Wolf's Rain

Season 1 Episode 1

City of Howls

Aired Weekdays 1:30 AM Apr 24, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • excellent way to start the series!!!

    I thought this episode was awesome! It was very well written and it is not very hard to understand the situation. I really like how they managed to get alomost everybody in the episode. The concept of Wolf's rain is brilliant. it is really a great show. First the introduce Kiba, then Quent and Blue, then Tsume ,Cheza, Cher and Hubb, and last but not least Hige.Toboe does not show up until a few epusodes later. Kiba however is the only one looking for paradise. Hige offers to go along with Kiba and search for paradise with him. Anyways, I like how the show gives everyone a backround, instead of not going into their pasts and making them all flat characters with a mission.
  • Exciting.....

    When Kiba encounter Tsume.The two begin to fight.Than Kiba was taken to an unknown place.Where he meets Hige.He questioned Hige,why he stay in the human form.It seemed at first sighted we see him hate humans.Hige help him escaped from the prison.Where he tells of his search for paradise.Where he plans to find the flower maidan.Even though the two gets capture.Tsume while with his gang.One of his member was about to fall.But when he ruescue him.The kid see his wolf form and freak out.Hige and Kiba meets the flower maidan Cheza.Who gets capture by Darci.

    An exciting first episode.
  • Great start

    This agreat start for Wolf's Rain. I already love Hige and his personality. But I love Kiba even more! I even recognize some voices of characters of other shows. Like Hige's voice is that of Tai of Digimon. I hope everyone has enjoyed this as much as I have. Ja'ne!
  • Good way to start the series

    This episode is just the beginning an all. Tsume and his bandits start the seires off by capturing a train that the noblemen have. They won. Then Kiba comes in badly injured and finds Tsume and they start fighting and are interupted by Gei or Gel or whatever. Kiba is captured and is in a cage. Hige comes in and they start talking. They leave and Gel or Gei dies when Tsumes bandits try and get into the place where Kiba was captured at. Toboe isnt in this episode.