short that should be resurrected.

    Wolf Lake is town where werewolves control everything but the local sheriff and the town’s newbie John Kanin. When John Kanin comes to Wolf Lake to find is missing girlfriend his finds more than he bargained for; very strange and sometimes bizarre town’s people, teenagers mysteriously die at young ages, the a high rate of multiple births. Could it all be in the drinking water or in the blood? A town of werewolf hybrids roam has humans by day and werewolves at night; who can change at their will. Everything is off but the people are just trying to get by and be whom they want to be. The mayor’s son Lucas Cates is a bad boy who just wants to get away, the sheriff’s daughter, Sophia, who just wants to be fit in, well change to become like everyone else, the sheriff himself trying to ran from is past, Sherman Blackstone is trying to going forces to make the town better again, and Tyler Creed trying to make the town into his domain and is version of a better society of werewolves.

    Wolf Lake ended on CBS at a crucial cliffhanger, the death/murder of the mayor but it moved a few months later to UPN to run another four episodes that ended in another cliffhanger. Underneath it all the show dealt with a lot of problems people face, trying to fit-in, trying to get away from you family or your past, and trying to change the world on right or wrong step at a time. The drama on not knowing what one person was going to do next was a constant trill of watching the show. I wish the show was still on and we knew what happen between Sophia and Lucas, did Sophia stay or leave and did she change. Were John and Ruby ever be reunite? Who killed the mayor? What was the Sheriff running from? And what was Sherman Blackstone really trying to do? These questions probably will never be answered by the show Wolf Lake will also be remembered and live on in thought that watched or have read about the show and still wondered what happen.