Wolf Lake

Season 1 Episode 3

Soup to Nuts

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Oct 03, 2001 on CBS
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Soup to Nuts
Luke and his gang of wolves attack a truck carrying toxic waste for Tyler Creed, leaving the driver badly burned and the truck leaking a toxic gas. Luke visits Sophia in the night to confess, but is almost caught by her dad and flees before telling her the whole story. Sheriff Donner questions Luke about the accident, but when Luke takes him to the site, the overturned truck is gone. All that remains is a strange white residue.

John Kanin is awakened in the night by a knock at his cabin door. It is Ruby, who warns him that she is being watched and that he must leave town without her. She says she never loved him and never will, then throws him against the wall and leaves. Kanin tries to follow, but it's soon clear that he's merely hallucinating from the soup that Sherman Blackstone has left him for a cold. In further hallucinations, he is visited by his parents who tell him he was adopted.

Having been warned again by Sheriff Donner to stay away from his daughter, Luke rebuffs Sophia at the diner, leaving her confused. After suffering severe nose bleeds caused by the toxic gas from the truck, Luke visits Sophia later at the diner and asks her not to repeat what he had confessed to her earlier. They argue and she walks away. Later, a conciliatory Luke offers to teach Sophia how to play pool.

Willard Cates encourages Vivian to start thinking about plans for herself after he dies. Having earlier refused Tyler's advances at her house, Vivian shares a romantic interlude with Tyler at his house before calling off the affair, saying that her place is with her husband.

In a final hallucination, Kanin imagines Ruby seducing him. She tells him that they are two of a kind and he sees himself half-transformed in the mirror.

After an argument over the future of their toxic waste scheme, Tyler kills the two men who were also involved with him. Sheriff Donner, hot on the trail, tracks Tyler to the old tannery building where Tyler has been storing canisters of toxic sludge. It is also the site where Tyler hopes to build a controversial new prison. Tyler tries to coax Sheriff Donner into a fight--wolf to wolf--but Donner refuses. Realizing what he's up against, Donner offers Kanin a position on the local police force.

That night at the diner, Willard and Vivian share a quiet moment and a dance. Luke and Sophia look on, holding hands.moreless

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    Louise Grant

    Louise Grant

    Virginia Kanin

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    Arthur Kulver

    Arthur Kulver

    Spencer Kanin

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    Jake Kaese

    Jake Kaese


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    Bruce McGill

    Bruce McGill

    Willard Cates

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    Kellie Waymire

    Kellie Waymire

    Miranda Devereaux

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    Fiona Scott

    Fiona Scott


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    • TRIVIA (3)

    • QUOTES (8)

      • John: Okay, Emeril, let's talk soup.
        Sherman: Help out? I mean, you look a whole lot better.
        John: What was in that?
        Sherman: Told you, chicken, vegetables.
        John: No, no! It was something you can't get at the market. I've been hallucinating for the last forty eight hours.
        Sherman: Still congested? Fever? Achy joints? Nausea? Explosive diarrhea? Unrequited love? You're cured.
        John: I'm freaked.
        Sherman: Don't get hung up on the side-effects.

      • Tyler: What is it about these ungulates that makes you put them first? Hmm? Protect them, marry them.
        Matt: Watch it, Tyler!

      • Sherman: (after taking pills and drinking coffee) I got an angry skull this morning. One wallbanger too many last night. (sighs) Found myself dancing with a toothless palm reader wearing surgical stockings.

      • Matt: (arriving at crime scene where two beheaded bodies were found) You got two bodies?
        Sheriff Truesdale: Approximately.

      • Tyler: Well, it's been fun.
        Salters: Mr. Creed, we're in the waste management business, and we pursue the disposal of said waste with extreme prejudice, whether it comes in canisters or designer suits. That's why we're number one, and that's why we get to decide when it's been "fun."

      • Willard: I sent yet another e-mail today, this one to the National Cleveland Style Polka Hall of Fame. I offered them fifty grand to cease and desist, and another ten for each tuba they throw into the Ohio river.

      • Sherman: (rushing in with a large bag as soon as John answers the door) I heard you were sick, so I hustled right over.
        John: (shuts the door without comment)
        Sherman: What? You don't see that as neighborly?
        John: Well it could be, if we were in Odebolt, Iowa and had a county fair, and knew the postman by name, but we're in Wolf Lake.
        Sherman: Ooohhhh.

      • Tyler: (taunting Sheriff Donner) Lets see if the old man can still go native.

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    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Tyler: What is it about these ungulates that makes you put them first?
        - Ungulates are hooved animals. Tyler is basically saying that humans are cattle.

      • John: Okay, Emeril, let's talk soup.
        - Emeril John Lagasse is an American celebrity chef who has authored numerous cookbooks, hosted several TV shows and owns high profile restaurants in a several cities.