Wolf's Rain

Season 1 Episode 1

City of Howls

Aired Weekdays 1:30 AM Apr 24, 2004 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

A white wolf was shown lying in the snow, presumed to be wounded and exhausted. The narrator, being the wolf, revealed to us about its search for "Paradise". Elsewhere, a group of bandits, led by a guy named Tsume, was raiding a freight train. Their job was a success, even though they lost members of their gang.

In another scene, a mid-aged man walked into a bar. During his chat with the bartender, we were told that wolves were presumed to be extinct for 200 years during that time. It also seemed that the man had some sort of gripe against wolves, though we were not told the reason. In the morning, some of Tsume's men gathered around a tree hole, where a wounded white wolf rests. The men thought it is dead; though when they tried to move it after being ordered by Tsume, the wolf attacked and killed two men. When the wolf was about to attack a young boy, named Gehl, of the gang, Tsume fought it off. He and the wolf continued their fight on a rooftop. We were shown here that Tsume is actually a wolf. The two wolves had some kind of quarrel before resuming their fight. Gehl, who happened to have followed the two, chased off the white wolf after first he seeing Tsume in wolf form, shaking his head and once again seeing Tsume in human form again.

The white wolf wandered in the streets and was spotted and shot by the mid-aged man at the bar. It was carried off and locked in a cage in a building by the authorities. The man was questioned by authorities for his reason of the shooting. From this we learned Quent is the man's name. He believed the wolves had not gone extinct.

Somewhere in a research lab, a woman called Cheza was shown immersed in some liquid. It seemed she was the subject of some research. According to the researchers, Cheza showed response to wolf's blood, and also has the name Flower Maiden.

Back at the cage, a teenager came by, and talked to the wolf. He introduced himself as Hige, and he is also a wolf. The wolf told him about the "Paradise" he was seeking. Later, we were shown that the white wolf had transformed itself into human form, and escaped out of the building with Hige.

Tsume's gang did another raid. While fleeing, Gehl slipped and fell. Tsume ran back and tried to pull Gehl up with his arm; though Gehl fell to his death when he felt a wolf's bite to his shoulder rather than a grab. Hige decided to join the white wolf on its search for "Paradise". At the end, the white wolf, in his human form, introduced himself to Hige as Kiba.