Wolf's Rain

Cartoon Network (ended 2004)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Wolf's Rain
      Episode 30
      The wolves have finally reached the entrance to Paradise, but Darcia has plans to open it himself. The world is moments from its destruction and needs desperately to be reborn.
    • 10/9/04
      It's a slow crawl up the side of the mountain, the summit of which holds the gate to Paradise. After a fatal run-in with Darcia, the remaining wolves and Hubb head for paradise. But Darcia appears again; this time in a previously unknown form.
    • Gunshot of Remorse
      Episode 28
      Quent finally wakes up after his previous head trauma, and is shocked to see the wolves by his side. Blue wonders if she can get into paradise, because she's only half wolf. Darcia, Quent, and Toboe collide; and a gunshot is heard through the wasteland.
    • 9/25/04
      Jaguara's unfinished Paradise plot has sent the world into an unstable rebirth cycle and it's up to Kiba and Cheza to reach the door to the true Paradise before it's too late. The race to the finish line claims its first life when a ravine opens near the car our protagonists are driving in.moreless
    • Moonlight Crucible
      Episode 26
      With the power in the city fluctuating because of Jaguara's ceremony, Tsume and Toboe, escape from their cells, free Hubb, and meet up with Hige. They decide that they must find Kiba and stop Jaguara. Blue finds Quent and tells him that it wasn't wolves that destroyed his village. Quent still hates wolves but accepts/loves Blue still. Meanwhile, Kiba breaks free of Jaguara's machine and must stop her before she brings about the end of the world.moreless
    • False Memories
      Episode 25
      Kiba finally finds Cheza and catches up with Jaguara. Jaguara seems to cast a spell on him and with wires connects him to her Moonlight Crucible. Tsume ends up in a cell where he meets an old wolf who tells him about a wolf with a collar that betrayed her pack. Hige tells Blue that his memories were false and he must now go help the others in Jaguara's keep. Meanwhile Darcia enters Jaguara's keep and starts to wipe out her soldiers with Cher following him.moreless
    • Scent of a Trap
      Episode 24
      Kiba and Tsume continue to head towards Jaguara's keep but end up getting separated. After they are separated Kiba runs into a group of Jaguara's soldiers. Hige is still unsure about what's wrong with him, as he is still in pain and notices cameras all over the city watching him. After being seperated from Hige, Toboe searches far and wide for him. Meanwhile, after entering the city Blue and Cher go to a bookstore when they get a map that is supposed to lead to Jaguara's keep.moreless
    • 8/28/04
      The wolves arrive at the dome where Jaguara's keep is believed to be. Kiba and Tsume try to find an entrance to the keep while Hige and Toboe look for food. Hige unconsciously seems to know the way around and leads himself and Toboe into the city. Meanwhile Blue and Cher attempt to obtain ID tags and Jaguara is told that number twenty-three has returned.moreless
    • 8/21/04
      The wolves must travel across an ice flow to get to Jaguara's keep. While on the ice they find a giant walrus and Toboe finds some inner courage. Blue and Cher decide to travel to Jaguara's keep to rescue Cheza. Meanwhile Quent gets an ID tag when a fight breaks out between a group of refuges.moreless
    • Battle's Red Glare
      Episode 21
      A battle is going on between Jaguara's troops and the troops of the late Lord Orkham. During this battle the wolves are advised to look for Cheza at Jaguara's keep. Meanwhile Hubb, Cher, Cheza and Blue are all prisoners of Jaguara.
    • Conciously
      Episode 20
      While still in the "Garden of Eternity", Kiba believes that he may be forgetting something or someone important to him. Meanwhile Tsume and Hige continue to look for Kiba, while Toboe considers staying with the Hmong tribe.
    • 7/31/04
      After fleeing from Darcia's fallen keep the other wolves can't find Kiba. While looking for him they find the Hmong tribe, who believe that humans and animals should live peacefully together. Meanwhile Kiba wakes up in a place that seems like it could be paradise where he meets a girl named Mew.moreless
    • Recap Episode. Hubb retells the events leading up to this point, in his own perspective.
    • Recap Episode. Hige recalls the group's travels with Cheza.
    • Dream Journey
      Episode 16
      Recap Episode. Toboe recalls previous events about the group's search for paradise.
