Wolf Lake

CBS (ended 2002)


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  • A series so god-awful, it ranks right up there with "Push, Nevada."

    Here's an idea. Why not drop a bunch of mysteries in the pilot episode and instead of ever resolving anything in each succeeding episode, they just throw in more mysteries? There is never any answer to anything the writers do probably because they have no answer for the convoluted, painting themselves in a corner, scripts they've already written.

    This series was in a dead heat with "Push, Nevada" on which one was going to get corked the fastest. Notice this series stops at five episodes. However, "Push, Nevada" got extra episodes because the network was contractually obligated to keep the series running until they could resolve all their mysteries. Therefore, although this show got canned first, I give it a higher score than "Push" because of the unfair advantage that show had.