Wolf's Rain

Cartoon Network (ended 2004)




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Wolf's Rain

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The world is slowly dying... In a post-apocalyptic future where humans live in large domed cities surrounded by wasteland, wolves are believed to have been extinct for 200 years. But some wolves still remain. These wolves live by disguising themselves as humans to survive. Wolf's Rain is the story of four wolves, Kiba, Tsume, Hige and Toboe, who will follow the scent of the lunar flower on a quest to find paradise. Opening Theme: "Stray" performed by Steve Conte Ending Theme: "Gravity" performed by Maaya Sakamoto "Stray" Lyrics In the cold breeze, That I walk alone, The memories of generation burn within me. Been forever Since I cried the pain of sorrow, I'll live and die, by the pride my people gave me. I'm here standing on the edge, Staring up at where the moon should be. Oooooooooh! Stray! No regrets cause I've got nothing to lose. (Nothing to lose!) Ever stray! So I'm gonna live my life as I choose. (Life as I choose!) Until I fall. Stray! Straaaaaaaaaaaay! "Gravity" Lyrics Been a long road to follow, Been there and gone tomorrow, Without saying goodbye to yesterday. Are the memories I hold still valid? Or have the tears deluded me? Maybe this time tomorrow, The rain will cease to follow, And the mist will fade into a new today. Something somewhere out there keeps calling, Am I going home? Will I hear someone singing solace to the silent moon? Zero gravity what's it like? Am I alone? Is somebody there beyond these heavy aching feet, Still the roads keeps on telling me to go on. Something is pulling me, I feel the gravity of it all. Characters Kiba (Fang): Kiba is the white wolf. He is tough and stubborn. Even though the group has no real leader, he seems to be the one leading them. He will face any danger to get to paradise. Kiba believes in Cheza the most. Tsume (Claw): Tsume, who originally lived among the humans, is cold and independent. He doesn't really believe in paradise but goes along anyway. Tsume's identifying feature is a cross shaped scar on his chest. Hige (Whisker): Hige is rational and doesn't like to rush into things. He always seems to be looking for food or women. Hige's identifying feature is his collar around his neck. Toboe (Howling): Toboe is the youngest of the four. He is kind and loyal. The others in the group call him runt because sometimes he slows the group down. Toboe's identifying feature is a bracelet on his right hand. Cheza (The Flower Maiden): We first meet Cheza in a research lab. She is suspended inside a glass sphere. She can hear the wolves and calls out to them. Cheza will lead the wolves to paradise. Blue: Blue was Quent Yaiden's dog. As Quent's dog she could sense wolves and helped him hunt them down. But one day she met Cheza and realized she was part wolf. After that she could take human form. Quent Yaiden: Quent believes his village was burned down by wolves. For revenge he plans to hunt down all wolves and kill them. Cher Degri: Cher is one of the scientists first seen studying Cheza. Her obsession with Cheza and the "Book of the Moon" strained her marriage to Hubb. Hubb Lebowski: Hubb is a police investigator. He is Cher's ex-husband. He is still in love with Cher and follows her after she disappears. Darcia: Darcia is a noble. He wants Cheza for himself. At first his motives are unknown. He is often wearing a mask that covers his face. Guide Editor:LadyL Thank You to all who have contributed to this guide. Note:If you are going to contribute to this guide please check your spelling. Thank you.


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