    • Grey Wolf
      Episode 15
      Recap Episode. Tsume tells his story about the previous events.
    • The Fallen Keep
      Episode 14
      While on the way to Darcia's keep the wolves encounter a blizzard. Kiba decides to travel onward while the others decide to wait out the storm. When Kiba gets to the keep he finds Cheza, but Darcia is unwilling to let her simply leave.
    • Men's Lament
      Episode 13
      Hubb and Quent are still traveling together, searching for Cher and Blue respectively. When they get to the next town Hubb finally finds Cher who then tells them that they must travel to Darcia's keep so that she may discover what's happening to the world. Meanwhile, the wolves also decide to travel to Darcia's keep to rescue Cheza.moreless
    • Don't Make Me Blue
      Episode 12
      Darcia returns to his keep to find that Hamona has been killed by one of Jagura's people. The four wolves meet Blue after rescuing her from some thug. Hige instantly likes her of course, but the others remain wary of her. Meanwhile Hubb and Quent meet up and decide to travel together.moreless
    • Vanishing Point
      Episode 11
      Lord Orhkam sees a prophecy foretelling his own death. While still searching for Cher, Hubb is arrested and interrogated by police. Meanwhile the four wolves and Cheza are basking in the light of the full moon. But they run into trouble when Darcia shows up hoping to recapture Cheza.
    • Moon's Doom
      Episode 10
      The four wolves and Cheza escape into the "Forest of Death" where Cheza feels weak because of the lack of sunlight and water. While in the forest they meet a cryptic owl that leads them into a cave with huge carnivorous bugs. Meanwhile, Quent is interrogated by soldiers from Cher's retrieval squad and Cher has been captured by Darcia.moreless
    • Misgivings
      Episode 9
      The wolves are still running from Cher's soldiers trying to find an escape from the town. They run into Blue, Quent's dog, and Cheza tells her that she has some wolf in her. Quent catches up with the wolves and tries to kill them again. After being attacked by a soldier, Blue decides to leave Quent. Meanwhile, Cher learns about the history of the House of Darcia.moreless
    • Song of Sleep
      Episode 8
      While trying to avoid Cher's soldiers Cheza and the wolves meet a mysterious old woman who has the same eyes as Cheza. The old woman tells Cheza that going with the wolves will only bring about destruction. The old woman also gives Cheza a bit of background on their kind, the Hinobita.moreless
    • 6/5/04
      The wolves have left the tunnel and are once again searching for paradise. Cheza jumps from Darcia's airship to escape and meets the wolves. Meanwhile Cher and a group of soldiers are looking for Cheza.
    • The Successors
      Episode 6
      While Kiba is still recovering from his fight with Zali's pack, Hige and Toboe are searching for food. Hige ends up being captured by a group of humans who are planning to kill him. Now the others must get help from Zali to rescue Hige. Meanwhile, Hubb asks Quent about the "Book of the Moon."moreless
    • Fallen Wolves
      Episode 5
      While searching for paradise the four wolves find a run down city on the sea. While in the city the find Zali and his pack. They are disgusted by the way Zali's pack works for humans to get food. Hige spots a female wolf.
    • 5/15/04
      The four wolves are traveling across a wasteland. Tsume leaves the group because he believes searching for paradise is a useless goal. Toboe follows him and they both run into a dangerous machine. Meanwhile, Cher decides to leave the city and leaves Hubb behind with the "Book of the Moon."
    • Bad Fellow
      Episode 3
      As Darcia kidnaps Cheza, Kiba and Hige watch as he vanishes right before their eyes. Cher is recovering from her encounter with Darcia. Toboe tries to make amends with Leara, who is now afraid of him. The four wolves all meet and decide to leave the city in search of paradise.moreless
    • 5/1/04
      A young wolf, Toboe, is struggling to survive in the city and is befriended by a young girl, Leara. Kiba and Hige allow themselves to be captured as humans to try to get closer to Cheza. Meanwhile, Darcia plans to kidnap Cheza.
    • City of Howls
      Episode 1
      Kiba, the white wolf, feels compelled to search for paradise and is drawn into the city by the scent of lunar flowers. He runs into some trouble when he gets shot by Quent and captured by scientists. Tsume is living with humans as a leader of a gang that steals from nobles. Cher and a group of scientists are studying Cheza, the flower maiden.moreless
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